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Professor Ye Chapter 5

“Aunt Ye, I have a boyfriend.”

She was a little embarrassed, but her voice was lower than usual. Ye Xiuyuan’s tone was slightly higher, and Xu Ni’s voice was almost completely covered.

A small voice does not mean a weak sense of presence.

After Xu Ni said this, everyone was taken aback. Xu Ni clearly felt that the hand under the table held her tighter.

Ye Xiuyuan clearly remembered that the girl was shy after the flash marriage. She blushed even more when she talked about the parents. The discussion was to no avail, but finally she blushed and said, “give me some time to prepare. Wait another month or two for me to tell them when I’m ready.”

Unexpectedly, she was so much in advance, although she was caught off guard, she was ecstatic.

Maybe because he didn’t know how Xu Ni would describe their relationship, Ye Xiuyuan was a little nervous.

But no matter what Xu Ni described, he was already satisfied. Because Ye Xiuyuan could clearly feel the changes made by this girl’s efforts.

“Xiao Ni… already has a boyfriend?” Ye Mu confirmed to Xu Ni, afraid that she had heard it wrong.


Before the words fell, the opposite gaze fell on Xu Ni’s face.

Xu Ni learned to hide behind her face shyly. But after all, it was a thin-skinned face, so I couldn’t stand it, and my face turned red.

Upon seeing this, Ye Xiuyuan said, “Mom, don’t look at Xu Ni like this. She should be a boyfriend when she is so old.”

After listening to Ye Xiuyuan’s words, the two mothers also realized that they had acted a little too far. Suddenly converged.

Actually, after hearing Xu Ni said that she had a boyfriend, Ye mother was in a mixed mood. She obviously felt that Xu Ni was not young anymore, and wanted to introduce someone to her. Why did she suddenly feel that she was young? You can wait.

After all, it was the girl who looked at the grown-up girl, like a little cabbage that had been raised for so many years, and suddenly wanted to give in. No one is a taste.

“Which boy is it?”

“how did you guys meet……”

“is not it……”

The two people opposite were excited and gossip. There was some worry in her tone, probably because she was afraid that she would be unfair to others.

“Well… let’s not say whether it’s okay. I’ll be with him not long ago, next month… I will bring it back for you to see…”

Xu Ni stammered with shyness on his small face.

Mother Xu also knew that the girl was shy, and asked with a smile: “Which boy, you need to hide like this.”

Xu Ni blushed and bowed his head in silence.

“Auntie, don’t embarrass Xu Ni.” Ye Xiuyuan said.

Ye mother knows that her son has loved Xu Ni since she was a child, but she can’t do that at critical moments. They don’t even know who this girl is fascinated by now.

Ye Mu and Xu Mu met their eyes. This time, she changed to Ye Mother to speak, her questioning voice was very soft:

“Auntie just asked a question, do we know that person?”

“Um…” Xu Ni snorted softly.

A sound of a thousand layers of waves aroused, Xu mother’s eyes lit up gossip fire.

“Well, we all know each other.” Ye Xiuyuan said.

“Do you already know who it is?”


Ye Mu knew that Ye Xiuyuan would naturally keep secrets for Xu Ni, so she asked, “How about others?”


Ye Xiuyuan’s face was expressionless, with an objective evaluation, but “deal” is really not a good evaluation.

No one commented on herself like that, Xu Ni was so anxious that she bare her feet and gently kicked the man’s calf next to her. After kicking it twice and realizing it was wrong, he sat down honestly and began to pull the corners of his clothes with his hands.

Seeing that the person was still unmoved, Xu Ni had to explain quickly, “Ah… what he said nonsense, the person is very good. You will like it.”

Despite Xu Ni’s words, Ye Mu and Xu Mu still believed Ye Xiuyuan’s words more, probably because they thought Ye Xiuyuan was older and looked at things more thoroughly. It was precisely because of Ye Xiuyuan’s words that the two mothers had no good impression of Xu Ni’s “boyfriend” before they saw the real person.

When it was later, Ye Xiuyuan and Xu Ni left together. After the person left, Ye Mu didn’t have a good impression of Xu Ni’s “boyfriend”. It’s so late, and I don’t even know how to come and pick up people. In the end, it was her brother Xiuyuan who sent Xu Ni back. This is really not good…

Ye Xiuyuan drove Xu Ni back.

Xu Ni sat in the passenger seat and looked at the scenery along the way. She likes the way she and Ye Xiuyuan get along. For example, they don’t talk much now, but they are not embarrassed.

When he got home, Xu Ni suddenly said, “Well, will you be angry?”

Ye Xiuyuan was a little unsure, so he still smiled and replied, “I am in a good mood, why do you think I am going to be angry?”

“I said I have a boyfriend, but I didn’t say who it was…”

Ye Xiuyuan stopped the car, unfastened his seat belt and brought his face in front of Xu Ni: “Oh? Mrs. Ye is married, and there is a boyfriend… Then does her husband know?”

Xu Niming knew that Ye Xiuyuan was joking, but he was inexplicably shameful and felt that the role play was about to begin.

“It’s fine if you’re not angry.” Xu Ni abandoned his face and mumbled.

“Xu Ni…I have an apartment near Nanda. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to Nanda…”

“It should be easy to rent out.” Xu Ni said casually.

“I want to keep it for myself and I have no plans to rent out.”

“Hmm.” Does he want to move over? But then they are no longer neighbors, although school will start in a few days, the school is also close to that…

Before Ye Xiuyuan spoke again, he saw that the girl put all his unhappiness on his face, and he quickly understood: “School is about to start. It is close to your school and close to our company. Or let us move in together… It is reasonable for a couple to live together. Legal, is Mrs. Ye willing? Or is Mrs. Ye looking for a’boyfriend’?”


On Sunday, in a supermarket.

Xu Ni and Sui Xun both push shopping carts to buy goods.

“Xun Shuang, what do you need to pay attention to when living together?”

Sui Xun double glanced at Xu Ni, and said grotesquely: “He and I haven’t developed to that point… at most we will hold hands.”

The girl who had just fallen in love thought of that person as she talked, with a little shyness in her words.

“Are you going to live together?” Follow Xun shook his hands, and the phone slammed to the ground.

The two entered into love one after the other, why Xu Ni’s progress bar was more than half of him.

“We have a proof, cohabitation is pretty… normal.”

Where is more than half of her, this little Nizi’s progress bar is almost full.

“Cohabitation after marriage is indeed normal…”

“You flash marriage?” Suixun Shuang confirmed again.

“Yeah.” Xu Ni put a hand on her face, cooling down her slightly hot face.

“Does that uncle and aunt know?”

“Tell them in another month…you are the first to know. Don’t tell anyone.”

It’s a veritable flash marriage, and it’s probably a hidden marriage for now.


“Sure, I’ll get married anyway. It’s just a testimony…”

In fact, Sui Xunshuang didn’t really approve of flash marriage, but it seemed that there was nothing wrong with Xu Ni and Ye Xiuyuan. Ye Xiuyuan’s novel male protagonist’s configuration, three views, good character, handsome, gold, and long-term love, he has liked Xu Ni for so many years. How to say that girl Xu Ni is not losing money.

“Happy newlywed, um… Then search for the question with your phone…” This question is too serious, so I can answer it with Xun Shuang.

Xu Ni didn’t know what to buy when moving in, so he bought some daily necessities that should be useful.

Xu Ni found that Sui Xun Shuang was still standing in front of the cash register after checking out. He was probably buying chewing gum. She turned around and said:

“You hurry up and die slowly.”

“Wait, I’m picking up a wedding gift for you.”

Sui Xunshuang’s voice is not loud, and there is no one around them, only Xu Ni can hear them.

OK, dare to love your girlfriends for so many years, give chewing gum to your wedding gift. Xu Ni didn’t bother to look back at her:

“Just give it. Strawberry flavor, the biggest.”

After so many years of girlfriend love, she can still afford the largest box of gum.

Hearing this tone, Sui Xunshuang also understood that what Xu Ni was talking about was not the same thing she was talking about.

But it’s easy to handle, that stuff, strawberry flavor, the biggest is not without it. Right?

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