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Christ Church College in Oxford, England

Christ Church College is a large college. And the most elegant in Oxford It’s simply called The House, founded in 1525 as Claudius. College by King Karnal Wolsey. The same person who built the Hampton Chord in London Before Henry VIII changed to Christchurch. But the College’s badge is still a pointed hat for the King’s Council. This college is affiliated with the University of Oxford.

With a distinctive Tom tower as the main entrance Designed by Christopher Ren in 1681, it is a bell tower with a bell named Great Tom, weighing almost 7 tons, and will hit 101 times. Tell time at 21.05 hrs. Every night. The incident that hit 101 times was in remembrance of the 101 members who first founded the college and hit at 21.05 hrs. Instead of hitting exactly at 10 PM because of Oxford.

In the west of London Is on the longitude line at 1 degree 15 minutes, so if not counting the GMT base time, the time when Oxford chimes will match exactly 21:00. Falling out of the door is the wide lawn of Tom Square, or Tomquard, which is the largest college square in Oxford. There was a Mercury fountain in the middle during the war. The city center is a sanctuary for members of the royal family and King Charles I.

Aside from being a college Christchurch also has a cathedral built during the reign of Henry VIII, a 43-meter spire church, when the War Memorial Gardens are the most beautiful and behind it is a familiar scene in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’s book, written by Lewis Carroll, a college math teacher. Behind the Christ Church Cathedral is the setting in the wonder city. The Alice Shop is on the street opposite War Memorial Gardens.

The meadow building on the south side of the college is the entrance to the temple. The lawn and wide fields are Meton Field and Christ Church Meadow for outdoor activities such as competitions. Sports include the Broad Walk to the Charleswell River and the New Walk extending to the Thames or Isis. In which the college’s boat house is located And will organize boat races between colleges.

In films such as Harry Potter in some scenes I was inspired by the college like this.

  1. Cloister is near the university’s old library By walking around That slopper The place is the scene where Hermione is taking Harry and Ron to showcase the trophy of Hogwarts where Harry discovers that his father, James Potter was a seeker of House Grill. The Findoor in Part 1.

2. The Hall Staircase, built by the designer G.F. Bodley, is the stairway leading to the dining hall. This area is the scene in the film Harry. Potter in Region 1 – 2 where the first year children must gather before entering the house selection ceremony at the main hall. Before entering the hall to find A wooden door engraved with the words “No Peel”, which was the result of student protests against the prime minister. Sir Robert Peel, who served as Prime Minister of England in the years 1841 – 1846. Catholic people, which at that time were Catholic, were forbidden for most English people.

3. The Great Tudor Dining Hall, built in 1529. King Charles I used to be a government exile. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I observed the comedy show Charlie Chaplin and used it as an inspiration for designing the main hall of the Wizarding School in the movie Hair. Potter Potter in all 8 real locations The faculty’s dining room has only 3 rows of tables. In the movie, filmed at Warner Bros. studios, there are 4 rows of tables in all four of the school’s homes.

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