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The whole network is full of me and the celebrity CP fan


Ye Fuyu is a fox who is working hard to shine in the entertainment industry. On her twentieth birthday, she received a message from the Fairy Management Bureau asking her to receive a husband assigned by the state. Every day after that, Ye Fuyu wondered what kind of actor’s husband was. * It is said that the actor Lin Zhou has an unbearable temper. The media has photographed him on more than one occasion when he is beating a woman. Lin Zhou looked at a grassy horse after seeing: Lao Tzu obviously hugged his wife and asked warmly, what the hell is beating a woman?

For this reason, the Lin Zhou team came forward and issued a statement: Everyone has misunderstood the relationship between Mr. Lin Zhou and Miss Ye Fuyu, the relationship between the two is very good! There is no argument for fighting! Netizen: Haha, I believe you a ghost. Until one day, when Ye Fuyu was broadcasting live, the actor Lin seemed to have just finished taking a shower, walked behind her with his wet hair, aggrieved: Yuyu, the media again spread rumors that I would beat you! Netizen: Damn it!

The whole network is full of me and the celebrity CP fan
Associated Names: 全网都是我和影帝CP粉
Hu Luobei of Tuji
Genres: Urban Abilities
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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