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Professor Ye Chapter 6

The afterglow of the setting sun began to dissipate in the sky, and the sky was sinking. The cool breeze of summer night scratched people’s skin, and the leaves a few steps away were also rustled by the wind.

Xu Ni was standing in front of the apartment with a shopping bag in one hand and a suitcase in the other.

“Come on, let’s go in.”

Ye Xiuyuan opened the door, pulled her other two suitcases and walked in.

The duplex apartment is located on the top floor and has a very good layout. There is a huge floor-to-ceiling window on the south side, and you can see the remaining clouds on the horizon as long as one is sideways.

Xu Ni stopped at the same place, and suddenly remembered that she had dreamed of having such a house when she was a child. It is located on the top floor and has floor-to-ceiling windows to watch the sun when it is sunny and the water when it rains.

Ye Xiuyuan stood behind Xu Ni and stayed with her for a while. When the setting sun goes away, when the last ray of colorful clouds fades, then turn around and turn on the lights.

“The sunset glow is very beautiful.” Ye Xiuyuan said.


The light turned on while talking.

Xu Ni looked around and looked again. There are not many things in the living room, but she likes it unexpectedly whether it is a single item or the style of decoration.

“At that time, I didn’t stay in China for a long time, and I couldn’t live for a few days. This apartment was mainly for investment. But when it came time to renovate, it unknowingly blended your favorite style. Moved in.”

The addition of these elements is subconscious behavior.

Ye Xiuyuan thought that his feelings for her might gradually fade with distance and time, but at that moment he suddenly discovered that everything was the opposite, he would only love more and more.

The story at that time sounded a little sad, but fortunately, after many years, we are still us.

On the second floor, in the bedroom.

After Xu Ni opened the three suitcases in turn, she was a little embarrassed.

“Do you think I have too much stuff?”

Her clothes and books had been shipped over before, and most of the three boxes were fragmentary things, and they were of little practical use.

“will not.”

Ye Xiuyuan really didn’t mind. There weren’t many things in the house, and Xu Ni brought more proof that she was ready to live long.

Xu Ni pointed to the small potted plant on the side: “Can I put it in the study?”

“Of course. You are the owner of this house, and you can decorate it as you like.”

After Xu Ni listened, she was no longer cautious, and she organized things several times faster. Less than half an hour after saying this, Ye Xiuyuan regretted it because he saw a puppet rabbit lying on the bed in the master bedroom.

“Xu Ni, don’t put that puppet rabbit on the bed.” Don’t hit your face too fast.

Ye Xiuyuan, a rough-cut cloth rabbit, recognized that the rabbit was made by Xu Ni and him back then. He remembered that Xu Ni liked to sleep with rabbits when he was young, and he was happy about it for a long time. But now is not what it used to be, and the status of this rabbit has dropped sharply.

“Oh, I forgot. It should be here.”

After speaking, she put the rabbit on the bedside table, but Ye Xiuyuan still seemed dissatisfied with it.

“Do you… now hold a rabbit when you sleep?”

After hearing this, Xu Ni was almost choked by her saliva. She glanced at Ye Xiuyuan: “I am so old, how could I need to sleep with a doll?”

Leaving this rabbit is a memorial and a feeling. What did Ye Xiuyuan misunderstand?

“I see you put it on the bed, so I just ask casually. Um… it’s also nice to put it on the head of the bed.” Since you don’t sleep in a hug, it’s okay to put it on the head of the bed.

As soon as Ye Xiuyuan finished speaking, the girl took out a long pillow from the box and put it on the bed.

“I do like to hug things when I sleep. I usually hug pillows.” Xu Ni explained to herself: “If I have been holding that rabbit for so many years, there will still be a rabbit-like shape. A piece of rags.”

“Xu Ni.”


“To discuss something, can you try not to use the pillow from tonight.” He talked about the discussion, but the pillow was taken away by the man.

“Could it not be discussed. I’m used to it.” The pillow is so comfortable and there is nothing wrong with it, she really doesn’t want to change it.

Ye Xiuyuan sat beside her, hugging her on his lap.

“If you are used to holding things, you can hug me. We sleep in a bed at night, which is convenient for you. By the way, you can also cultivate the relationship between husband and wife.”

The deep and gentle male voice rang low in her ears. Xu Nidi’s face flushed, and her body temperature gradually increased. She moved her legs uncomfortably, trying to break free from the bondage of the man.

“What do you think of my proposal?” Ye Xiuyuan gently pressed her rubbing legs with one hand, and put his face in front of her.

The faces of the two are very close and their postures are extremely intimate. The breath that Ye Xiuyuan sprayed on her face almost made her feel confused.

Xu Ni leaned back instinctively, but was hugged forward by both hands.

“There is a wall behind, be careful to knock it to the end.”

Ye Xiuyuan’s joking words were a bit affectionate.

“Hmm…” Xu Ni said nonchalantly.

“Huh? Would you like to consider my previous proposal?”


“‘Hmm’ means agree?” It was still that very seductive voice.


This is a foul, no one discussed it like this. Ye Xiuyuan still looks so good looking so close and sitting on his lap with his arms. This is not what to discuss or agree to.

After the two parties “reached a consensus”, Ye Xiuyuan finally let go of the blushing girl.

But Xu Ni’s heartbeat was already speeding up, she leaned forward to Ye Xiuyuan’s lips and pecked hard.


Xu Ni had planned to run away after the kiss, but she forgot that she had just been slapped. Standing on the ground with both feet, he probably fell to the ground without standing still, but Ye Xiuyuan quickly hugged her with quick eyes and hands to prevent falling.

Hugging is hugging, but the next second, Xu Ni was pressed onto the bed.

Ye Xiuyuan put his hands on the bed, smiling with a little evil, “Doesn’t you usually kiss too little? Mrs. Ye, your technique is completely unqualified.”

Behind her is a soft bed, and in front of her is the person she likes.

Xu Ni’s little heart was beating “dongdongdong”, faster and stronger.

It’s over, her heart is about to jump out of her chest.

It’s more every week, three to five seven. This is more Sunday~

Fancy seeking acceptance and review.

In the next book “Bamboo and Horse Living Together, Fresh and Exciting”, you can collect your favorite little angels first~

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