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Chapter 1 Longyou was caught in a shrimp scene in shallow water!

“Those who violate our country will be punishable even if they are far away!”

On the border of China, seven corpses lay beside the stele. They were all uniformly dead, all with broken pipes.

A drop of scarlet blood flowed towards Ye Quan, who was in front of the stele. His features were exquisite and his figure was tall and straight. He was standing in the wind at 1.85 meters. He took out a white cloth and patiently wiped the bloody knife. Naturally, there was a chilling air that made people shudder.

“Seven kills, but you!”

He breathed a sigh of relief and answered his father’s call.

“Son, they teamed up to frame me, I might…can’t hold on…”

That night, he received news that Mu Xue Culture Company declared bankruptcy, President Ye Gong was burdened with 5 billion debts, and the company was also forced to mortgage it to Tang Zong, a Chinese enterprise.

And Ye Gong was driven out of the office building, vomiting blood three feet in anger, and violently corpse for three hours, no one cared.

A generation of business giants died out.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Ye Gong was offending a big man, so that when his accident happened, those so-called old friends, no one dared to help him, and even the corpse was collected by the butler loyal uncle and the police.

In the cold wind, Ye Quan knelt on his knees, grabbed a handful of loess, and sighed: “What kind of territorial dragon king is really fucking ridiculous! I have protected the country for five years, but my family members have been cold for three hours. Now that the situation is stable, it is time. It’s time to retreat!”

Five years ago, in order to preserve the innocence of his wife Han Xue, Ye Quan single-handedly broke into the Azure Dragon Gang and stabbed Ruan Zixiong who was pressing on her.

Since then, he has been in exile for half a year. If he hadn’t met Dong Shucheng, he might have never had a chance to stand up in his life.

In the past five years, the border wars have caused him to live a life of licking blood. In purgatory, he firmly believes in a truth that the strong are worthy to live! As a result, he valiantly killed the enemy, repeated his marvelous feats, and finally settled the border, won glory for the country, and won the title of “Dragon King of Territory”.

Three days later, Ye Quan stood in front of the Muxue Cultural Office building, looking at the blood on the ground, he could imagine how desperate his father was when he died.

“Dragon King, it has been investigated. Seven people who murdered your father have been counted on the roster. As long as you give an order, I will let them evaporate from the world in three days.”

His name is Ding Zhan, Ye Quan is a comrade-in-arms who was born and died, but he respects the strong in the army, he is willing to be Ye Quan’s entourage, and has a lot of friendship.

“No, that would be too cheap for them!”

“Subordinates understand!”

Ye Quan walked in toward the office building with a gloomy face.

As soon as I walked in, I saw an irritating scene. I saw an old man dressed in black being pressed to the ground by several security guards, punching and kicking.

“Tang Yu, stop fighting, please stop fighting!”

The old man knelt on the ground and prayed, but they didn’t mean to stop at all. Instead, they started heavier. They didn’t let go of all the vital points of the back of the head, lumbar spine, and chest.

“Uncle Zhong, are you begging me? I can’t afford it. I forgot that when you were behind Ye Gong, the fox was pretending to look like a tiger! I don’t have a good memory. Three years ago, my dad asked me to Come to Muxue Culture for gilding, you reported that I misappropriated company finances without authorization and expelled me from Muxue Culture, right?”

At this time, the security guards stopped one after another, and the old man dared to raise his head and mournfully said: “It is because of this that you hate me? If I hadn’t carried it for you, you would have…”

“Bah, don’t show me any bitter tricks, let me tell you, the Ye family is over, and your pug is over, I will let you double it back! Give me a fight!”

Several security guards gathered around again, in a stance of killing the old man.

If he doesn’t do anything, I’m afraid he will die out of the building!

Ye Quan ran over in two steps in three steps, smashed the two security guards, and helped the old man.

“Uncle Zhong, you have suffered!”

The old man slowly raised his head and saw Ye Quan’s determined face, tears flowed out uncontrollably in an instant, and he trembled: “Young…Master, are you back?”

“Uncle Zhong, thank you for being here these days!”

As far as Ye Quan can remember, Uncle Zhong was the housekeeper of the Ye family. He took care of Ye Quan’s daily life. He grew up watching Ye Quan. These days, his father died. Presumably Uncle Zhong has suffered more than that. Thinking of this, Ye Quan was even more angry, and his fists made a “cackling” sound.

“Hehe, isn’t this Young Master Ye Da? The Ruan family is really wasteful, you can’t even catch you such a turtle!”

Tang Yu is about the same age as Ye Quan. He also knew about the things back then, but he didn’t expect Ye Quan to be alive after disappearing for so many years.

“The title of Turtle with Head Shrunk is not suitable to be worn on the head of the Dragon King!”

Ye Quan stared at him coldly, and the scared Tang Yu felt a little hairy in his heart. This look was like Satan in hell, so evil and chilling.

However, the Tang family is gaining power now, and he is very swollen, even surpassing the fear in his heart.

“Return Nima Dragon King, I punch…”

He slammed a punch, but Ye Quan didn’t dodge it, and took it down firmly with his chest.

“Soft, like a girl!”

Ye Quan grabbed Tang Yu’s fist with a “click”, Senbai’s bone stubble protruded from his wrist, a heart-piercing pig cry came from Tang Yu’s mouth, and the whole building was full of echoes.

Just then, Tang Yu’s father, Tang Zong, returned from a business talk, and happened to hit this scene.

“Who beat my son?”

With a stern shout, the surrounding security guards dispersed, giving him a way.

Tang Zong, once a cadre of Ye Gong, went out to do it alone. With the support of Mu Xue culture, he stepped to glory, but this man was so heartbroken that he joined the people in Jiangcheng to deal with Ye Gong and finally swallowed Mu Xue culture. everything of.

“You are a big boss, and you don’t have time to discipline your son. I am a famous person, so I can help you teach him what it means to respect the old and love the young!”

Ye Quan took a step forward, his face calm, his eyes clear, there was no trace of fear, but Tang Zong was taken aback.

“It’s you who owe discipline. Five years ago, if you stabbed Ruan Zixiong to death, would your dad use all the working capital as compensation? After all, I would be grateful to you. If it wasn’t for the five hundred million in compensation, Ye The public is not going to be killed by debt collection. The Ruan family has done a lot!”

Tang Zong was a conspirator in the so-called murder and conspiracy. He told the truth and finally shocked the calm Ye Quan. The death of his father had something to do with him.

“I will make you pay!”

Ye Quan stared at him coldly, like a tiger around the flock, waiting for an opportunity.

“Dad, it hurts me so much, this guy has scrapped my hand, you must give me revenge!”

At this moment, Tang Yu also slowed down, holding his broken hand and crawling towards Tang Zong, his appearance was very miserable, his pain was so cold that he sweated, and his tears were rolling in his eyes!


Tang Zong yelled angrily and ordered: “Help Young Master to the hospital, don’t miss the engagement banquet tonight, don’t let the Mu family wait in a hurry!”

Mu family?

Ye Quan always felt that he was telling it to himself on purpose, so he asked suspiciously: “The Mu family you said…”

“Ah, by the way, how did you forget you, the most wanted criminal,? I’m talking about your ex-wife, Mu Xue. She has already fallen in love with my son and gets married another day!”

“Impossible, we haven’t divorced yet!”

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