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Color Rush Chapter 3

. “I’m sorry, sir. If you ever talk like that, I’ll wear sunglasses and see… .” “Oh, no. I’m glad I found out at the end of the semester.”

The homeroom teacher exhaled thinly, avoiding his gaze, perhaps fortunately. The aunt grabbed the man’s mother’s hand by pulling it back on her lap. “

Mother, I will really ask you. Please do something that didn’t exist. I’ll send you Yeonwoo. Yeah?” “No, what. If you say so far.” “Thank you, mother. Thank you too.”

Until ‘Thank you, Mother’, he speaks in a soft voice, and the moment he looks at me and speaks, he smacks his voice. My aunt is too discriminatory. Then I have no intention of apologizing, but I forcefully grabbed my back and pressed it.

I don’t want to apologize, so I slap my aunt’s hand, so my aunt grabs my hair. “It’s okay.” His mother was rather dry for that appearance.

It was a disgusting appearance, weak to the strong and strong to the weak, to speak in that way, although you were talking plainly until now. I know what kind of home education he got. * “Hey, where is the smoking area here?”

Aunt pulls out an electronic cigarette from her jacket pocket.

Then, I wandered around the school for no reason. “How do I know?” “You don’t smoke?” “It’s not an adult’s attitude to ask high school students if they don’t smoke.” “Adult’s posture comes when you get what you want.”

Then, right after passing the school gate, the aunt stands next to the convenience store opposite the school gate and starts smoking a cigarette. I don’t understand what’s delicious about washing the side. “

Why are you going to transfer school?” “It’s better to start in a new place than in a place without one close child!” “Is it really like that?” “I was going to move anyway.

He said he would touch the association this time and kill it again.” In a way, it is my aunt’s occupational disease. My aunt had no sense of justice.

There was gang, but that was a mess. It was good that I even got a job as a PD at a broadcasting station.

The problem is that it was the accusation pro who was taken away. I went to various places there, and I was very well threatened with murder.

And when my mother was there, my aunt lived like a migratory bird in a different place, but sometimes came to my house.

The problem was that the blackmail became more specific. And my aunt’s useless acting also increased a lot. “Can I ask you to move to another pro?” “Hey, my hobby was breaking the teeth in front of the kids!

Why can’t I just break my front teeth when I grow up? It’s fun.” “still.” I swallowed the word that it was dangerous for a woman to speak.

It’s an aunt who paralyzes a person who was chasing before with a Taser gun, knocks it over and fractures it.

However, the world was too tough to withstand only young blood. “It’s still dangerous.” “You are more dangerous than me.

How are you going to live in this rough world with such a pretty face?” “It’s not pretty.” “Mad, same as my sister. If you ask me how to live with that pretty face, it’s not pretty, but after meeting my brother-in-law, asking me is ‘I’m pretty?’ Anyway, the hat is the same.” “

I don’t know if it’s pretty.” Mom, dad, and aunt are family anyway, so they’ll say that they’re pretty or pretty, but sometimes they say that they’re pretty while arguing, or the girls are pretty, so it’s a burden to go next to them.

When I saw it, it just seemed like a human being. You’re lucky that your double eyelids don’t resemble your mother or aunt, so it’s thinner? It doesn’t seem to have any major flaws, but it doesn’t seem to have any attractive charm. “

I said I was going to transfer because I was going to move anyway. If I go to school this time, I will send it to Namgo.” “Why?” “

What is it about not even dating anyway?” “It still remains and smells.” “I’m trying to make some friends for you!” “I don’t need it!” My aunt sucks cigarettes metallurgical.

I look at me while pretending to be pitiful because I’ve fallen off one step for nothing. With a cigarette in your mouth. “Then think of your poor self. How hard do girls live.

When I see you, it’s amazing. If you’re going to study, you don’t. It makes it ambiguous.” “Is that what your aunt will do?” “I did a good job studying. I worked hard.” “When I was stressed, I broke the front teeth of boys.” “

I didn’t wake up much more than I thought!” “Mom said she would make a necklace just by picking up the front teeth her aunt broke.” “Anyway, my sister.” After making jokes like that, my aunt frowns a bit and inhales deeply.

And the two of us just stood like that. I know, since my mother disappeared last year, she hasn’t had any contact. Both of us went back and forth to find our mother.

I even heard words similar to what he said at the police box. “It was difficult to remarry because I had a son, so I abandoned it.”

Both of us came to just want our mother to be alive somewhere. Apparently, they no longer look for a mother.

My aunt goes to work and I go to school. They both looked for a year like crazy and realized. If you can’t find more than this, it would be either. Either abandoned us, or did not exist in this world.

Either way, I tied the knot without drawing a conclusion. They joke as if it’s nothing. Now it is easy to talk about mom. It’s been three years since my mother disappeared.

Even so, I kept looking for my mother. To find someone missing somehow. While staying at school, I searched all sorts of pictures on the Internet on my cell phone. I’m afraid I’ll see my mom anywhere.

I search through CCTV videos without passwords, and check if there is a new site with my mother’s resident number and certificate every day.

I know I’m not the only one doing this, but my aunt told me to quit. Liar. Aunt carries two cell phones.

One is the phone with the number that she was using the day she disappeared, and the other is a phone that changes numbers every time in response to threats.

The number she was using the day her mother disappeared, and if an unknown number comes, she quickly receives it. Even though most were spam or intimidation. And while leaving the house where I lived with my mother, I asked a real estate agent.

In addition, the redevelopment construction site manager and the pre-sale company ask for your aunt’s contact information if your mother comes back or asks.

Even if everyone was openly shivering, my aunt eagerly asked. My aunt couldn’t remember that she wore a headband the day her mother disappeared.

I remembered. But because I’m mono… I don’t know what the color of that headband is. I don’t know what color that looks moon gray in my eyes.

Dark gray hair in wave. Hair length to the armpits. Light blue chiffon dress. Light brown shoes with a round toe.

Big eyes with dark double eyelids and slim face. The nose is cute and the nose is round, but the tip of the nose is sharp. The upper lip is slightly protruding and the color of the lips is very red. Shallow dimples on the left when laughing.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what color my mother’s sky blue dress is, what color her brown shoes are, what it means to have red lips.

Mom would have known. The sky blue one-piece suits well, that it looks prettier when wearing brown shoes together, and the dad, a probe of the monoin mother, told me that her lips are red.

Mom said she couldn’t forget the color rush when she met her father. Because of that, he passed out on the street and broke his knees, but he said he liked it.

The moment Mono encounters the probe, she recognizes the color and passes out due to a sudden brain load. Color rush repeats until you get used to the probe. Fainting due to overreaction to color.

In the process, my mom eagerly twisted my dad. According to my aunt’s opinion, it was ‘really ugly.’

Even Dad kept pushing Mommy. He said to be friends. Because when Dad met his mother, he was already fighting cancer. Mom said it didn’t matter.

Because of that, almost my mom and dad… In this process, my aunt said,’If the gender is upside down, it’s already your sister’s feelings of detention.’ And I was born.

Neuroembolic blindness is hereditary. Color blindness itself is inherited, but it was the same with neurological blindness.

Because the brain is born with the color recognition switch turned off anyway. Nevertheless, my mother was positive. Dad was also positive.

Except that you can’t be with me for long. Still, Dad lived longer than the doctors predicted. Lived 5 more years. The last year was a time to fade.

I am not sure. Why did Mom choose Dad and wanted it that way?

[There was a case where a man in his 40s kidnapped and confined a woman in his 30s. Nearby acquaintances are said to have become obsessed with the color recognition when a man sees a woman abducted by mono, or neurological blindness.]

The incidents of mono on TV to Probe. Mono shows excessive obsession with them. I don’t know if it’s an image created by the media, but it was.

Mono is said to be overly obsessed with the possibility of losing color when it encounters a probe. In some sense, it might be better for the two of the mono to not meet the probe.

At the end of the first year, the school ended with a transfer to the second year. The flat dumpling’s mom may have been tricked by her aunt’s crazy acting, but she didn’t make things big.

And my aunt asked me for the decision to transfer. “No one regrets?” I nodded at that. In the end, it was a school where no one even memorized a name for a year.

In middle school, my friends had been wishing for a long time because I didn’t play with my mom after my mother went missing. During the winter break, my aunt couldn’t let me do anything.

It would be very enviable to anyone, but I bought all kinds of game consoles and brought a guy with a case that looked terrifying even if I pretended to guess where I got the estimate for the computer.

* Turning to 3DP CHIP, the graphics card was also GeForce, not built-in. (*3DP CHIP: An open source program that makes it easy to find a drive installed on your computer.)

With that, I simply wrote a program in *Python and crawled the photos and videos on the SNS. Then I got caught and my aunt erased everything. My aunt knew that the graphics card was not meant to be used for games, but to improve performance.

(* Python: A programming language, easy to learn and highly versatile.) ( Crawling: crawling, the act of collecting target information according to the rules.)

Next, I bought a complete collection of comic books and took a mobile phone and a computer. Eventually, because of that, he sold his feet.

The problem is that my aunt has already made a statement at the police station and police box where I used to go to the police station to get me out when I come.

All I could do was wander around the house where I used to live with my mother.

In the past, my mother knew that she was neurologically blind, and she went on to go to offline events in the mono community.

By any chance, after signing up, I explored the community and my aunt liked it. I told them to go to the wedding ceremony, but the wedding day was in March, so I couldn’t. I even applied for a hairdresser.

This article is the original translation please do not reprint without permission!

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