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Chapter 2 Save your wife from the sea of ​​suffering!

“I have to ask about your good father-in-law, but he strongly applauds Mu Xue for marrying to my Tang family!”

Tang Zong sneered, and said gloating: “The Ruan family already knows that you are back. I really hope you can see the sun tomorrow!”

“Quite Ruan’s family, I still don’t take it seriously. It’s my wife’s engagement banquet tonight. I must come to attend!”

Ye Quan was angry and laughed. He also wanted to see if his wife, who had made him desperate and almost died, really changed his mind.

“Okay, anyway, you are Mu Xue’s ex-husband. You really deserve to drink this wedding wine! And, if you break Yu’er’s arm, I will make you pay for it! Tonight, we will have new accounts and old accounts. Calculate together!”

After speaking, he passed by and got on the elevator.

Knowing that it was a Hongmen Banquet, but if Ye Quan didn’t go, his wife would probably remarry someone else.

“Young Master, the Ruan family is powerful, with the help of the Azure Dragon, and the Tang family is also eyeing it. You still abolished Tang Yu’s hand, or do you go out to hide?”

Uncle Zhong rubbed his wounds while caring about Ye Quan, a trace of helplessness and sadness flashed across his old face.

“I said, Ruan family, not to be afraid; Tang family, more like ants; this time, I will not escape!”

Ye Quan patted Uncle Zhong on the shoulder, and comforted: “Uncle Zhong, you are as generous as a mountain to Ye Jia, and Ye Quan is in mind. When I come back this time, I will surely let the person who murdered my father pay the blood debts. Things from our Ye family!”

“Master!” Uncle Zhong’s eyes were red, and tears flashed in his eyes, “You have changed!”

He has indeed changed!

Ye Quan was dead five years ago, and now he is the Dragon King of the Territory, the God of War who has experienced countless lives and deaths!

“Military god, the 30 or so places in the Ruan family have been sealed off by me, and they won’t be able to trouble you for a while!”

Ye Quan shook his head and received news of Ding Zhan when he walked out the door.

Five years of fighting side by side, tacit interpretation of the friendship between them.

Six hours later, inside Ye’s Manor.

On the huge artificial turf, there is an engagement banquet going on.

The strings resounded, popular stars played on the court, and the audience was blessing the two “gifted” ladies and marrying them.

A beautiful and plump beauty, wearing a white dress, tight-fitting clothing outlines her bumps, soft hair hanging on her shoulders, like a moon palace, clear water out of hibiscus, natural sculpture, cold and indifferent There was no hint of happiness on her apricot eyes and lonely face. She didn’t seem to want to have this engagement banquet!

“Mu Xue, I warn you! Ye Quan’s tortoise with a shrunken head is dead. You have been a widow for him for five years. It is already a deep love and righteousness. Now the Tang family is in full swing. As long as you marry, who will pay? Dare to look down on us, be happy!”

At the beginning, he married his daughter into the Ye family, which was considered a glorious lintel. The Mu family jumped to become a second-rate family in Jiangcheng, but since the Ye family’s accident some time ago, the old lady killed the donkey and targeted the Mu Xue family everywhere, Mu Chengtian His status plummeted, and he was almost driven out of Mu’s house several times.

No, Mu Chengtian went to the casino with his friends a few days ago and owed more than 8 million yuan. Tang Zong paid him back. He was grateful and moved to marry Mu Xue into the Tang family.

“Dad, I haven’t divorced yet!”

Mu Xue said coldly, even if Ye Quan died, she couldn’t do anything without conscience.

“I don’t care. Today’s engagement banquet must go smoothly. If you don’t agree, our family will definitely be kicked out of Mu’s house by the old lady. Would you bear to watch me and your mother go to the bridge hole with debts at their age?”

Mu Chengtian is really smart, knowing that Mu Xue is softhearted, he actually used a bitter trick.


At this moment, the music stopped abruptly. Tang Zong stood on the stage, holding a microphone in hand, and happily announced, “Thank you very much for joining my son Tang Yu’s engagement banquet. Here are two newcomers to give speeches! “

Mu Chengtian pushed Mu Xue a bit and motioned: “Go up!”

Due to bitter tactics, Mu Xue stepped onto the stage, just facing the wretched Tang Yu.

He was wearing a splint on his hand and his nose was blue and his face was swollen. Mu Xue was taken aback when he saw him. In Jiangcheng, there were people who would dare to beat Tang Yu?

“Whatever you look at, it was the tortoise that shrank its head!”

Coward? Is it… Ye Quan?

“He is still alive?”

Mu Xue trembled in her heart, and tears flowed down her eyes.

“It’s him, but don’t worry, he won’t survive tonight!”

Tang Yu smiled slyly, took the microphone, and his wretched gaze swept towards the touching Mu Xue, and in front of everyone, he squeezed Mu Xue’s lotus arm, and said with a wry smile: “I and Mu Xue can be together. Thanks to his husband with a turbulent head, I have comforted this lonely woman in the past five years. You don’t know how much waves she was in bed.”

“No, it’s not like this!”

Mu Xue’s face flushed, her silver teeth clenched, as she watched everyone shook their heads desperately with shame.

“Don’t be shy! Wife, I will comfort you tonight, a real man, he will never run away, he will rise up against difficulties, impact your soul, and make you want to be so powerful!”

“Tang Shao is really romantic, look at the one who is mad at Big Mu, you are all mad!”

“Haha, Mu Xue’s voice is so sweet, she must be very nice!”

“While Tang Shao has been looking for flowers and asking Liu in these years, he has also served the beautiful woman Mu so much. It seems that Shao Tang is really powerful. Compared with that turtle with a shrunken head, one is in the sky and the other is underground!”

Everyone thought that what Tang Yu said was true, and even regarded Mu Xue as a gangster, and laughed at her, not treating her as a normal woman at all.

“You **! That’s not the case, don’t believe him!”

Mu Xue bit her teeth and stared at Tang Yu with red eyes. At this moment, she felt very helpless.

“Who gave you the qualifications to criticize my woman?”

Suddenly, a sharp shout spread throughout the banquet.

I don’t know when, there’s another person on the court. The person here is 1.85 meters tall. His sturdy body is like a big mountain, majestic and majestic. The two sharp sword eyebrows are tightly folded together, and the well-defined handsome face is full of anger Show.

The dragon’s body still had inverse scales, and the iron man had tenderness. He couldn’t imagine how much pain Mu Xue had endured in the past five years.

“You are finally back!”

Mu Xue stood up and threw herself into Ye Quan’s arms. An unprecedented sense of security overflowed from Ye Quan’s sturdy bones. She suddenly felt that the former mountain had returned!

“Who is this so fucking? Even the daughter-in-law of the Tang family dare to snatch it!”

“Ye… Ye Quan?”

“It’s really him, this guy is still alive!”

There was a lot of discussion in the audience, and they were both unfamiliar and familiar with Ye Quan. However, these people’s eyes were full of contempt. Everyone knew that the Ye family was finished, and the Tang family was replaced. They knew who they should speak to.

“Ye Quan, you dare to come!”

Tang Yu gritted his teeth and cursed!

The revenge of the broken arm is not shared. Now that he is fully equipped on his territory, he is not afraid of Ye Quan. Even if Ye Quan has some brute force, he is definitely not an opponent of so many bodyguards.

“Why don’t you dare? This is the site of my Ye Family!”

After speaking, Ye Quan quickly slapped his yin feet with King Kong and slammed Tang Yu’s crotch.


Tang Yu screamed in pain, half kneeling on the ground, and immediately passed out.


Everyone was dumbfounded, and he didn’t expect that Ye Quan would suddenly make a move, crushing the Tang family’s face under his feet.

Tang Zong shouted: “Ye Quan, don’t you want to go out alive today!”

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