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You are my little luck


“You are my little fortunate”: Wen Shaoqing, gentle and generous, talked and laughed vigorously during the consultation, sweeping the army on the operating table. He never thought that there would be a woman in this world telling him that she would be in her realm and protect him. Cong Rong, calm and capable, is a master of lawyers with his three-inch tongue. She had never thought that there would be a man named “Wen Shaoqing” who would make her speechless, but a flower in her heart. Wen Shaoqing: “The patient will go through several stages when accepting the condition, just like you can’t accept that you like me.” Cong Rong’s face flushed, “I don’t!” “The first stage, the denial period, refuse to accept reality.” Cong Rong Anxious, “You bullshit!” Wen Shaoqing was satisfied with her reaction,

“The second stage, the anger period, mainly manifested as anger and anger.” Cong Rong took a deep breath and stood up, “Whatever you say, I’m tired, first I went back.” “The patient basically accepts the facts and likes to be alone and sleep.” “Are you going to end?!” “Individual patients will show up and try to make the last struggle.” Cong Rong was anxious, “I’m the only one. I don’t like you!” Wen Shaoqing slowly said: “The clock of love, although I can read it for thousands of years, Cong Rong, but I like you.”

You are my little luck
Associated Names: 你是我的小确幸, You are my little fortunate
Dong Benxi Gu
Genres: romance
Year: N/A
Status: 72

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