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Chapter 1 Crossing

The Shen’s main house is located in S city’s famous rich villa area, which is placed in the suburbs, near the mountains and rivers giving it very beautiful scenery.

Without exception, all the rich and influential people in S city will try their best to buy real estate here, on the one hand, it will solidify their status, on the other hand, it will allow them meet the other influential people living in the area.

In other words, if a meteorite falls in this area, it will only smash down on a large number of dignitaries.

Shen Yu, the owner of the Shen family, lives in the golden position of this villa area.

As one of the most popular people in the upper-class circle, villas around Shen’s house are naturally the most popular. Unfortunately, Shen Yu bought twelve buildings in the central area at one go. As a result, although so many people want to pretend to meet Shen Yu by chance, they don’t have any opportunity to do so.

Those who come here specially for Shen Yu can wait for a year, but never even get a glimpse of Shen Yu.

The area in the center of the villa seems to be isolated into an island. People outside dare not enter, and those inside do not want to come out.

Over time, some rumors began to spread.——

Ever since a year ago when Chairman Shen and his wife met with difficulties, Shen Yu, the only son left behind, hardly showed up in public and even left all the work to the assistant’s full control.

It’s feared that for the rest of his life young master Shen will never escape the shadow of his parents’ death.

It is also said that Shen Yu was disabled in both legs in the subsequent car accident and now he is accompanied by a wheelchair all day long, like a disabled person. The second young miss of the Du family, who had a marriage contract with him, could not accept marrying a disabled person, so she ran away with the male model.

The death of both parents, the disability of both legs, the annulment of the marriage contract, being someone that some people joke about…

This series of strikes overwhelmed Shen Yu, who shut himself up in his room day and night, and was sinking day by day.

To make a long story short, the legendary Shen family had experienced a thorough decline.


Inside the Shen House studio.

Soft sunlight shines through several clear and bright French windows, sprinkling in, covering the large room with a hazy glow that didn’t overwhelm the eye.

There aren’t many things in the studio. With a mere glance you can see a young man sitting in front of the windows.

He frowned lightly, with a slight corner of his mouth, his hands held a pencil as he very seriously drew several sketches on the drawing board.

The man looks only twenty-three or twenty-four years old, with scattered pitch-black hair, a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, a tall and straight nose, thin lips tinged with pink, and a small tear mole in the corner of his right eye.

His expression was incredibly serious and caused the housekeeper, who was pushing the door in, to slow down unconsciously.

The housekeeper stood at the edge of the room for a moment and saw that Shen Yu still hadn’t noticed him. He coughed softly and said, “Sir.”

“En?” Shen Yu raised his chin gently, but the movements of his hands did not stop, and his eyes were always glued to the drawing board.

“Here he is.” The housekeeper said.

“En?” Who’s here?

“Master Tang Li.”

“Ah…” Shen Yu paused for two seconds. “No… Tang, Tang Li?!”

At this moment, Shen Yu finally reacted. He was beyond frightened, and even the tip of his pen made a hard scratch on the drawing paper — what the fuck! That little villain came so soon?!

“Yes.” The housekeeper lowered his head. He took all of Shen Yu’s reactions into his eyes. He thought, “If young master doesn’t want to see him, I’ll have Kang Lin send him away.”

Shen Yu swallowed silently and hesitated for a while. Seeing that the housekeeper was really going to drive people out, he sighed and quickly raised his hand. “No. Uncle Zhang, I’ll see him first.”

Having hear what was said, Uncle Zhang’s eyes gave a flash of doubt.

But in the end Uncle Zhang did not say anything. He shouted that two servants and pushed Shen Yu’s wheelchair to the elevator so that the young master could take it downstairs. He stayed and tidied up.

As everyone knows, after those events a year ago, the young master had a great change in his temperament becoming increasingly irritable, and closing himself up more and more. He often shut himself up for a week without eating or drinking until he was rescued from dehydration.

Uncle Zhang, who felt helpless was anxious in his heart. After this continued for a period of time, he had lost half his hair.

Until one night, Shen Yu swallowed sleeping pills again and attempted suicide. Uncle Zhang and the other servants found him and rushed him to the hospital.

Who would have thought that the man who wakes up seems to have a change in personality, never mentioning suicide again, busy with work, painting and baking every day, receiving rehabilitation training from time to time from doctors, and living a very full life?

Despite the comments outside, the young master seemed to be doing well…

When Uncle Zhang finished sorting out the scraps on the floor, he looked up and saw the fruit bread outlined on the drawing board. It looks good, but the sudden harsh stroke in the middle had a little influence on the overall aesthetic feeling.

Uncle Zhang shook his head and laughed helplessly.

“Never before have I seen a gentleman so fond of baking…”

But if the young master can find something to get him out of the shadows, it’s always good.


However, Shen Yu, who had been pushed downstairs by the servants, was not in Uncle Zhang’s good mood. He was so nervous that he couldn’t stop swallowing saliva. His hands on his knees gripped the corners of his clothes.

If he didn’t have two disabled legs, Shen Yu would have liked to get up from his wheelchair, turn his head, and leave immediately.

Only he knew why he was so panicked.

For he is not the original Shen Yu at all, this body is inhabited by the soul of a dove occupying the magpie nest.[1]

Speaking of magic, Shen Yu never dreamed that such a wicked thing as crossing through books would happen to himself. He was just so idle that he read a dog-blooded author’s fighting novel entitled ” The Noble Emperor can’t be Provoked”. As a result, the next day when he woke up and opened his eyes, he was Shen Yu, the cannon fodder character in the novel.

This Shen Yu is really pitiful. Both his father and mother died, he mutilated his legs, had his fiancée run away, and was pointed out by a group of people who eat melon in a lively way [2].

That’s just his background. What’s worse is that Shen Yu’s life continued going wrong. He fell in love with the novel’s female lead. Unfortunately, the female lead’s kindness meant that while she didn’t accept him, she couldn’t bear to reject him. So, she just let him hang like that.

Eventually Shen Yu could not resist fighting for the female lead with the male lead and villain, and by virtue of his wealth and power, the villain blind by jealousy, finally kidnapped Shen Yu to the mountain wilderness. After cruel and inhuman torture, the villain tore Shen Yu’s ticket to the afterlife.

When Shen Yu originally saw the plot, he could not help but feel a chill run up his back.

But every heart has a blessing. Fortunately, he was not the Shen Yu in the novel. Otherwise, he would rather commit suicide by hitting a wall than be kidnapped by the villain.

Then the next day after that, he became the Shen Yu in the novel.

Shen Yu: “…”

Son of a bitch.

After half a year of living like this, Shen Yu has almost adapted to the rhythm of life in this world.

He currently managed a successful western dessert shop. It’s a decent business…

If it hadn’t been for Tang Li’s appearance, Shen Yu would have almost forgotten that he was the cannon fodder of this world and a poor figure doomed to die in the hands of the opposition.

And the Tang Li he’s about to see, is the number one villain in the future.

It’s a pity that Tang Li can’t do anything now, because it’s still 14 years before the whole story happened. That is to say, Tang Li is only ten years old now, and is still an orphan who has been abused by relatives for more than a year.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu’s anxious heart finally calmed down.

Nowadays, both the male and female leads and their opponents are just ten-year-old children. They can’t set off any storms. They still have the chance to change their fates.

Even if he had to follow the old road of kidnapping and tearing tickets, he can at least live the life of the rich for more than ten years. It’s worth it!


Even if it was sunny outside, the living room on the first floor was still brightly lit.

The shining crystal chandeliers, the valuable vases and murals, the simple and beautiful decorations, and even the uniforms of the servants are specially designed by Louis Vuitton [3], all of which reveals just how rich the master of this house was.

Every now and the, Shen Yu wanted to sigh.


The original owner is really too rich.

The first thing he had to do when waking up in the morning was worry about what to spend money on next.

Looking up, he saw a quiet little boy sitting on the red leather sofa not far away. He was too small and had no sense of existence. If it hadn’t been for the servant’s reminder, Shen Yu wouldn’t know that there was a person sitting on the sofa.

The servant pushed Shen Yu’s wheelchair to the tea table and stopped. Another servant immediately made a cup of tea and brought it to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu didn’t have the habit of drinking tea, unfortunately, the original owner did so he had to hold the cup to keep up appearances. His eyes were fixed on the little boy for a second. Oh no, this must be Tang Li.

This little villain is much thinner than he imagined. After all, he is going to break through the 1.9-meter (6ft 2in) barrier in the future. While he did not expect him to grow like a bean sprout when he was ten years old, currently the boy could easily pass for six or seven years old.

If Shen Yu was right, the bruises on Tang Li’s cheeks, exposed arms and legs should have been from being beaten, even the right eye socket was somewhat swollen.

But Tang Li acted like he could not feel the pain, buried his head and sat motionless, like a dried fossil, without even a single hair fluttering.

It was only when the servant very carefully pulled Tang Li down from the sofa and gently pushed him in front of Shen Yu, that Tang Li lifted his chin slightly and directly stared at Shen Yu with careful and vigilant eyes.

“Sir, this is the Tang orphan.” The servant said.

Shen Yu: “… I know.”

There’s really no one else with that fierce, terrible look in his eyes……………………………………………

Shen Yu used to think that the author’s description of Tang Li was somewhat exaggerated. No matter how fierce a delicate and good-looking person was, he would not use the word “hostile [4]” repeatedly to describe it.

Now, Shen Yu finds that this assumption was wrong.

Tang Li’s foul spirit seems to be born out of his very soul, it has nothing to do with his age and experience.

In addition, Shen Yu feared Tang Li’s identity. At the moment, Tang Li stared so piercingly at him that his heart shivered, making him forget all the abominable manuscripts he had read before.

Therefore, the room was dead silent.

Shen Yu and Tang Li stared, a pair of big eyes and a pair of small eyes interlocking.

The servant couldn’t bear to look at it. Afraid of Shen Yu’s anger, he quickly pushed Tang Li, “Young Master, this is your uncle Shen, whom we mentioned to you.”

“Oh yes, call me Uncle Shen.”

Tang Li, who was pushed, staggered for two steps, remained unmoved, like a small hedgehog with thorns. The appeared somewhat disturbed.

As if alarm bells went off in his heart, Tang Li shifted his eyes looking for danger.

Seeing the child like this, Shen Yu, who had some worries, gradually relaxed. He smiled and felt that he was too timid just now.

Anyway, Tang Li is still a child now.

He is also very poor.

“Chestnut .” Shen Yu called Tang Li’s nickname.

Tang Li was stiff all over, and a little confusion flashed through his dark eyes. Shen Yu went over in a wheelchair, eyes sweeping over the cracked lips of Tang Li, and handed a teacup forward: “Do you drink tea?”

[1]It’s an idiom that means to pass off an illegitimate child as a legitimate one.

[2] 吃瓜群众 meaning “group of melon eaters, or eating melon group”, refers to people that enjoy watching something happen to other people (usually something unfortunate or funny), that they themselves have nothing to do with. Btw, the meme below means “Melon eaters who don’t know the truth.”

[3] I had to google this one because it was written as “Donkey Brand” which is apparently slang for LV. The more you know.

[4] The raws had 戾气 (lì qì).

Literally meaning “harsh air”.

In simple terms it can be translated as hostile. However, the meaning is used to describe incredibly dark hearted people who are hostile to an extreme point.

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