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Chapter 3 Sorry, I slipped!

Tang Zong’s gloomy face was full of anger, and his hand touched his waist unconsciously. He held a pitch-black May Fourth pistol in his hand, with the muzzle facing Ye Quan.

“My God, is Mr. Tang going crazy, in front of so many people, how dare you draw a gun?”

“It’s narrow, the road is narrow! Mr. Tang can completely send someone to kill him privately. Now that everyone knows the trouble, he is not afraid of influence?”

“Look, that kid is scared and silly, I guess he’s going to admit it!”

The guests in the audience talked a lot, some were amazed at Tang Zong’s actions, while others were very excited.

Under the muzzle of the black hole, Ye Quan walked towards Tang Zong step by step, showing no fear on his face.

“You… don’t come over!”

Tang Zong, who should have been proud, is now a little scared. As the saying goes, the soft ones are afraid of the hard ones, and the hard ones are afraid of death. Ye Quan is the one who is mortal!

“I bet there are no bullets in your gun!”

While Tang Zong was stunned, Ye Quan suddenly grabbed his wrist and leaned upward, using a standard grasping technique to unload the gun in Tang Zong’s hand, and pulled the trigger upside down.


A gunshot sounded, frightened Tang Zong’s heart trembled. If this gun hit his head, it might have exploded!

“Tang Zong, I don’t have the time to play these little tricks with you. From now on, if you don’t confess to my father in three days, then go and accompany him!”

After speaking, Ye Quan took Mu Xue’s hand and asked softly: “My wife, let’s go home!”

“it is good!”

With Mu Xuemune’s answer, Ye Quan led out the gate of the manor.

Everything is too horrible, Tang Zong still has a lingering fear, who is Ye Quan just now, this is obviously Shura from hell!

“President Tang, do we want to do it!”

Xia Sandao, Tang Zong’s dog-headed warrior, hurried forward to comfort Tang Zong who was frightened.

“Within three days, I must get rid of him…”

Qiu Fengse, by the side of the road, Mu Xue broke away from her hand, slightly shy, she found that the man in front of her was both familiar and unfamiliar.

“What have you experienced in the past five years?”

Mu Xue finally couldn’t help asking. She only knew that Ye Quan had lived a life of escape after stabbing Ruan Zixiong to death. After half a year, he received news from Ye Quan once, as if someone from the Qinglong Gang was in Qing Yangcheng caught it.

But after that, there was no news about Ye Quan, it really looked like he was dead.

“Killing is like numbness, burying the body afterwards, anyway, just this set of procedures!”

Ye Quan replied truthfully, in the past five years, it seems that in addition to training, that’s all he can do.

“Fuck you, you will talk nonsense!”

Sometimes, no one believes the truth, but it is the women who can coax the silly words.

Seeing that she was unhappy, Ye Quan took out an old wallet, took out a crumpled photo inside, and smiled: “Apart from killing people, I still miss you. This is my only belief. !”

“Also nonsense!”

This time, Mu Xue was even more shy, Ye Quan hadn’t changed, but she hadn’t adapted yet.

An hour later, the two returned to an ordinary residential building. This was Mu Xue’s home. It was not very luxurious, but it was considered a petty bourgeois family in the land of Jiangcheng.

As soon as I walked in, I saw a woman wearing an apron. Seeing Ye Quan, she stared at it and asked, “You still have the face to come back!”

“Mom, what are you talking about? Ye Quan is my husband, why can’t he come back?”

Mu Xue said angrily, and forced Ye Quan into the door.

In the living room, Mu Chengtian was sitting on the sofa and cursed angrily: “Shrink his head tortoise, he will cause me a big trouble as soon as he comes back. Why do you come back?”

“Dad, you can’t blame Ye Quan for this. I said long ago that I would not marry Tang Yu’s wretched sex.”

Mu Xue was still speaking for Ye Quan, which also moved him very much.

Seeing Mu Xue’s elbow turned outwards, Mu Chengtian patted the table, reluctantly launched the next wave of offensive, staring at Ye Quan and yelling: “Our family doesn’t have much money, let alone your uncle who doesn’t care about love. Tomorrow I’ll give you 20,000 yuan, go away!”

“Why give him twenty thousand, let him go now, I won’t pay anything!”

Mu Xue’s mother Jiang Hongxia was angry, and she also thought Ye Quan had ruined the good things of Mu family.

“I don’t plan to leave this time when I come back, parents, anyway, I am also your son-in-law, and I will contribute to this family in the future!”

Seeing that they were arguing and “fired” at himself frequently, Ye Quan had to express his opinion.

“What can you do? What can you do? I planned to be engaged tonight. Tomorrow the old lady will have a big birthday, and our family will show up. If you come back, let’s not talk about mixing up the engagement banquet. What do we take for the birthday banquet tomorrow? Show it to the old lady, let him drive us out of Mu’s house?”

Jiang Hongxia shouted angrily, wishing to chop Ye Quan.

“I will dedicate my most precious things to the old lady, and I will definitely not embarrass you!”

This made the two of them stunned. Ye Quan said that. It seemed that he could only be a living horse doctor. When he wanted to come to the Ye family, he was also the best, Ye Quan should have some wealth, so he squeezed his surplus. Value it!

The next morning, the sun went three poles.

In the Mu family’s old house, the gongs and drums are noisy, and the firecrackers are blasting in unison. For nothing else, the Mu family pays attention to pomp.

As a second-rate family, these people not only didn’t have any restraints, they were even proud of it, and even the gifts they presented were invaluable, just for the sake of face.

Mu Xue brought Ye Quan into the old house. I have to say that the Mu family has developed really well in the past few years. The old house has been renovated inside and out. It seems that the Mu family is eager to squeeze into the ranks of the first-class family. !

“For a while they will inevitably ridicule you, don’t be angry, just let them fart.” Mu Xue seemed to have expected something and gave Ye Quan a vaccination in advance.

“it is good!”

Ye Quan agreed heavily, because he didn’t want to trouble Mu Xue either.

“Mu Xue, why did you come so late?”

“My God, it turned out to be a tryst with a lover, this guy is pretty strong!”

“Dare to bring a wild man here, shameless!”

In an instant, relatives of the same generation began to ridicule Mu Xue, and even did not recognize Ye Quan at all, and regarded him as the wild man Mu Xue had hooked up.

“She is my husband, Ye Quan!”

Mu Xue said without evasiveness that Ye Quan was very moved by this.

“Ye Quan? Isn’t it the tortoise that shrank its head?”

A young man stood up and pointed to Ye Quan in front of everyone.

His name is Mu Wencheng, the son of the third child of the Mu family. He likes to be the most popular. When the Ye family was flourishing, Mu Wencheng still fawned on Ye Quan. He didn’t think that his ugly face had been exposed for three days.

Ye Quan didn’t speak, but his face was sullen, because he knew that if he refuted, then they would definitely be reluctant and would cause trouble to Mu Xue.

“You are talking nonsense, he is not a turtle!”

Mu Xue once again stood up for Ye Quan. This relationship was so precious that Ye Quan was even more moved.

“Okay, don’t be angry, just treat them as farting if you don’t say it!”

Seeing that Mu Xue couldn’t be mad at herself, Ye Quan gently comforted.

“Mu Xue, what’s your look? Do you need me to shake out what you have done in the past few years, let your husband hear how many green hats you put on him!”

Mu Wencheng said in shock, as if breaking through the gossip, everyone began to discuss again.

“You don’t know how the business that Mu Xue was talking about in the sales department came down!”

“Not to mention anything else, it was President Li’s case, she went to open the house with someone!”

“Hey, I knew that time, she was called Kelang!”

If it was against himself, Ye Quan would endure it, but they were talking about Mu Xue. He couldn’t bear it. So, he stood in front of Mu Xue and asked, “Who allows you to criticize my woman?”

Ye Quan’s icy eyes shot out a cold light, glanced at everyone, making their hearts tremble.

However, Mu Wencheng was not afraid of him, because he had heard that Ye Quan had returned, and he also knew that he had done nothing in the past few years, the Ye family was destroyed, and he was penniless, and there was no way of majesty.

“This fool really takes himself seriously!”

Mu Wencheng broke the embarrassing atmosphere and took out a glass of water and poured it on Ye Quan in front of everyone.

“Sorry, my hands slipped!”

There is no hint of apology here, but it is a naked provocation!

“You dirty the suit my wife bought. Now, wipe it off for me immediately!”

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