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Color Rush Chapter 4

The school I transferred from the house I moved to was very close. It was so close that I thought it could be so close. Because the school was right next to the apartment complex.

[There was an incident in which a man in his 50s engaged in suicide in an apartment. Early this morning, a man in his 50s tried to commit suicide on the railing of his apartment, and he gave up suicide at the persuasion of a firefighter on the way. The reason for committing suicide was that he lost his wife, who was a probe, in a car accident and was going to follow her.]

Look at something like that from morning.” My aunt appeared in a cryptic manner and turned off the TV. The case involving Mono was mainly a crime, so my aunt didn’t let me see if I was seeing it. I don’t know I can’t see.

Today I was eating jam on bread. I baked the toast and spread the apple jam well, so my aunt took it. Are you ignoring the workforce of minors?

If you feel unhappy, you can become independent.” My aunt scratched someone if he noticed my gaze. Even though my aunt would be responsible for nurturing me as my legal guardian. I gave up, bake toast and jam again.

It’s bigger than the house where I lived, so I can’t see her aunt lying in the living room anymore. The problem is, I got into the bathroom bathtub in my living room and got used. It’s the end.

I wondered if the two would need a 36-pyeong apartment with three rooms and two bathrooms. When I moved in, I asked my aunt if I had gotten too big a del, so my aunt said embarrassedly. “The area around Namgo is noisy, so the price of the house around him is cheap.”

It’s difficult to refute, and it doesn’t feel good to admit. I think I know why it’s noisy even if I don’t explain it every phrase. My aunt squeezed the toast and said something. I was too busy to listen, so I ate and said again. “It is important to suppress the first steamship.” I agree with that.

When I went up high school to find my mother, I didn’t care about the surroundings. That’s why the dough-like guy left it open.

The aunt put one arm on the table and fired a laser in her eye. It’s pretty scary when those big eyes get beaked. “You don’t have an uncle, but you have an aunt.”

“Is that a joke?” “I’m serious. I can make you an uncle who doesn’t have, so if you have a job, tell me.” “Before, I had dogs.” “What?” “no.” I hurriedly put it in my mouth, in case my toast was taken away.

My aunt messed up my head with one hand for nothing. “But the school you go to is a good place.

There is no Iljin.” “Is there something like that?” Even if I have Iljin, but I don’t touch the kids, I hear it for the first time when I don’t have Iljin. “They said that the kids who were doing work last year died.” “What is that.”

It wasn’t like a joke because my aunt spoke so casually for a joke. I was blinking my eyes, but while I was vigilant, I took my leftover toast. I applied about half the jam.

My aunt folded the bread in half and asked a big bite. Then, this time I said to a level that I would understand. “Two people died while riding a motorcycle, and one was crazy.” “I’m sorry at my young age.”

“Hey, you are young too. Like an old man speaking.” I just said that because I didn’t have a response, but my aunt smiled and pointed out.

Then I woke up. No matter how like that, I couldn’t help it, so my aunt came out first. I woke up from my seat because it was the first day, so I wanted to go ahead. ***

The homeroom teacher was a man who seemed to be about to retire. However, it was clear that the nickname was “Mad X” in the strong name “Mijinsu” and the very old wooden baton.

I sat across from the homeroom teacher in the teacher’s office. The teacher scrutinized my first-year life records. “What is this, if you are going to study or not? iffy.”

I said the same thing as my aunt. They just take the test with their usual skills at the level that suits their student status. Because there is neither information power nor capital power to take care of me. “It’s mono.” “Yeah.” “Isn’t it possible that I’m just color blind?”

“My mother has a nerve dysfunction. It’s likely genetic.” “Yeah, my mother… .” My aunt must have made a statement. I said calmly. “You went missing when I was in middle school.

I haven’t been looking for it since then.” “Have you done any DNA tests for the missing person?” “I registered with the DNA bank.

There is no answer yet. And if you contact me, you must have died.” The homeroom teacher groaned and cleared his throat. I have not yet met anyone who could be called a teacher.

What do you want to get by asking me what you already know? I don’t think this person can be called a teacher either. “What. There’s a weird guy in my class, but he’s not a bad guy.

But I don’t know what will happen if I get along.” Is there a class where there are no strange humans in the world? I don’t know how much I can talk about in advance.

“Let’s go say hello.” The homeroom teacher got up and went out first. I also followed. Classes 1~3 were liberal arts, and classes 4~7 were science. Classes were assigned 5 classes.

The teacher entered in time for the ordinance. When I opened the front door and tapped the door into the attendance, it became quiet.

Normally, the desks are attached in two rows to make a total of three divisions. No one looked so strange on the surface. Except for the big one who is sleeping steadily in this situation. If you’re an athlete, why don’t you go to class? “Temporary, let’s say hello.”

The guy on the diagonal of the guy sleeping steadily woke up. It was thick and the power was high, so my eyes looked distorted. It was a man with a black horn frame and a small mouth protruding slightly. “attention.” He puts his hand roughly next to his hips.

Other sitting kids also correct their posture. “salute.” “Good morning.” I wasn’t in a good mood because the black guys kissed and talked. In the previous school, there was no “clearly, salute”.

“I have a friend who accidentally transferred from school today. About Me.” The homeroom teacher pointed to me in the attendance book as if it was annoying. “This is Yeonwoo Choi.” Then, as I was still, the homeroom teacher asked, “The end?”

As he nodded, the teacher’s mouth was crooked and spread out pretending to be attendance. “The temporary seat next to you is empty, so go and sit there.” Point to the seat next to the guy who led the greeting.

It is also the front seat of the guy who still sleeps on his stomach. As I went and sat down, Temporary said, “Hi.” And say hello. “Hello.” He said that awkwardly and then turned his gaze back to the front.

The homeroom teacher stretches out the index and middle fingers and shakes it hard to count the number of children. “Why don’t you have one baby?

Oh yeah bitch has another wife and children. When does he debut? Can’t I just miss school?”

I thought that would be what someone with a job as a teacher would do, but the other kids didn’t respond much. I looked back.

A man with wide shoulders and a large body makes a pillow with both arms and sleeps well with his head down. “Since it’s all, I’ll skip the attendance, ideal. temporary.”

The protruding lips of the guy next to him are more protruding. Then he wakes up. “Clearly, salute.” “Thank you.” I don’t know what to thank, but other kids say so. After the homeroom teacher left, it became noisy again.

As soon as the homeroom teacher left, he sighed completely, and said, “Don’t pick up a class leader quickly, don’t make it a temporary without any gain.” “But if you do it temporarily, you have a high probability of being a class leader.”

As Temporary complains, the guy in the back seat of Temporary responds with a soft voice. He seems to be tall, but he curled up a lot to see if his posture wasn’t good.

His nose was high, but his eyes were slightly drooping, so it wasn’t a strong impression. He looks at me, then raises his mouth and smiles. It looks like a smiling statue, but since I laughed, my eyes closed and I couldn’t see it. “I’m Minjae Kang, please take care of me from now on.”

“Choi Yeon-woo, please take care of me too.” I was relieved of my alertness, perhaps because I greeted normally and spoke slowly.

Temporary looks at the guy who was sleeping behind me, and first asks a question about where he sold his introduction. “Are you a trainee too?” “You too?” “Because it looks like that. But even this motherfucker.

” Temporary pointed to the one sleeping behind. “Driving.” Kang Min-jae called it that way. Temporary looks at Kang Min-jae, and then opens his mouth again. “My name is Jeong Ju-haeng.

Now the temporary class leader.” The alternative driving is what my parents thought, and it is doubtful that he named him driving so that he could be ridiculed.

I nodded in the sense of understanding. “If you make fun of your name, you’ll get angry, and the class manager… It’s temporary, so it’s no use to ask for something.” “I like your name for driving.” “Uh, thank you.” “The driver said, Yuhan.

The kid sleeping here. They say they are not trainees because they are unofficial trainees, but they are idol trainees.” Kang Min-jae’s kind explanation and the thorough line drawing of Jeong-run made a contrast.

My wife, who was called Yuhan, looked at him. “If you don’t know anything, ask the driver.” Isn’t it usually like’If you don’t know anything, ask yourself’?

Kang Min-jae said so in a soft tone. Jeong Ju-haeng sharply stared at Kang Min-jae. “Why ask me… No, ask me.

Don’t ask Minjae for no reason.” “Huh.” “Because my grandfather answers it instead.”

I wondered what bullshit Jung Joo-haeng is saying, but the wife and child wake up. I wonder how he slept on his face wearing a black mask.

The forehead and eyebrow bones protruding over the mask are strong. I could see big eyes under the dark eyebrows, but it was amazing that there were no double eyelids.

I was envious because my nose was so high that the mask looked troublesome. I couldn’t see under the clown because of the mask. “If Minjae’s grandfather answers instead, it makes living tired, so don’t ask questions.”

The guy who was sleeping adds a word. A slightly low voice spread from inside the mask. “Who is your grandfather?” “There is a brilliant person who answers on behalf of Minjae.

But you are very pretty.” The guy in the mask suddenly poked his face while saying something like that. I frowned on my forehead and indicated I felt bad, but I felt his eyes staring at every corner of my face.

It’s been a while since I’ve been staring openly like this. “It’s not pretty.” “No, it’s really pretty. I’ve seen both the guy who debuted while moving around the agency and the guy getting ready, but it’s definitely not a joke.”

He says it’s not him, but he adds. Did you say your name is Yuhan? “Unique, you can’t remember your face anyway.” Jeong Ju-haeng gave me all the names of the guy wearing the mask.

Unique. It’s better than running, but your parents also made you very tired. Under this unique mask, a clown came up slightly to see if it was smiling.

“Even though I can’t remember, I have a sense. It’s very pretty. You will be very tired to live. Where do you belong? I know where I should run.”

This article is the original translation please do not reprint without permission!

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