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Emperor, never seen before


‘ Som , secretly find your brother and continue the royal family .’

Since ancient times , a country where twins are prohibited by national law , Yongguk .

Yongguk Gongju Island infiltrates Taekyungguk in search of another brother with the crown prince’s sickness .

But what appeared in front of her, not her brother , blows emperor Taekyung countries .

β€œ Loading … Do you want it as a man ?”

β€œ … … !”

” Now you even after this moment , you will want me as a house .”

To ensure the independent imperial , as a dancer and dance , as the target of peace .

And in those days of longing , as that girl .

Any form or name has been engraved like a red plum blossom .

β€œ I will give my life .”

β€œ Your life is mine , and your heart is mine .”

Another virtue that he couldn’t repay after giving his life increased .

The number of sins that could not be washed even after the sacrifice of his life increased .

” Only I am , and my national law . I will only give in to you .”

” The idea that names wildflowers , discard broken . Only then can your Majesty breathe .”

Emperor, never seen before
Associated Names: ν™©μ œ, μ§€κΈˆκΉŒμ§€ λ³Έ 적 μ—†λŠ”
Genres: romance
Year: 2019.11.12
Status: complete

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