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Unrivalled Under Heaven


The soul is born, as long as anyone practice martial arts Innate Realm before the age of thirty, the soul is strong enough to communicate with the heavens, gain recognition from the heavens, and inheritance from the heavens. Heaven will give a jade tower or pagoda, and there are corresponding cultivation methods and witchcraft in the tower! Those who do this step are sorcerers, possess great magical power, extraordinary and refined! At the age of fourteen, Ye Xu achieved martial arts innate. When the soul communicated with the heavens, he had not yet been recognized by the heavens, and there was a strange jade building in his dantian.

This jade building shattered the seven-star cold jade building inherited from the Tao of Heaven, and even he was seriously injured by the bombing, and his cultivation was lost! With this jade building, he began to re-practice martial arts, then enter the innate, use martial arts to enter the witch, use witch to enter the Tao, alone in the world!

Unrivalled Under Heaven
Associated Names: 独步天下
Genres: martial art, novel
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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