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Color Rush Chapter 2

I was barely raising the guard, and the other people’s heads swung around along the blown cushion. His mother looked surprised, then crippled the impression. The aunt’s expression was also wrinkled.

The homeroom teacher stopped her aunt looking for something to hit her, whether her hand was bored. “Aunt, calm down. The truth is, you should apologize for saying harsh words to your friend.” “I said that Yeonwoo turned around and played a joke.”

When he spoke with a flat dumpling-like face, the teacher’s expression suddenly changed. In addition, the aunt’s wrinkled expression was slightly spread out. It didn’t look good.

The tight mouth was only released. At the same time, the eyes turned to worrying about me. “Are you bullied at school?” “What about bullying.” “Who is the best kid in your class?” “… … .” I shut my mouth at that.

I haven’t been interested in the kids since my mother went missing. Because I was busy living alone.

Why are you talking about kids who aren’t very important now, even though your aunt has been shooting with me like that to find her mother? The homeroom teacher said “No,” and eventually stabbed my aunt and my Achilles tendon. “Because Yeonwoo is busy due to the disappearance of her mother.” “Me, teacher, and Jin Sang-yi’s mother, please give me a moment to talk with them.”

Then my aunt gets up on the couch, grabbing my forearm, regardless of my doctor. His mother stretched out her mouth, but my aunt dragged me out of the classroom.

There were a few kids in the hallway, but my aunt shoots strongly and makes a very natural recommendation. “If you don’t want to get involved in a violent incident, go to another floor.”

From the point of view of the kids who were there, they heard it very well and disappeared. Standing in the hallway, her aunt spreads her legs shoulder-width apart and puts both hands on the pelvis, making a pose like Wonder Woman.

He leaned his neck back and looked at me. “Do you have any close kids at school?” “Anyway, they’re high school 1s that don’t help.” “You’re in high school too.” “Know.” If I were an adult, it would have helped me find my mother.

The aunt took a deep breath, then exhaled. “Don’t look for your sister starting today.” “What are you talking about.” “You are a high school student and you are the age to go to school hard. I don’t mean to study.

But stay like high school. You can play games all night, or you can get lost at school.” “Anyway, something like a friend, in the end, very superficial… .” “Do you know how to write the word superficial in Chinese characters?”

Who in the world memorizes that? As I look suspiciously, my aunt raises her right hand and draws something in the air. Probably a superficial Chinese character. In the case of my aunt, I know it was a case of studying hard at the last minute after playing hard.

I’m from a good college. “It’s my aunt’s literature.” Since I was a literary school, I did a good job as a broadcasting station. While listening to PD, PD. “I’m going to go to science.” “You, how hard it is to be in high school without one close friend!

Even if I go to college, it’s hard to make real friends because kids’ hair gets thicker.” “I don’t need anything like friends.” “No, I need it. So I jeottan cubs are throwing away the rib pad none’s not on your side! ” When my aunt said that, she looked at the glass in the classroom that had been opaque.

I saw my shoulders droop. Maybe he stopped by our class for a while before coming to the teacher’s office. Or maybe the homeroom teacher spoke in advance. I only say that teeth kkat cubs. But knowing the situation… …

. “I won’t tell you to get along with the kids here. Instead, stop looking for your sister and live like a child. Okay?” “aunt.” “no way. NEVER! Leave it all to me.” Then, my aunt wrote a long text message on her cell phone and sent it, and she exhales as if vowing to say’huh’. “Choi Yeon-woo, do you believe in your aunt?”

Then he jokingly winks at me. I feel bad. I entered the school office again and sat down on the sofa again.

As expected, my aunt brings her hands together and starts acting. At first glance, it is a tone of acting. Starting with that crackling voice. “The truth is, mother. We, Yeonwoo, will just transfer. Please, do something that didn’t exist.” Whatever my aunt was thinking, I took out the transfer card first.

You think you’re expelled for just hitting a child once. My aunt is telling the story of the school transfer, as you know it because you’ve been beating a lot of people.

When I say ‘Aunt’ because I’m not shy, I close my mouth again with ‘write’. “You know that school violence is a big issue these days? Even if I go over this time, I hit another kid like I hit my kid, and then I’ll be more than a gangster?”

There’s something his mother doesn’t know. If he talks dirty things, he’ll still keep avoiding the kids and they won’t get a job. I can’t get married. Will there be more only Hikikomori? “Mother, we are afraid of Yeonwoo’s eldest father, not the law.” “What do you mean?

Are you afraid of the law?” His mother had so far leaned against the sofa in a high-pressure posture, then leaned forward with her aunt’s words. “Yes, Yeonwoo’s eldest father is more scared than law. I took it out separately to raise him as Yeonwoo.

Eldest Father, Yeonwoo is just waiting for the fist. If there is a child who is bullying Yeonwoo, do not address it with words. Even when I was in middle school, I used my fists and shoulders, not the law, but I really want to make Yeonwoo.

If there is a rumor that she used her fist, Yeon-woo’s eldest father came running with a smile and said, ‘A deficit has appeared in our art school.’ My aunt talks about my eldest dad who doesn’t even exist. Dad is the only child. What uncles are uncles.

As if my aunt was really exhausted, as if praying, she released her two hands and covered her eyes with her palms. The principal and the homeroom teacher only looked at each other while talking with their eyes. He has a little bit of color now, so he looks at his mother with a cement-colored face.

His mother was embarrassed by his aunt’s bullshit, and it wasn’t an angry or overbearing face as before. It was just a shaky face. “When I was in middle school, I left my uncles to go to and from school, but he didn’t make any friends, so I told him not to do that in high school.”

I have never been like that. However, it will be difficult to confirm the house I lived in when I graduated from junior high school because of redevelopment and moving.

And the only reason I didn’t have friends was that I wasn’t too interested in the kids. And before… My mom was missing, so I couldn’t care about my friends. Aunt suddenly reaches out and grabs his mother’s hand. I can see his mother bewildered, but her aunt is looking at her with eyes filled with tears, so she doesn’t remove her hand.

Pressing the eyelids with the palm of your hand was the job of making tears. “The truth is mother, if this is rumored… Uh, I don’t know how to say that with my mouth.” “Tell me.”

His mother still speaks a little bit, but rather than getting angry as before, he said with a little trembling. The aunt sighed and gave more strength to the hand that held her mother. I saw my hands whitening. “The truth is, I can’t go at night.”

As if my aunt was telling a great secret. Then, his mother hurriedly removed her hand. Only her aunt’s hand was floating in the air, then slowly raised her hand. His mother looked at me and my aunt alternately. “Now, are you threatening me?”

But the voice trembles for a while. Aunt shakes her head slightly with the tail of her mouth down. “Mother, I’m worried, not blackmail.” “Aunt Yeonwoo, the story seems a little strange.” The homeroom teacher finally stopped her aunt’s acting. I thought that would make sense, but suddenly my aunt’s phone rang.

It was the default ringing sound, but everyone saw the name on the screen because the phone was placed on the table between the sofas. 「Yeonwoo’s eldest father-art wave crusher」

My aunt exaggeratedly closed her mouth with both hands and took a breath. When someone sees it, he makes his big eyes bigger like someone who has seen a loaner phone call. I answered the phone, shaking my hand so that everyone could see it. No, when did you prepare that name? “Hello, Yeonwoo’s eldest father.” [Sad money, how are you?] I don’t know where that’s a weird dialect.

Are you bleeding all your pronunciation intentionally? The aunt looked at his mother to see if such a strange way of speaking was funny, and then turned her gaze to the floor. It would be really funny to talk on the phone by pulling up your shoulders to make a tense look, but no one laughed. “I was fine.

Why did you call me?” [How are you? Let me know anytime you have a hard time. What do I know how to do?

I’m using people.] “Oldest father, Yeonwoo is doing well.” [right? Or don’t worry, I’ll send the kids.] “No, it’s okay.” [Wow? Yeon-woo is doing well with her uncles?] “Yeon-woo is doing well.” [Please tell me. They said they want to see a lot of our art school shells.

Next time, I’ll show you how to use a sashimi. Please come once.] “Yeonwoo’s eldest father, I will raise Yeonwoo as normal. You didn’t want your brother-in-law to do that.” [That’s why I wasn’t hit by a knife, it’s normal.]

The sound of swallowing at that point rang inside the principal’s office. It was swallowed by him.

Now, the guy’s white face looked like a very pastey look. Attach a large band-aid and cover the nose with tissue paper. [Anyway, see you later.

Contact me if you have any work. I bought some land near the beach. If you bury it there, the barnacles stick. I can’t figure out it’s a person.] “Oldest Father, I’m out there.” [Ah, couldn’t you leave work?

Am I going to kill my boss?] “No, it came out differently.” [Yeah, see you later.] Then, the phone call between my eldest father and aunt, who spoke dialects that I didn’t know existed, ended.

Aunt sighed outright at all. If you want to recruit someone in the world, do it properly, that’s not Yanbian, Gyeongsang, Chungcheong, and Jeollado? Where the hell did you intend to use the dialect? I couldn’t hide my pathetic eyes, but he and his mother couldn’t hide their worried eyes.

The same goes for the principal and homeroom teacher. “I’m sorry. If you don’t get in touch, you send uncles. “I, my aunt, I only heard about Yeonwoo’s background than my mother’s story.” The homeroom teacher spoke.

I am asking if the man who uses this fist is really my oldest father, but no.

All of my aunt’s bums, whether they’re innocent, stupid, or too ridiculous, all four are not tackling at all.

I was the only one looking at this situation with a shivering expression.

This article is the original translation please do not reprint without permission!

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