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Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life


Keep it in your mouth… Swallow it… Baby, be good…“
“No… it’s very bitter…”
He feeds the sickly young girl with some medicine, as gently as he can. Unfortunately, she pouts and refuses to give in.

After being reborn as a 17-year-old, Luo Zheng seeks for Mr. CEO to repay his kindness. However, being too careless… she ends up being duped into marrying him, thus becoming Mrs. Bo!
‘What happened to the sham marriage that we agreed on?’
“Be good, let me kiss you, just once.”
“Be good, you must listen to me. I’ll pamper you.”
“Be good, stay away from him. I don’t like it.”

Finally, she loses her temper and pushes him away while protesting, “Bo Hancheng, you jerk. I don’t want to repay you for your kindness anymore, I want a divorce!”
“Be good and stop throwing a tantrum. Divorce doesn’t exist in my dictionary, only… a deceased spouse does.” Resolute and ruthless, his hands are stained with blood; he’s cold and unfeeling…
He carefully retracts his talon-like hands and gently pulls her back to him. He decides to shower her with all his love and he swears to pamper his wife to bits!

Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life
Associated Names:
A Bit of Mountains and Rivers
Genre(s): Romance
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

List of Chapters:

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