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Professor Ye Chapter 3


Ye Xiuyuan tried his best to maintain a calm tone.

Xu Ni couldn’t hear the emotion in Ye Xiuyuan’s words, nor could he see the expression on his face. But this man exudes an aura that makes her unspeakable. Suddenly, it was like sitting on pins and needles.

Ye Xiuyuan stretched out his hand to turn on the switch, and the windows on all sides rose.

The glass is confined and tightly closed.

The light in the car eased a bit and became less dazzling. Xu Ni can also see the face of the person who was in the backlight before.

Ye Xiuyuan’s face was sullen, his eyes deep.

This… shouldn’t be angry anymore.

She was talking nonsense before.

Xu Ni moved cautiously, looking at him from the corner of his eye. Unexpectedly, after a few glances, he was spotted by the man on the opposite side, and Xu Ni shook like an electric shock the moment his eyes met. Suddenly ended the awkward state.

The silent air made Xu Ni more uneasy. She also gradually realized that her words were irresponsible.

It’s over, I regret it. If he could wear it back, Xu Ni could not wait to seal her open mouth with tape.

“Xu Ni…” There was a bit of helplessness in his words.

Before I started speaking, I saw the girl answering: “Sorry… don’t be angry, don’t take it seriously what I said before… I just got hot in my head…”

The attitude of admitting mistakes was good, but it was obvious that the girl in front of me wanted to bring this topic over. And Ye Xiuyuan knew that he could not follow her intentions, because he knew that if this matter was not really resolved, new problems would arise in the future.

“Xu Ni, we need to talk about this matter…”


Many years later, Xu Ni still clearly remembered this evening. The afterglow of the setting sun gathered around the carriage, and by chance two or three girls who looked like students left outside the car. The person leaned over and held her hand to talk to her.

She also remembered that conversation.

“Can you tell me why I suddenly changed my mind?”

“I just feel that flash marriage is not reliable… We haven’t been together for long.”

It’s really not long, it’s definitely related to a veritable flash marriage for exactly one month.

“Xu Ni…” Ye Xiuyuan put her hand on her palm, and said slowly, “We have been together for a long time. We have grown up together as childhood sweethearts. We have known each other for a long time, and we have also spent time together. very long.”

“I know what you are worrying about. Most of the reasons why flash marriages fail are because they have no emotional foundation. Some people even talk about each other directly when they meet. The understanding of each other is just a name on the marriage certificate. And we are different from them. We like each other and know each other.”

Ye Xiuyuan’s tone was very slow and gentle, which inexplicably made her feel at ease.


“Emotional basis…”

In fact, there is not much between himself and Ye Xiuyuan about the emotional foundation. After all, I realized that I liked him only a month.

“Although we haven’t been together for a long time, there is a basis for feelings. Being together is not an impulse. We are in love over time.”

“Mrs. Ye, you like me for a long time, but you haven’t noticed it before. Huh?”


Yes. In fact, her feelings for him had quietly grown a long time ago, but she misunderstood the goodwill between men and women as dependence on Brother Zhuma.

They are in love for a long time…

It’s good to be in love for a long time.

“It’s okay, I’m always there, just take your time.”

Xia Guang just happened, and the voice of the man beside him was sexy and deep. Those words slowly uttered like the evening breeze outside the window to calm her uneasy heart.

Don’t be too hypocritical, since you like each other, so why not get married earlier. All she has to do now is to adapt to her new identity.

“I may not be able to play a new role for a while, but I will try my best to change and adapt.”

Now that Ye Xiuyuan was ready, she also had to learn to take the first step forward.

It was with that step that they had the next step.

“It’s okay, let’s take it slowly. Marriage requires mutual running-in. Please advise, Mrs. Ye.”

“Please advise.”


To catch up with the tail of the evening peak, the road is a bit blocked. Fortunately, the two set off early, and the plane just landed when they arrived at the airport.

After receiving the person, the car drove into Ye’s house.

Having already eaten, Ye Xiuyuan took out the pre-prepared ingredients from the refrigerator and walked into the kitchen. Xu Ni followed in to help after dividing the tableware.

Ye Xiuyuan was wearing an apron and stood by cutting vegetables. Xu Ni remembered the way he usually wore a suit, and Contrast Meng immediately came up.

“Aren’t you tired?” she asked.

The aunt who cooks has left in the past few days. He drove the car all the way and insisted on going home to cook for himself. He looked like a diligent and thrifty housekeeper.

“Not tired, you can go out and chat with our mother. It’s the first time to appear in front of my mother-in-law as a son-in-law. Give me a chance to act.”

Ye Xiuyuan called “son-in-law” and “mother-in-law” very smoothly, as if he had been used to these terms.

Xu Ni naturally did not leave. She took the pot and murmured: “Then it’s the first time that I’m a daughter-in-law… see her mother-in-law…”

After speaking, his cheeks dyed red, and he felt his face start to get hot. Xu Ni felt that maybe the temperature in the kitchen was too high and it was heated up.

The man comforted in a low voice: “Don’t be nervous, my mother has always liked you.”

“My mother likes you more. You have always been someone else’s child.” The girl said a little bit of jokes.

After speaking, both of them laughed and got busy.

During the meal, the four of them chatted one after another, and Ye Mu and Xu Mu recounted their funny stories outside.

While chatting, Mother Ye suddenly sighed: “The children have grown up. We used to cook, but now we are replaced by them.”

“Yeah…” Mother Xu watched the four people sitting together and chatting happily. Suddenly there was a feeling of enjoying the happiness of family. Why do the two children still feel a little CP when they sit together?

Then I thought about it. I should have thought more about it. These two “brothers and sisters” grew up together and are more in love than Jin Jian. If there is anything, it would have been 800 years earlier.

“You are both an only child, and Xiu Yuan has also returned to China. From now on, you two’brothers and sisters’ need to take pictures of each other…”

The speaker is Ye Mu. Ye Xiuyuan was pretty relieved, Xu Ni grew up when she was a child, and she was considered half a daughter. This girl looks so honest and so good, what if she is bullied?


When Xu Ni heard the word “brother and sister” while drinking soup, he choked directly. Then he coughed several times, covering his mouth.

“Is it all right?”

“It’s okay, it’s just that I drank too quickly and choked a little.”

“Well, it’s fine.”

Ye Xiuyuan knew the reason for the girl’s choking, and his mother used “brother and sister” to describe the two of them. When the time comes to open the relationship, you will never think that they are messing around.

It is almost necessary for their parents to be psychologically prepared.

Ye Xiuyuan held Xu Ni’s hand under the table, raised his head and said to the two mothers: “Mom, don’t worry. I must take care of Xu Ni.”

It was Ye Mu who asked, but Ye Xiuyuan’s answer was to look at Xu Mu first, and then turn his eyes to his mother after the “Mom” was finished.

A pun, this wave of operations is really powerful. Xu Ni was about to admire him.

Mother Xu was also taken aback when she heard it, but she didn’t think much about it. Just changed the topic and started to care about the children’s career: “Xiu Yuan, you are doing consultation now.”

“Well, in KM management consulting.”

It is said that being a consultant is smart and capable, but Ye Xiuyuan has already reached the top at a young age.

Being humble, successful in his career, talented and beautiful, gentle as a jade, and lively diamond king five, the more you look at it, the more satisfying it becomes.

“By the way, Xu Ni. Are you studying at Nanda University now… How about Nanda? Isn’t it beautiful?” Ye Mu looked at Xu Ni with a smile.

“Well, I went as an exchange student… I just came back from there this afternoon, it was pretty.”

“Remember Grandpa Su.”


Xu Ni certainly remembered that Grandpa Su lived diagonally across from her when he didn’t move out of Nancheng, and he treated her very well.

“His grandson’s name is Su Hanjing… I feel like you have a personality, do you want to get to know him?”

Do you want to meet? The meaning is obvious.

After Ye Xiuyuan listened, his eyelids twitched. What his mother thought was that Su Hanjing and Xu Ni were brought together, and one of them was his buddy and the other was his sweetheart.

“Thank you Auntie Ye, no need.” Xu Ni declined.

“Xu Ni…You don’t need to have any psychological pressure, just consider knowing one more friend.” Ye Mu still wanted to persuade.

“Mom, Su Hanjing has a girlfriend.”

“That… Aunt Ye, I have a boyfriend.”

The next second, the two spoke at the same time.

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