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Professor Ye Chapter 2

“Or… you can’t believe a woman in bed?”

The man’s left hand rubbed the soft flesh behind her ear with his fingertips, and his right hand clasped her hanging hands.

“You… don’t press me so hard.” Xu Ni’s voice shifted and the tail trembled. She is ticklish and her ears are all sensitive areas. It felt like everyone was softened just by Ye Xiuyuan’s touch.

He sneered, “Do you… do you have a misunderstanding of the word’forced’.”

In fact, after saying that, Xu Ni also realized that he had used improper words. Ye Xiuyuan was afraid of hurting her and controlled her strength very well, almost useless. Xu Ni felt uncomfortable more because she was ashamed and persuaded.

“Xu Ni?”


“You sneaked back with me behind your back. Is it because you were frightened by your flash marriage after waking up…too shy?”

It’s fine if you and I don’t tell me this kind of thing, why do you say it?

Xu Ni was even more embarrassed. She turned her head little by little to open the distance between the two, but Ye Xiuyuan was willing to let her go easily. He also moved his head little by little like Xu Ni.

She raised his head and he raised his head, she lowered his head and he also lowered his head. The eyes of the two people always meet straight.

Xu Ni’s face was already thin, but Ye Xiuyuan’s staring at him for so long naturally couldn’t help it.

“Don’t be like this… it’s not good to be seen by others.”

That’s what he said, but Xu Ni shyly put his face into his generous chest as soon as he finished speaking.

Ye Xiuyuan was afraid that she would be uncomfortable, and was about to let go of her. Unexpectedly, the girl would just throw herself into the net just after saying the protest.

Ye Xiuyuan also knew that the girl was embarrassed, but instead of letting it go, he became even worse, pretending to be aggrieved:

“Do you know that I slipped back to China in the middle of the night, and the newlywed husband can only guard the vacant room… he will be very anxious…”

Ye Xiuyuan was telling the truth.

He woke up early yesterday, but when he woke up he found that he was missing, almost thinking he had a ridiculous and realistic dream.

Ye Xiuyuan got up and looked for someone anxiously. I guess the girl ran away because of shyness, but she was afraid of accidents.

Not knowing what to do with Hershey, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the note she left on the desktop:

“My mother forgot to bring the key. I will send it to her.”

Ye Xiuyuan smiled immediately.

It’s not like making up things.

The two of them grew up with their childhood sweethearts, and the two mothers have a good relationship. Didn’t they still go on vacation in London, England, or they really forgot to bring the keys back home in advance, and they wouldn’t let the girls on the other side of the Pacific return home to give them the keys.

Shouldn’t I tell this girl to make excuses to be a bit technical…

Picking up the phone was even more pleasantly surprised.

The two mobile phones are of the same brand and model, and this little confusion is actually using his mobile phone to book a ticket.

In this way Xu Ni was exposed. Ye Xiuyuan didn’t spend a lot of time trying to chase after clues.

“You… don’t say it.” Even if Ye Xiuyuan didn’t pour bitterness like this, Xu Ni knew how bad his behavior was.

“Um…Don’t say it. When you get home, tell me about how a mother who was on vacation in the UK gave the keys…”

“How do you know my mother is in England?”

“Because my mother is with Aunt Xu.”

It turns out that he knew…

Xu Ni buried his face in his arms and rubbed, without answering.

After a while, he whispered: “I’m sorry…I shouldn’t lie to you…”

“It’s okay, Mrs. Ye. I understand.”

Mrs. Ye. She… is already Mrs. Ye.

If Xu Ni’s previous reaction was only out of shame and shame, then the sound of “Mrs. Ye” just now really disturbed her thoughts.

It was just that I suddenly felt that I didn’t deserve the title “Mrs. Ye”, and what I did within 24 hours after the wedding was too immature, and even considered unreasonable.

“Let’s go.” Ye Xiuyuan pulled Xu Ni towards the elevator, his hand was tight, obviously he didn’t mean to loosen it.

“Or let’s take the stairs.” Xu Ni suggested.

“Mrs. Ye, the elevator outside is not broken… Generally only people with a guilty conscience take the stairs…”

Well, Xu Ni admits that he is a little guilty.

Ye Xiuyuan pursed her lips when she saw the girl beside her, and looked at her toes, and knew that she was guilty. He smiled and didn’t embarrass her anymore, just took her hand and walked down step by step.

But the person being led was a little absent-minded somehow, so he struck empty at the last step.

“Woo–” she exclaimed.

Ye Xiuyuan reacted very quickly, grabbed her and helped her well.

“Walk well and don’t think about it. Huh?”

“Hmm…” Xu Ni nodded. When she nodded, she seemed to be able to feel the temperature that Du Ye Xiuyuan left on her waist.

On the remaining steps, Ye Xiuyuan held Xu Ni tighter, just… he was holding her a bit like he was holding a child.

Ye Xiuyuan suddenly said, “Xu Ni…My mother’s plane will arrive at 6 o’clock tomorrow night, pick up the plane together?”

No, this is the rhythm of meeting parents?

“Or, don’t tell them first… I’m afraid their heart will not be able to stand the stimulation for a while.”

They were together not long ago, and there was no time to tell the family at the time, and now they have a flash marriage. The news is indeed unacceptable. After all, in the eyes of their parents, the two of them are childhood sweethearts, one is a good brother and the other is a good sister. It’s just that these childhood sweethearts have been secretly in the dark not long ago.

“Good. Take your time, we are not in a hurry.”

In fact, he still wants more, such as cohabiting two people, such as making the relationship between the two people public as soon as possible, and being able to perform husband and wife obligations together.

But the rest of your life will be you, so why not adapt slowly.


In the afternoon of the next day, Xu Ni went to NTU for materials and filled out the doctoral enrollment questionnaire. Ye Xiuyuan waited for her by the school gate.

Xu Ni was enrolled by H University in the UK, but later she applied for the joint training program, and Boyi entered Nantah as an exchange student.

“Students, please fill out the freshman questionnaire.”

“Thank you.” Xu Ni took the stool and filled it out carefully.

Name: Xu Ni

Gender: Female

Nationality: Han


There is quite a lot to fill in.

Suddenly a female voice at the rear left attracted Xu Ni’s attention.

“Tell you, I saw Ye Xiuyuan this morning…”

“That’s the handsome Ye Nanshen with first-rate professional ability…”

It turned out that Ye Xiuyuan was quite popular. But listening to other girls call him a male god, it feels true and subtle.

“Hmm. You are going to be disillusioned.”

“Why? Unmarried men and women unmarried, why do I have no hope.”

“When I saw him this morning, he was wearing a ring.”

Xu Nixin, who was sitting on the side filling out the form, made a “chuckle”.

No way… The stalls she bought when she was drunk were actually taken by him…

At that time, Drunk pulled Ye Xiuyuan to complete the proof, and she bought a pair of rings in a particularly “heroic” manner.

Why is it a local stall? Because she didn’t bring her wallet.

Alas, no matter what happened that night was a shame in retrospect.

“I know this… Our school’s forum was broken a long time ago, and it turned out to be a stall by professionals.”

“It won’t be a stall. Even if you play with any girl casually, you won’t be so stingy.”

Stingy Xu Ni lowered his head in shame.

“I just want to wash white for my male god. He must be too popular and he can only wear a ring to avoid the fairies.” Another girl retorted.

“I hope so. If he is really a flash marriage, he bought a pair of less than three-digit rings for his girl. That girl is too pitiful.”

Only affordable local stalls Xu Ni fell into thought.

“How could my male god be this kind of person… How could this ridiculous flash marriage happen to him? The flash marriage is really unreliable, my neighbor is a sister…”

Xu Ni lowered his head and continued filling out the form. The next column happened to be the marital status.

She hesitated. So I decided to fill in the other columns first.



Professional direction

Parent’s name

mailing address

After filling in these, Xu Ni moved his pen to the column of marital status.


She wrote eagerly and turned in immediately after she finished writing.

After the questionnaire was handed in, Xu Ni was a little bit embarrassed, so she comforted herself.

Although she and Ye Xiuyuan grew up with their childhood sweethearts, and they know the bottom line, but it took less than a month from the relationship to the flash marriage…Anyway, flash marriage is a wrong behavior…

Flash marriage is kind of wrong behavior, or the marriage is still unfinished.

She thought about it as she walked, and when she looked up again, she was already at the school gate.

There was a tree diagonally across the road, and a car was parked in a hidden parking space behind the tree. Ye Xiuyuan sat in the car and waited for her. Later, they would pick up the plane together.

The sky is half cloudy. The wind blew Xu Ni’s hair on her shoulders, and the leaves fell from the tree just to rub her forehead. Xu Ni shook his head slightly and walked to the front of the car.

How come closer to the car, the more flustered my heart. Going forward, rubbing the palm of his hand with his fingertips, he really made his palm sweat.

Open the door and sit down.

“The materials are finished?” The man looked around and started to reverse.


The girl’s voice was very small, like the hum of a cat making a mistake.

“what happened?”



“Um… Brother Ye, or let’s assume that the marriage has never been married.”

The car that was retreating suddenly stopped.


The door is locked.

Ye Xiuyuan unfastened his seat belt and sat sideways. Sunlight came in through the window behind him, his face hidden in the light and shadow.

Because of the backlight, Xu Ni couldn’t really see his face, but she could clearly feel the sharp decline in the car.

Ye Xiuyuan did not answer, but looked at her quietly.

The two were silent like this.



This matter can be discussed, and it is not like Xu Ni to discuss this aspect.

“No.” He repeated it again in as calm a tone as possible.

No, of course not.

This girl didn’t want to make the relationship public yesterday, but today she wants to be married and has never been married, so tomorrow she wants to step on him to heaven?

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