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Professor Ye Chapter 1

South City Airport, parking lot.

“I’m going back to Nancheng, you have to keep it secret.” Xu Ni got on the co-pilot and emphasized while wearing a seat belt.

“Okay, how many times have you said it.”

Regarding confidentiality, in less than 24 hours, Xu Ni was whispering in her ears every other way, and Suixunshuang felt that her ears were getting calluses.

It seems that Las Vegas is a place with a story.

Xu Ni, you are a female classmate with a story.

While talking, the car got on the viaduct, and Xu Ni panicked when she saw that her best friend was about to take herself home: “Um… can I just go back and stay at your house for a few days if I want to find a pair?

Yo, this little Nizi has reached the point where she has a family and dare not return.

After driving for a while, Xu Ni received a call from the HR of Kehao Company. HR said that she left her things when she left and her colleague Xiao Chen had already collected them for her, so please get them as soon as possible.

Thinking that she was not far from there, she answered on the other end of the phone, and asked Suixunshuang to let her down first, and walked to the other side of the street.

Xiao Chen asked her to meet in the tea room on the fourth floor.

Xu Ni walked through the lobby on the fourth floor towards the tea room. After walking a few steps forward, he felt a strange aura in the air. The moment he raised his eyes to meet his colleague’s gaze, he felt that the atmosphere was more subtle.

But she didn’t think much, opened the door and entered the pantry.

“Thank you.” Xu Ni took the box from Chen’s childhood and asked casually curiously: “What’s wrong today, why is the atmosphere outside so solemn?”

Xiao Chen looked at Xu Ni and sighed: “Zhang Zhenwen has derailed. At noon, his wife ran into an adulterous relationship when he sent a meal. Now everyone in the company is known to everyone.”

“Director Zhang derailed… how come?” Xu Ni murmured.

Xu Ni was brought by Zhang Zhenwen when Xu Ni first came to the company. In his impression, he was quite a gentleman, and it seemed that he was just married…

Looking at someone who is very responsible, why did he cheat soon after he got married?

Sure enough, people can’t look like.

“So we girls still save more snacks, especially the scum of flash marriages like Zhang Zhenwen. The men who trick women into flash marriages are so unreliable, they can flash away if they can flash marriages. Even if they don’t leave their heads, there will be a green grassland…”

Xiao Chen’s words were innocent, but Xu Ni felt a little guilty when she heard it, because she was also married, and she looked like the scum that Xiao Chen said.

It is her who is drunk.

She was also the one who lied about getting married after getting drunk.

She is also the one who sneaked back.

The beginning of chaos and the end of abandonment are irresponsible. You say scum is not scum?

In fact, Xu Ni still wanted to defend herself. She actually didn’t plan to get rid of the chaos. After all, she was the one who pulled her sweetheart to marry. She should be “responsible”, but she was just a little bit embarrassed.

Counseling…she bought a ticket and fled back to China, but when she ran back, people became even more nervous.

Xu Ni thanked him again, holding the box and walked out.

It was almost time to get off work, and many colleagues had no intention of working, and they were discussing gossip in a low voice while packing up their things.

Xu Ni looked ahead as he walked seriously, but his ears stood tall. Everyone has the soul of gossip.

“Mrs. Zhang is too miserable…”

“Oh, flash marriage is really self-inflicted.”

She walked a few steps forward and heard a new round of discussion.

“I heard that Zhang Zhenwen cheated on female students…”

“Isn’t his wife quite young…”

“Men like freshness. Wasn’t his flash marriage also because of freshness and excitement…”

In fact, Xu Ni is reluctant to recall what happened the night before.

Not only was she very active that night, but she was also unreasonably making trouble, which made her feel full of shame.

The ground has just been dragged, and there is a non-slip sign in the center of the ground. However, Xu Ni naturally didn’t notice when he was wandering around. After walking for two steps, he stumbled before discovering that the ground was slippery.

Fortunately, she is close to the wall, so she can stabilize the center of gravity in time to prevent falling.

It’s just that the body fluctuates greatly after this series of actions. A few bits and pieces of gadgets dropped out of the carton.

The closest thing to her is the sticky note, the rubber ball rolls farthest, and there is a pencil between them.

Xu Ni carefully placed the carton while looking at the wall, stretched his hand behind him, pressed the corner of his skirt, and leaned down to pick it up.

Alas, wearing skirts is quite inconvenient.

She picked up the note, got up and walked a few steps before squatting down to pick up a pencil. The rubber ball is very close to the position of the pen. She only needs to pick up the rubber ball with her body.

She moved her gaze to the front, within the range of her sight. Xu Ni saw a hand picking up the rubber ball on the ground for her.

It was a pair of fair hands with broad palms and distinct joints.

Well, it’s a man’s hand.

“Well, thank you.” Xu Ni stood up and took the rubber ball handed over by the man. He lifted his head slightly, showing a polite smile.

“You said, the rubber ball I made more than ten years ago is so ugly…you bring it with you. Why do you forget to bring me when you wake up in the middle of the night and return home secretly.”

The male voice that was too familiar to me rang in her ears lowly.

Xu Ni looked up blankly.

“Da-” The moment the two people looked at each other, Xu Ni shook his hand and the rubber ball fell to the ground again.

It was because I was thinking about something related to him, so I dismantled things absently. No matter how she raised her head, people appeared in front of her like an instant transfer.

Xu Ni couldn’t believe it, she asked idiotically, “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here anymore.”

Ye Xiuyuan’s words were a bit playful, and he looked at her affectionately with his smiling peach eyes.

Xu Ni was a little embarrassed by him looking at it this way. She didn’t want to stare at him so she focused on the rubber ball in the front right.

The man took another step forward and got closer to her. Thinking of what she had done the night before, Xu Ni suddenly felt a little embarrassed. She took a step back, making a gesture to pick up the rubber ball aside.

But she didn’t succeed, Ye Xiuyuan took a step faster.

He gently held Xu Ni’s fingertips in one hand, bent down and stretched out the other hand to pick up the rubber ball that fell on the side.

The man has long hands and feet, and Xu Ni’s fingertips didn’t feel any pull when he picked up the rubber ball.

Ye Xiuyuan gently brushed the dust off the ball with his hand, held it in his hand for a few seconds, and looked up at the girl in front of him amusedly.

Then she pulled her into the stairwell that said “safe exit”.

“Um… what are you doing.”

The next second, Xu Ni was pressed against the wall.

The corners of the stairs are dimly lit, narrow and cramped. This atmosphere is extremely ambiguous.

Ye Xiuyuan put the small rubber ball on her palm, and then put his big hand on top of both.

The man pressed her against the wall, buried his head on the girl’s neck and muttered:

“The night before, who vowed to say that he would be responsible and not to do things that started chaos and end up abandoning?” How could there be a slight sense of aggrievedness in these words.

“Or… you can’t believe a woman in bed? Huh?”

While talking, the man was trying to squeeze his five fingers into her slightly staggered fingers.

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