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Chapter 4 Who beat you in the face?

“Are you pretending to be Nima with me? I heard about it yesterday. You escaped for five years and didn’t bring back any money. You went to the Tang house to pay compensation, and you were driven out like a pug. In my opinion, you Just like your father, incompetent, trash, by the way, I have to add a tortoise with a shrunken head, haha!

Mu Wencheng is now the darling of the Mu family, relying on the blessing of the old lady and acting nonchalantly. Now that the once “big brother” is back, he will of course ridicule it severely and return it twice.

Shi can be killed and cannot be humiliated, not to mention that Mu Wencheng humiliated Ye Quan’s father, of course he refused.

He raised his head and stared at Mu Wencheng with his cold eyes, threatening: “Say it again!”

Ye Quan stepped forward, and Mu Wen made a three-point tremor. In the end, he was forced to a corner, unable to retreat, before he realized, this tortoise, why should I be afraid of him?

“You…you still want to beat me and fail?”

Even if he had given himself courage, he was still breathless by the powerful killing pressure, and he was still hesitating when talking.

Mu Wencheng pushed Ye Quan a bit, but did not push. Instead, Ye Quan grabbed his wrist. The pain came from the bone marrow, and the howl like a pig resounded throughout the banquet, making Ye Quan, who wanted to be low-key. , Was pushed to the top again, and the crowd stood up.

“You soiled the suit my wife bought. You should fight. You insulted your deceased husband. You should be abolished. Do you have anything else to say?”

This Shura-like voice is like Satan’s judgment, majestic and evil.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Quan raised his hand and slapped him.


The slap that came from howling came firmly on Mu Wencheng’s face. This time, it was hard not to attract attention.

Ye Quan was too cruel, and saw Mu Wencheng’s face swell up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the wailing sound spread throughout the banquet again, even the old lady was alarmed.

“Who is it? Dare to beat people at my family dinner!”

With the support of Mu Wencheng’s father and Mu Chengyun, the old lady was late.

“it’s me!”

The husband, daring to act, Ye Quan did not back down, but looked directly at the old lady, making her unable to help but look at the young man in front of him.

The old lady was not dim-eyed, she recognized Ye Quan at a glance.

“Ye Quan, do you dare to come back? The collapse of the Ye family caused a few deals in our Mu family to sink into the sea. I haven’t asked you to settle the accounts, but you sent them to the door yourself! Also, if you call our family Wencheng, we have a new account. Calculate the old accounts together!”

I have to say that Mu’s family are all weird. Not only did the old lady not appreciate the Ye Family’s support over the years, but instead blamed Ye Family for the loss of a few business deals, which really made Ye Quan laugh.

“Grandma, this matter has nothing to do with Ye Quan. It was Mu Wencheng who made things difficult for us first, and Ye Quan did not do anything until he was angry.”

Seeing that the old lady was about to deliver goods, Mu Xue stood in the front, fighting for Ye Quan.


The old lady raised her neck and scolded: “What kind of thing are you, can Ye Quan compare to my grandson? Wen Cheng doesn’t make things difficult for others, and that’s just making things difficult for this waste. There must be a reason!”

“Grandma, you see that he beat me, it’s all swollen. I can’t just leave it alone. Originally you had a big birthday, I made a special trip to buy you a century-old wild ginseng. You have to call me the shots!”

With that said, Mu Wencheng took out a wooden box, inside it was a junior-shaped wild ginseng, which was about the size of a baby’s arm, and it was very valuable.

The old lady glanced at the mountain ginseng and smiled: “It’s still my grandson’s filial piety, giving such an expensive gift, don’t worry, grandma will be the master.”

“Wait, grandma, Ye Quan also came to wish you a birthday, and gave you a valuable gift!”

Mu Xue deliberately bit the word “precious” very seriously, making the old lady half angry. If Ye Quan really brought out any valuable gifts, she could consider forgiving Ye Quan.

Seeing Mu Xue’s excuse for himself, Ye Quan took a step forward and took out a red badge from his pocket. It was written “Dragon King of Territory” and said frankly: “Five years ago, I volunteered to join the army. This brand was personally awarded to me by my superiors, and it is also my most precious thing. Now I give her to Mrs. Mu to show my sincerity!”

“I have only been in the army for five years. I guess I haven’t even been a non-commissioned officer! What a broken badge, grandma, when I was in school, I could buy three for a dollar!”

Mu Wencheng waited for an opportunity to make up the knife, and the old lady’s brows turned into Chuan. She subconsciously thought that Mu Xue and Ye Quan were playing with themselves.

“This is your sincerity?”

The old lady asked with a cold face.

“Yes, this is my most precious thing. Since the old lady doesn’t appreciate it, I don’t want to give it away. However, my things are worthless and more valuable than that carrot!”

With that, Ye Quan glanced at the wild ginseng in Mu Wencheng’s hand and sneered.


I saw Mu Wencheng immediately angry, and retorted: “Fart, this is a century-old wild ginseng, worth hundreds of thousands, is your badge comparable?”

“Wild ginseng is divided into five elements and six bodies, with long whiskers, old and tough, with old skin, tight and shiny texture. On the other hand, your root has tender and thick skin, serious discrepancies in the thickness of the lines, and the stem marks of the reeds are disorderly and without texture. The medicinal value of root ginseng is not as good as radish!”

Hearing this, Mu Wencheng was dumbfounded on the spot, because he was right.

“I can’t tell, does this kid understand wild ginseng?”

“Fart, in my opinion, he is a pig with a green onion in his nose, pretending to be an elephant!”

“Mu Wencheng is the old lady’s favorite grandson, how could he give it away!”

Everyone talked a lot, Ye Quan couldn’t hide this time, they didn’t even look down on Ye Quan at all, and they believed that they would come together and attack.

“This wild ginseng is real!”

In the noise, the old lady stared at Ye Quan, as if threatening him, her tone was as if she had seen an enemy for several generations, she was extremely jealous.

After living for so many years, the old lady is almost mature. How can she not know whether this ginseng is true or not, but in order to save Mu Wencheng’s face, she said that it was true and no one dared to refute it.

“Do whatever you want!”

Ye Quan spread his hands, expressing helplessness.

At this moment, there was a strong engine roar from outside the house, and a couple walked into the courtyard. The man named Zhao Shucheng, wearing a dark green military uniform, did not have high morale, but on his face. It was written with a touch of ruthlessness, and he gritted his teeth from time to time, and he looked like a villain.

The woman’s name was Mu Wenjuan, Mu Wencheng’s older sister. She was wearing a black lace dress. She looked a bit charming, and a touch of glamour appeared on her face.

“Big brother-in-law is back!”

Mu Wencheng glanced at Ye Quan and said triumphantly: “Boy, you’re finished, the older brother-in-law is working in the military area, the official sergeant, you are finished!”

Sergeant, in the eyes of outsiders, is an unattainable position, but in the eyes of Ye Quan, it is really too weak.

“Grandma, we came back late. This is a birthday gift for you. The century-old wild ginseng has been fried very hot recently, so I bought one for you!”

With that said, the eldest sister Mu Wenjuan handed a wooden box and gave it to the old lady herself.

Five-shaped and six-body, long and tough beards, curving reed buds in the shape of a goose neck, and yellow-brown leather, tight and shiny texture, in sharp contrast with the one sent by Mu Wencheng.

At this time, everyone understood that the one sent by Mu Wencheng was indeed a fake.

“Wen Cheng is too bold, even the old lady dare to fool!”

“Who said no, the old lady just showed him a lot of face!”

“I don’t know anything else, Wenjuan is a helper demon, Ye Quan is dead!”

Several people started talking again, which made Mu Wencheng very embarrassed. He didn’t expect to give a present to give a heavy gift, this time it was really a face.

“Wenjuan is interested, but you are still filial!”

Hearing the old lady’s praise, Mu Wenjuan was overwhelmed with joy, but at a glance, she suddenly saw Mu Wencheng’s red face. She is a famous demon helping brother, so she immediately cared: “Wencheng, who is your face? call taxi?”

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