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Tonight and Where, See This Beloved


Many years later, in the eyes of outsiders, Kaka’s world is happy and beautiful, and only Kaka knows that such happiness and beauty are all because of her, she who God gave him. Because of her, all the haze in the first half of his life was dispelled, and his world was only sunny! Qingdai did not expect that such a person would appear in her peaceful life. The moment she fell in love with him seemed to be sighed by the world: “What is this eve, see this beloved!” Save Kaka, start with me! Save Kaka’s career, save Kaka’s Real Madrid life! Old article recommendation: Cristiano Ronaldo’s “A Thousand Mountains and Waters Meet You”

Tonight, see this beloved
Associated Names: 今夕何夕,见此良人
Shao Xi
Genres: romance
Year: N/A

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