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Professor Ye Chapter 4

Las Vegas, United States.

At 11:30 in the evening, most cities began to fall into deep sleep, but this city centered on gambling and gambling is still full of lights.

Ye Xiuyuan took the slightly drunk person and led her towards the apartment. Xu Ni stopped as she walked, and Ye Xiuyuan followed her gaze, and saw a bunch of hydrogen balloons flashing in his hands not far away from the vendor.

“Want, huh?” He bent down and asked lowly in her ear.

“No, I’ll even take a look…” That’s what Xu Ni said, but Xu Ni’s eyes were fixed and he didn’t want to look away.

Ye Xiuyuan knew his girl very well. He didn’t say anything but just smiled, and then led her to the other side of the road.

“Eh… I’m such an adult, and I’m holding a balloon… It’s a shame.”

She really wanted it, but even if she was drunk, Xu Ni was a mature girl. She will never do naive and shameful things.

“Then I will lead for you.” The man said with a smile.

When the two reached the opposite side, they realized that there were a lot of people buying balloons, most of them were couples, and they were similar in age. Seeing more buyers, she was also relieved.

Xu Ni told herself: It is embarrassing for a person to hold a balloon, but for a group of people to be together.

“Boss, please take that heart balloon.”


Xu Ni’s English is very good. Although a little drunk, there is no obstacle to communicating with the boss. She took the balloon and wrapped the thread around her ring finger and little finger. The light strips on the hydrogen balloon are changing alternately, looking particularly beautiful against the night.

“Thank you.” The girl thanked with a smile.

The balloon seller was an old white man. He smiled and watched the two speak in Chinese:

“Happy wedding.”

The substandard Chinese pronunciation sounds a little twisted, but the sincere wishes in the words can be heard.


Ye Xiuyuan explained softly. As soon as he finished explaining, the corner of his clothes was gently pulled by the person next to him.

Ye Xiuyuan looked up in the direction she was pointing, and found that they were standing at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Las Vegas, a city known as the “Marriage Capital”, has marriage registration services that last until midnight

Suddenly the girl’s soft voice came in her ear, “Hey… Ye Ge, I’m… marrying, so…yell.”

This is obviously unclear, and the pronunciation of many words is stuck together. But this did not prevent Ye Xiuyuan from understanding her.

Ye Xiuyuan was stunned for half a second, and realized that Xu Ni’s Jiu Jin had come up. You see, this girl can even use the verb “to marry”.

Thinking that there is no need to be too serious with a drunk person, he leaned over her ear and joked:

“Really, you want to marry me?”

As he spoke, newlyweds came out of the door one after another. With those newlyweds smiling, Xu Ni suddenly felt that it was very happy to be able to tell the men around him in the “Marriage City” immediately.

“Then of course, I will be responsible for marrying you to the end.” This sentence is very confident and unambiguous.

Ye Xiuyuan was a little funny and couldn’t help but hooked his mouth. Xu Ni saw that the man was smiling, and thought he agreed, so he took him to the door.

Upon seeing this, the man quickly said: “Don’t make trouble.”

“You don’t want to marry me?” Xu Ni stared at him in disbelief.

“No.” Ye Xiuyuan explained.

How could he be unwilling before he was too happy. Although it is determined that it is only a month away, but if the girl insists on flash marriage, he is also happy. But not now, not when she was drunk, marriage must be made clear.

Ye Xiuyuan said as he hugged her and walked in the opposite direction.

The drunk girl was immediately unhappy. She stood on tiptoe and gently pulled Ye Xiuyuan’s tie, then jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She forcibly hung her whole body on him. Ye Xiuyuan was afraid that she would fall and the pain would hurt so she stretched out to drag Live her.

“Big pig’s hoof, you are not like you. He said no, but he didn’t want to marry me.”

As he spoke, the words were obviously tinged with crying.

Under alcohol and inexplicable emotions, Xu Ni’s IQ and EQ are both busy. Now she has equated “I don’t get married right away” and “I don’t love her anymore.”

Suddenly she was a little annoyed, and she slammed her body with her small hand.

The start is really not light, but she just smashed the strength and became obviously soft. After all, it is the person she likes, so how can she bear it?

Then she started playing tricks.

At first, he madly kissed the man on the cheek, but he didn’t expect that the man would be unmoved and planned to hold her towards the apartment.

It seemed that she was not attractive enough, so she had to say “cruel words” about not getting married. She would not leave tonight. While she was talking, she struggled to make various seemingly dangerous moves in his arms.

But it was useless, because Ye Xiuyuan hugged him tighter.

Xu Nihong played a trick with her eyes open. She choked up and said, “If you like me, if we are destined to get married, then what does it matter if we get married earlier…” After speaking, she sniffed.

Ye Xiuyuan was also stunned. This really made sense, because Ye Xiuyuan firmly believed that it was only a matter of time before they were destined to get married. He put down her and asked:

“Did you bring your passport?”

“Take it, it’s in the bag.” The cry in her voice gradually disappeared, but she was still a little dumb.

In front is the marriage registry, a small building with brick-red exterior walls and white-framed glass doors. Right above the door is written Marriage License Bureau.

Ye Xiuyuan found the passports of the two from the bag, and took Xu Ni to open the door.

Well, Ye Xiuyuan felt that he was completely “crazy” tonight.


A high-end apartment in the center of the city is lighting up, the soft light of the chandelier tilts down vertically from the roof, and the pale yellow light hits the milky white marble tabletop, making the juice even more attractive.

Two people sat opposite each other by the huge French window.

The atmosphere doubled and the ambiguity grew stronger.

“Isn’t it cold?” the man asked.

This is natural nonsense, because she is worried that the girl will catch a cold if the air conditioner is too much, and the temperature of the air conditioner is not very low.

“It’s not cold…”

The girl who changed her shirt wore a soft nightdress. The skirt was not short but not long, so the man with graceful and beautiful legs could be seen.

Xu Ni was so small that he could not touch the ground with his feet on a high stool, so his straight and slender feet swayed gently with the music.

This leg is so beautiful.

His eyes were swept unintentionally, and when he saw it, he was reluctant to look away.

“I heard… there is a store here…”

The girl’s small mouth opened and closed, and Ye Xiuyuan chatted with her for a few words and was caught by the dangling legs, so she had to make a random “um”.

“I heard that there is an old house on the east side of this city, well… the stories of monkeys and ghosts are from there…”

Xu Ni was still talking, Ye Xiuyuan got up and went back to the room to fetch a blanket and gently put it on her lap.

The blanket was long and soft, drooping on the sides of the chair. Well, the legs are also covered a lot.

After listening to her chatting for a while, the man looked at the wall clock on the wall. He whispered: “It’s late, it’s time to go to bed.” After that, he took her to the master bedroom.

The person being held was very satisfied, and kept rubbing in his arms. Ye Xiuyuan could only speed up her walking and reduce the chance of her making fires randomly.

After changing clothes and washing, Ye Xiuyuan lay down beside her. The girl beside him was already lying obediently, and yawned and closed her eyelids when she saw the waiting person came back.

Ye Xiuyuan looked at Xu Ni’s slightly flushed face, his eyes were stained with affection: “What you did tonight, will you recognize it when you wake up tomorrow morning?”

“Acknowledged. Xu Li…is that kind of…the beginning of chaos and the end of abandoning?”

The first half of the sentence is plausible, but the second half of the sentence is already drunk. It seems that the credibility of this statement has yet to be verified.

The man snorted noncommittal and shook his head and looked out the window.

The moonlight is very good tonight, it is a full moon.

It’s just that this girl even said her name slurred.

But it’s okay, no matter what, Ye Xiuyuan was sure. I wake up tomorrow morning and my little wife will lie next to her. They have a lot of time to talk about it.

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