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100 Million Audience Producer


The sixth film failed the box office. On the way home after a drink in bitter reality…
Five digits appeared in front of my eyes.

-25,511’This is… It’s the final audience for the previous work!’ It was time for my thoughts to go crazy.

Paang! Paaang!

‘Not like this! Give me one chance, just once again!’ Lee Gyu-han, whose body was frozen , stared at the intense high beam that blinded her eyes for a moment, hoping earnestly. And when I open my eyes again….

-14 July 2007.

With an unfamiliar beep, I came back ten years ago.

100 million audience producer
Associated Names: 1억 관객 제작자
plan Jplus
Genres: fantasy
Year: 2019
Status: N/A

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