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Why not, brother?


“If you like me a little, will the world be ruined?!” Now I don’t know if it’s a confession or not.

“Han Hari. Is that your buzzword? Do it in moderation.” Gang Joon. The man’s answer has never changed.

6 years of sad unrequited love. “I’m going to meet a man who is just trying to put it in my eyes because I’m so adorable when I’m alone!!” I proudly declared the end of unrequited love.

“You are pretty.”
“kiss… … Can I do it?”

A man who said he couldn’t even die is suddenly strange. brother. Is it really not possible?

Why not, brother?
Associated Names: 오빠는 왜 안 돼요?
cherry blossom
Genres: romance
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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