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Regenerating the Paranoid Huo Shao’s Little Fairy


Yuncheng has heard that Huo Shao is paranoid and surly, cold hearted, and a woman approaching him can kick people away. After rebirth, the fairy Wen who treated Huo Shao as her enemy in her previous life, “Can I hold your thigh?” “Get away.” The crowd eating melons is no surprise. It is strange that Fairy Wen can hold Huo Shao’s thigh. Shortly after – “Huo little fairy with warm to the outskirts to see the meteor shower.” “Huo little to warm himself a little fairy tie their shoes,” “Major General Huo beat rival into the hospital.” Fairy party temperature is less Huo blocked.

Enter the corner, “Dare to break up and try?” Fairy Wen gave a grin, bright and bright, “You told me to stay away.” Huo Shao, who was still fierce in the last second, turned into a little wolf dog in a second, “Don’t divide. Lao Tzu’s life will be yours in the future.” … In the previous life, Wen Ruan died tragically, and Huo Shao, who was seriously ill, collected the body for her. He also lay in the same crystal coffin with her, drank poison and went to Huangquan together. To live a life again, she will not only tear the scumbag, but also cure his serious illness, hold his golden thigh tightly, and be the little fairy on his heart.

Regenerating the Paranoid Huo Shao’s Little Fairy
Associated Names: 重生成偏执霍少的小仙女
Candy Miaomiao
Genres: Novels, Martial Arts
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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