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Meet Mr. Qin (Rocket Girl)


Su Mo and Qin Zhu are the protagonists in the latest novel written by the author Rocket Girl. This novel is a short story supported by ingenuity. The content is very interesting, concise and vivid, and full of charm. So what is the ending of Su Mo and Qin Zhu? We continue to look down. Destiny will never treat anyone wrongly. It will let the right people meet in different ways. Just like Su Mo, her tragic life experience did not affect her harvest of love and happiness.

She was wrongly held with another girl, and the family recognized her until the age of seven, but because her biological parents were reluctant to be a smart and lovely adopted daughter, and because she had a weird temper, she never claimed her. Now that she has grown up, the first thing she was taken back to the Su family was to marry the adopted daughter. It was also the arrangement of fate that made her meet her lover Qin Zhu…

Meet Mr. Qin (Rocket Girl)
Associated Names: 遇见秦先生(火箭少女)
Rocket Girl
Genres: romance
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

List of Chapters:

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