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It’s my first love


Eunjae Jung, the youngest of the 2nd year of Shinwoo Food’s Quality Management Team.
In front of her, who started her worst day with last night’s nightmare,
the man in the nightmare became reality.
It is also a boss at work!

“I am Moon-young Lee, who has been appointed to the Quality Management Team.”

The man who ruined his first love and messed up his high school life.
At a reunion with him, whom he didn’t want to meet again,
Eunjae uses his new name to pretend he doesn’t know Moonyoung and starts acting.

“Your name is Eunjae Jeong?”
“… … Why do you do that? Is there any problem?”
“no. Eunjae seems to resemble someone I know.”

But this man, is it a little weird?

“Jung Eun-jae. Do you like cats?”

Why the hell do you remember such details?

A woman who wants to cut her worst first love out of her memory
and a man who wants to hold back her worst first love.
Will the two people’s first love find their place again?

It’s my first love
Associated Names: 첫사랑입니다만
Genres: romance
Year: Nov 29, 2019
Status: N/A

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