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Chapter 5 The person in charge of the six districts of Jiang Province!

“It’s him!”

Mu Wencheng pointed at Ye Quan as if he had found an enemy who killed his father.

Once, Mu Wenjuan really pursued Ye Quan. At that time, Ye Jiaquan was in great power, but Ye Quan not only rejected her, but also left her by the lake overnight. This humiliation made her full of resentment towards Ye Quan. .

Since then, Ye Quan has fled, and Mu Wenjuan has made things difficult for Mu Xue. Now that Ye Quan has returned, she will naturally not let this “heartbreaker” go!

“Ye Quan? You’re a tortoise with a shrunken head. You have run away for five years, and you have become more capable. Even my brother dares to fight?”

Mu Wenjuan came straight to Ye Quan like a shrew, and was about to pounce on Ye Quan.

“He made things difficult for me first, he should fight!”

Ye Quan’s tone was cold, and he was more indifferent to her than before. This made Mu Wenjuan even more angry. At the beginning, the Ye family’s wealth was so strong that he was indifferent to him, but now the Ye family has collapsed. Why is she so arrogant? !

So, she raised her hand to greet Ye Quan with a slap on the face, but she was firmly grasped by her wrist by Ye Quan, and she couldn’t escape.

“Mu Wenjuan, I see Mu Xue’s face, you don’t have to do it to you, but don’t make an inch!”

Ye Quan’s tone is still so cold, like a machine without emotions, he disdains to attack women, but he is not afraid of Mu Wenjuan.

“Zhao Shucheng, someone bullied your wife!”

Mu Wenjuan seems to be calling for help, more like showing her affection. It’s like saying, Ye Quan, I can’t deal with you, but I have a powerful husband who dumped you for dozens of streets. Fortunately, my mother didn’t choose. you.

As soon as Zhao Shucheng heard it, he stood up as soon as he patted the table, and came straight to Ye Quan, aggressively, threatening his life.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Ye Quan found that she was standing in front of a weak body. She was a good-looking body with a bumpy shape. She was supposed to be arrogant, but begged: “Big brother-in-law, please, don’t be like Ye Quan, he The bad ailments that have been raised in the army in the past few years will definitely be corrected in the future!”

“As a soldier?”

Zhao Shucheng was taken aback and asked suspiciously: “Boy, in which battlefield have you been a soldier?”

“The territory of China!”

“Can there be a code name?”

“The Territory Dragon King!”

Ye Quan’s indifferent self-introduction made Zhao Shucheng apparently stiff. “The Dragon King of Territory” was indeed quite bluffing, but he had never heard of such a rank.

“Boy, you bluffed up to grandma, the territory doesn’t have this code name at all!”

A word made everyone couldn’t help laughing.

“Look, I really made Wencheng guess right. This guy is a liar, a five-year soldier, and he has nothing to do with retirement.”

“Nonsense, no one would dare to taunt him if he had something to do with it!”

“If I were him, I wouldn’t have the face to attend Mu’s banquet, it would be shameful!”

With your words and my words, everyone pointed to Ye Quan, making Mu Xue feel embarrassed and staying here with no face.

“Ye Quan, let’s go!”

Mu Xue pulled him, planning to leave.

At this time, Zhao Shucheng said coldly: “Did I let you go? Bullying my wife and my brother-in-law, just want to leave like this. Wouldn’t it be too cheap for you?”

“What do you want?”

Ye Quan was not afraid, but just wanted to listen to Mu Xue’s words and settle the matter.

“Don’t say that I bully you, since you are also a soldier, then I will test your martial arts boxing!”

You know, Zhao Shucheng is a serious eight-year soldier. A while ago, he singled out Jiangcheng’s Sanda champion. However, yesterday Mu Xue saw Ye Quan’s skill, and the terrible murderous aura still makes her. There are lingering fears.

“Don’t, brother-in-law, Ye Quan will hurt you!”

“Hurt me?”

Originally, he planned to abuse Ye Quan lightly and let him suffer some traumatic injuries. Hearing Mu Xue’s words, he felt that he was insulted.

“Grandma’s, I still don’t believe it!”

Zhao Shucheng Lu rolled his sleeves and rushed towards Ye Quan.

Who knows, Ye Quan didn’t dodge, picked up an ashtray from the table, and patted Zhao Shucheng’s head with his hand back. With a “clang”, Zhao Shucheng fell to the ground and wailed, wailing heartbreakingly. The sound resounded throughout the banquet.

“This… this tortoise will kill you!”

“It’s over, this time Ye Quan has caused a catastrophe!”

“What are you looking at? Call the police!”

At this moment, there was a line of motorcades with Mercedes-Benz parked outside, a dozen military jeeps with white license plates parked in front of the door, and a dozen people in military uniforms walked in toward Mu’s house.

“Congratulations to the Mu’s family, congratulations to the Mu’s family, we are ordered by the municipal level to make a special trip to invite the Mu’s grandson-in-law!”

The first few people paid a standard military salute, very polite.


Didn’t that come to invite Zhao Shucheng?

“Shu Cheng, the upper hand came to pick you up personally, this time you are going to give us a face!”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Shucheng glanced lightly. It was Ma Bangde, the city-level book commissioner. He didn’t know how many levels he was older than himself. How could he pick him up?

He couldn’t afford it. With his ability, it would be unworthy to give Mabangde shoes.

However, how should I parry, if he stands up and Mabonde thinks he has picked up the wrong person, wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing?

By the way, pretending to be dizzy will save face.

“I…I can’t do it…”

Zhao Shucheng fainted on the spot, and now he didn’t even receive the gifts.

“Old lady, this is my intention, please ask your grandson-in-law to come forward!”

Ma Bangde said with a humble smile, what he held in his hand was a gift list.

“He fainted, or just let the old take it?”


So Mabangde took out the gift list, handed it to the old lady, and said: “This is the military rank given by the boss himself, appoint your grandson-in-law the chief of the six districts of Jiang Province!”

“Secondly, this is some small profits of the villain, please accept it!”

The old lady is going to be silly. The chief of the six districts of Jiang Province, isn’t it necessary to surpass Ma Bangde, Zhao Shucheng is too good?

This status, not to mention bringing the Mu family into the ranks of the first-class family, even if it takes the entire Jiangcheng, it will not be a lot of effort!

“The old man must convey it!”

Hearing the old lady’s words, Ma Bangde said in a polite manner: “I am inconvenienced to stay today, and I will visit another day. I wish you good luck in the East China Sea and a longevity!”

Afterwards, Ma Bangde and others got in the car and left, all the way through the dust.

Zhao Shucheng is almost mad, the old lady dared to answer anything! Don’t ask if it was for yourself, how can it end now!

At this moment, Mu Xue stared at Ye Quan and sighed: “Oh, the eldest brother-in-law has made a splash today, you are done, you hurt him, what can you do now!”

“Don’t worry, he dare not take that rank!”

Ye Quan smiled, took Mu Xue’s hand, smiled and asked, “If I said that I was the person in charge of the six districts of Jiang Province, would you feel honorable?”

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