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Color Rush Chapter 1

Whenever I am under stress, I dream of this. My mom combs her wavy dark gray hair and smiles at me.

The mother’s big eyes with thick double eyelids are bent, and both sides of the tail of the mouth rise, creating a small cheek well on the left. My mom says what, but I don’t know what it is.

Probably I was bumpy and didn’t answer properly. The mother pulls out the moon-grey headband she bought with the pocket money she got from her aunt. Why do they say something.

The headband I bought for my mom’s birthday. I don’t know what color I gave my mom a colored headband. My mom doesn’t know what color it is because she has no dad anymore.

The mother smiled brightly and pulled out the silver gray dress. “Is it a sky blue dress again?” Aunt wears a cement-colored T-shirt, black pants, and sweatpants with white stripes, and hangs on the sofa.

I pushed my legs up above me. Aunt’s mouth sticks out for a while. Mom laughs at the appearance and leaves the house. “No.” I screamed even though I knew it was a dream, but everything was swallowed up.

The mother’s figure slowly disappears through the door. ‘No.’ I shouted again, but it was useless. That day was the last time I saw my mother.

Whenever I am under stress, I dream of this dream.

*** When I woke up in the morning, my aunt was lying face down on the living room sofa to see if she had drunk the day before. She has short black hair and a silver jacket. Compared to that, the pants are white cotton pants. “Go in and sleep.”

She shook her aunt, but she fell over again after making a ‘wooo-woong’ sound. Still, it was better than last year’s worries about leaving a job. Simply roll up the cereal and eat it.

White-eyed milk soon turns silver gray due to the moon gray and primary gray cereals. I ate the cereal and go to school. I don’t have much regret. The advantage of coed is that you sweat less.

At least there are girls who care about sweat. The downside is that there are guys who are talking bullshit in front of a girl just to show off her bluff. It’s not my fault, but there is a guy who tries to harass me because he likes a girl who is exceptionally kind to me.

Everything you do is the same. “What’s the point of liking mono?” This is because I am a Mono-nerve-chromat. He talks again today. “Don’t go next to mono, move mono.” Ignore it and put the earphones in my ear. The problem is that I can hear his voice through my ears.

A guy who only has a good throat. “Mono looks great at the probe.” “Hey, stop bullying Yeonwoo.” The girl who caused this bullying says. I don’t know if your name is Suhyun or Joohyun, or maybe it’s something else.

It’s out of focus anyway. “Why? Mono can only be seen in gray anyway. You say you have to see the probe to see the color?”

I’m not interested in him enough to tell him that there are 10 achromatic colors defined by the neurological blindness. I’m not motivated to do that. There are 10 different names for the colors I see.

White, white, silver gray, silver, moon gray, cement color, primary gray, mouse color, dark gray, black. A guy wearing a white T-shirt and a jacket with a school mark in primary gray on a moon-gray background keeps making noise.

The music shuffled and turned into a noisy music while I was told I didn’t tie it, so I was thinking about penalties or feeding it. When I couldn’t hear his voice, I turned my head.

When I ignore it, he screams as if he were screaming. In the end, I put my hand on the wireless earphone I was plugging in and took the left one off.

The cubs. I feel very dirty because my ears are touching dirty things. So far, you’ve only been talking about it, but before winter break, you’re going to be upset because you want to tremble at once about what you can’t do during the vacation.

From his crushed face, his thick lips that look crushed together spread out and finally begin to cross the line. “Mono says that if you look at the probe, you spread your legs?

Do you spread your legs when you see the probe with that face?” I casually told me a sexual harassment remark that would be overturned by the school if I had done it to a female student.

He is already hiding his astonished expression around him. Stupid. Even if he doesn’t like me, I won’t have anything to like you. Why did I remember what my aunt told me when I was young?

I guess my aunt thought she should take care of me at that young age instead of my mom and dad. I didn’t make a distinction between what to teach and what to teach.

One time he taught me that it was a skill of fighting. “Choi Yeon-woo.” My aunt had been calling me seriously, still wearing daycare clothes. “There are three vital places for a person.

Injoong, Myeongchi, Sik.” “What is the pit?” “Here is the pepper.” “Ah, why are you selling it?” “The groin is shortened and called groin”. “groin.” “Our Yeonwoo, you are smart. You don’t have to hit it multiple times.

All you have to do is aim for a vital spot at a time.” He told me that it is the skill of fighting. At a young age, I didn’t know what it was.

On the contrary, when my aunt was bigger and threatened, I had to show it in front of my eyes. After all, it was something that should not be learned with words, such as technology. I confirmed his vital spot.

I felt like I would be buried in my chest with a margin after hitting the myeongchi, and I didn’t want to touch it with my feet. The good accessibility was philanthropy, but I quit because I thought that if I crushed that crushed face again, I would have remorse. “Please return my earphones.”

When he said that, he started to flinch a little. However, I started to open my mouth again to see if it was good because of the reaction. plaguy. “Are you a man? Do you spread your legs to Probe with that pretty face? right?”

All I know how to speak is to use those low-key words. Eventually, I was annoyed and pulled the remaining earphones out with my hand. And threw the unplugged earphones to the floor.

I felt my classmates looking nervously. “If I put the earphones back in my ears that a dirty baby like you touched, I feel deaf.” I saw that his face was crumpled.

I would have to hit my nose in order to hit the philanthropy, but I still don’t have a snot, but I put up with it because I thought it would look like dough rather than a human being hit.

Anyway, there is nothing to see if I go up to school after vacation and divide into classes. “Fuck, on the subject of kidnapping and murder by obsessing over Probe.” Those words crumpled my expression. Neurological blindness was called mono.

It was different from color blindness, who could not see colors more than abstract objects. There was no abnormality in the eye cells, but the hair did not accept the color.

However, there are cases where you perceive color when you look at a specific person’s face. Such a person was called a probe.

The problem was that there were only one person who was a probe for each neurological blindness, or there were many cases where they could not meet at all. “It came out yesterday?

Aren’t you crazy? This time even cannibals.” Unfortunately, some monos have shown a maniacal obsession with the probe.

Even if that obsession leads to a crime… It didn’t seem unusual. “Is your mother mono? Is your father alive?” I woke up from my seat.

I think it would be better to go to the teacher and talk to the teacher before forgetting everything he said. But he also got up while sitting in the front seat. As I tried to leave, I turned and grabbed my arm. His hands are sticky, maybe sweaty. It may be because I feel dirty. “Your mother, I met Probe and left you and ran away.” “Huh.”

It was the kids who were listening to this story that took a quick breath. He clenched his right fist and immediately threw out his conscience. Toward his philanthropy.

The principal’s office was more pleasant than expected. The heating was soft, and the sofa was fluffy. In the morning, my aunt, who had suffered a hangover, was summoned to school wearing a black suit up and down.

On the other side, there was a man whose nose was lowered so that it was impossible to measure the height of his nose and a middle-aged woman who resembled him very much. It will be his mother.

The aunt was gently turning both temples with the index and middle fingers attached. My celestial character was caught in the eye. My aunt licked the big eyes of the thick double eyelids resembling her mother.

I was in a state of lowering my head slightly. “How can you beat a child?” Something too cliché came from his mother. It was so cliché that I wanted to start like this. “The truth is, mother calm down.”

Oh, his name was true. You give me such a name, so the kid is big. He was attached to his mother with as much pitiful expression as possible. “Yeonwoo hit me.” “Yes, so you passed out, in the classroom.” I only spoke confidently, but the reactions were different.

It became darker and darker due to blood on his face, and his mother kicked his tongue as if absurd.

The aunt gave up rubbing the temple and bit the lower lip, and the principal and homeroom teacher, sitting at a right angle between me and him, rolled their eyes. I wasn’t saying anything missing.

As soon as I struck my fist with my philtrum, a dull sound was heard, and a dirty runny nose smeared my finger joints. And he fell on the floor of the classroom.

On the subject that was barely beaten and passed out. I left a five-letter review for that look. “It’s troublesome.” That said, his face became darker and darker. He seemed to know that it was a bad thing. His mother said, “How did you get home education?”

He pointed at me and my aunt. Where did the mother of such a man get his home education so he pointed to the first-timers? “Well, the truth is, mother? calm down.” “Does it look real? My child’s face has become like this?” “No, there was no answer before his face was hit…

.” My aunt hurriedly closed my mouth with her hand. Almost like a headlock, I wrap my head around my head. He laughed awkwardly saying’hahaha’. “Isn’t kids at this age originally fighting and growing up?” “Oh, I guess Aunt Yeonwoo was that big?” “Yes, I ate a lot of front teeth.”

At the same time, my aunt smiles brightly, but I know. Aunt’s front teeth have never been broken. I know mainly that my aunt broke the front teeth of other kids. Even though most of the boys broke their front teeth.

Because of that, my mother often rolled her feet. “It’s only one fist, so you can pass it well?” “The perpetrator is very impudent.” “I, mother, it is said that Jin Sang-i first spoke harsh words to Yeon-woo.” “No, does that justify violence?

At this school, you can’t see the victim, just wrap around the perpetrators?” As if my aunt told me not to bullshit, the film opened my mouth after shooting a laser from my eyes.

I’m going to tell the press and go to the police station!” “Mother, wouldn’t it be a good solution?” “I don’t want to solve it nicely, ah!” This time my aunt pinched my thigh with her hand instead of her mouth. It really hurts. But how do you do it well with that?

Look, the kid who hit him doesn’t even apologize.” “Because that kid doesn’t apologize to me either. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.”

My aunt is now trying to grab my back, so I dried it up. No matter how round my back head is and it looks good to hold in my hand, it hurts when I catch my hair. “That motherfucker.”

The moment I said, my aunt took out the cushion from her back and struck me. It doesn’t hurt much because it’s a cushion, but it sounded great. “You, I told you to be quiet!”

Aunt swung the cushion loudly, then turned her arm around and threw the cushion against the wall. I don’t know if it was on purpose, but the cushion flew past as I passed by his mother.

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