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Color Rush Chapter 5

“I am not an celebrity wannabe.” “Why?” “uh?” “Huh?” ‘Why’ is unique,’uh’ is from Jeong Ju-haeng, and’yes’ is from Kang Min-jae. Why is it?

“Because I’m not interested.” “I think he will debut at the last minute because he doesn’t want to go to college. Is that right, Minjae?” “Shall I ask my grandfather later?” “no it’s okay. It’s just like Chuimsae.”

Jeong Ju-haeng spoke to Kang Min-jae and immediately withdrew. No, who the hell is your grandfather? “Who is your grandfather?”

The first class began when I asked a question about my grandfather Taryeong. He was a temporary class leader, but he couldn’t afford anything other than studying.

Kang Min-jae seemed to be taking classes with sincerity, but only the posture was correct and there was no motivation in his eyes.

Goehan slept on his stomach. Even when I fell down, the teachers didn’t touch anyone. That was a little strange. Did you give up at all?

Even during his break, Yuehan still slept on his stomach, Jeong Juhaeng solved the problem book, and only Kang Minjae occasionally talked about school.

The most useful thing is, “But the company changed last year, so the meals are delicious.” It was information. I was fortunate that the school lunch was delicious.

What I felt during the fourth period was that I was seated wrong. I don’t know who my grandfather is, but the kids glanced at Kang Min-jae’s attention. Even though Kang Min-jae did not look like a kid playing, he did.

Or maybe it’s the kind of schoolboy Iljin, who is popular these days. The kind who lives well in the family and studies well, but tries to reign over the kids. But it didn’t seem like that.

It may be because of your speech or drooping eyes. “Oh, today fish gas.” Goihan got up after sleeping well. He cried out if he had memorized all the meal tickets.

Actually, on the way to the restaurant, today’s menu was fish gas and udon. Jeong Ju-haeng was looking at the wordbook in the meantime.

Kang Min-jae was watching such a regular run without a word, and Yu-han walked unquestionably. Kang Min-jae and his unique height were so great that I felt dirty. It was a little better because it was smaller than me.

However, when I looked at my face while bowing my head, I thought that it was a real first face, but I wanted to jump and put my head in his own nose. “

“It’s pretty good to see it again.” “Not pretty” “Aren’t you working on the fortress rookie development team? Are you really a trainee?” “No.” I thought I was sitting in the wrong place because it bothered people.

Not only that, when I went to the restaurant where all grades were gathered and saw the kids being surprised, it seemed like they were really wrong.

The “a little weird guy” the homeroom teacher said was unique, but the kids were stunned when they saw Kang Min-jae. “Then entertainment?” “No.” “Then what are you going to do with that face?” “It’s just living ordinary.” “With that face?”

Unique is unusually bothersome. Make people tired. After receiving the food on the plate, I sat down and stared at the unique.

He opened his eyes round over this unique mask and said, “You live a very exhausting life, too.” I made unnecessary bullshit. Jeong Ju-haeng finally put down the vocabulary.

Kang Min-jae quietly said, “I will eat well.” Among these three, Kang Min-jae seemed to be normal, but it was contradictory that the children were most afraid of Kang Min-jae.

It was when I was walking with chopsticks and a little bit of tartar sauce sprinkled over the fish gas. He raised his head because he felt the unique mask sitting across from him.

At that moment, Yuhan put down the black mask and moved very slowly. Light suddenly spilled behind his back. The color that seemed to contain all kinds of anxious emotions fluttered.

After that, I saw children with a shatter-looking light. The school uniform that looked original gray and white-eyed came with a different feeling.

Thousands of needles in my head hurt as if bounced out. As soon as I took my gaze away from the moving children, a long, crossing band struck the wall intensely as if pricking my eyes.

It was a normal wall decoration that only looked like a rat color up until now. I felt like the inside of my eyes burned as stimuli that I had never seen were stabbing.

I closed my eyes and opened my eyes to the sudden sensation of swaying my vision.

The body was gradually falling backwards, and the ceiling, which had a silver gray grid pattern on a white-eyed background, shone with a feeling of fine sand.

The whole world fell on my side. The color rush my mom said was very romantic. He said he met his dad by chance while shopping for children on the street.

At that moment, the sun shattered lightly on Dad’s shoulder, and Mom said he really liked Dad’s brown cardigan.

Many clothes on the show window covered Mom with flowers blooming, and Mom said that she fell forward, reaching out for her father.

Then when I opened my eyes, I saw my dad, and my mom said that she felt the color rush again and passed out. I had no romance for probes or color rush.

But at least, I’ve never dreamed that the place where I felt the color rush was a high school restaurant, with fish gas in front of it.

When I opened my eyes, I closed my eyes again because still unknown lights poured into my eyes. “Choi Yeon-woo.” When I called for my name, I opened my eyes, and someone stood with my back in the window.

The moment I was about to look at my face, the white of the curtains grew as strong as radiating light, and the stimulus that seemed to be sprouting down from the pillow I was cutting touched my eyes.

I closed my eyes again because the stiff texture I felt in the restaurant was strong in the school uniform worn by the boy who called the name. Not only my eyes but my head hurt.

The inside of my eyes seemed to rustle, and my head was full of water. “Teacher, is this collole moving?” (Colóre: colóre, Italian for coloring.) I heard a voice calling my name.

Still couldn’t open my eyes. My eyes dried up a little less, but it still hurt as if I would burst a water balloon inside my head. “I don’t know because it’s actually my first time only looking at the literature.” I heard an adult man’s hoarse voice.

What I know about the Collore moving you asked… When Mono meets the probe, the pupil dilates for a while while recognizing the color, and the muscles around the eyes are tense.

On the surface, it is said that the eyes move as if coloring the world, but it is a kind of convulsion that occurs because the brain recognizes colors and gives feedback to the eye cells.

It is horrible. I didn’t want to see anything like a probe. I didn’t want to be a mono, and I didn’t want to get a job that needed color.

Besides, if the color was such that you couldn’t even open your eyes because it hurts and dazzles your head, you don’t need it. It only interferes. “Minjae said it was Collore moving, not a seizure.”

“There are a lot of things he knows because he knows how to see things he can’t see. The teacher has to go out for a while because of the textbook, so you are taking care of her.” “Yeah.” “When the kids come, tell them to take them out of the medicine box. “Yeah.”

After the conversation between the two continued, the sound of the door opening was heard, and only one person could feel the popularity. “Choi Yeon-woo, I wear a mask.

You can open your eyes.” By analogy, it is probably unique. The moment I took off this mask, which was unique even in a restaurant, the world turned upside down.

I slowly opened my eyes, but it hurt because of the light spilling from all the objects still in my sight. I closed my eyes again and buried my face in the pillow. “Would you like a headache medicine?” “Huh.”

To my answer, the popular chuck in front moved, and I heard the sound of opening and closing the drawer and the sound of water floating from the water purifier.

It was dirty and put something down on the desk. “I have to take medicine, get up.” “It hurts when I open my eyes.” “Is it because you can see the color?”

If this is a color, I don’t want you to see it. My head hurts a lot. My eyes hurt too. “I’ll cover it, I should take the medicine.”

At the same time, I covered it with something that could cover my head. In that state, I grabbed my shoulders and pulled him to sit, with his eyes closed.

He looked like he was sitting on the bed, and he opened his eyes when he felt the towel down on his side. I only saw a white towel and my school uniform pants.

The uniform pants still gave off a rustling light, but the intensity of the light was low and it was bearable. The long-sleeved shirt was brighter than the white I saw, but I wasn’t afraid because it was white I knew. “Can you cover more?”

There was a voice over the white towel. I wasn’t used to it because it was the first time I heard it today, but it would be unique. “no.”

After saying that, in case the towel might fall, I grabbed the towel on my head with my right hand and opened my pants with my left hand.

Contrary to what it looks like, it was thinly rubbed in the hand and then spread out. “It’s watermelon color.” “Watermelon color?

The watermelon you eat that summer?” I asked back and regretted it. I didn’t want to know the color. “Yes, that’s the color of the shell. It’s really bad.

It’s my school uniform, so I’m going to be in the top 3 of the worst in this area.” For me, watermelon was a fruit with a cement-colored flesh and a silver-gray and primary gray striped skin.

It was surprising that it was filled with water in a strong cement color. If it is the color of the watermelon’s skin, is it a silver gray side with a light stripe or a dark original gray side?

It looks dark, so maybe it’s the original gray color. I realized after fiddling with the pants Yoo Hann told me that it was a watermelon color.

My hand… There was a color. I thought it was silver gray. In my eyes, it’s a white or yellow or black or dark difference. I wondered why it was called ‘Hwang’, but there was a color. “What color is my hand?”

“Well… Your skin is white.” “It’s not white.” “Yes, it’s not white, but skin color?” “skin color… Isn’t it that people’s flesh color means flesh color?

What is the correct color?” “I’m not sure about that.” “Ah… .”

Then gradually the color of the pants began to change. It hasn’t changed. The color started to disappear.

Anyway, mono can’t feel the color without the stimulation of the probe. If exposed to the probe for a long time, the time to recognize a color is longer, but it is also the opposite.

Unlike the actual color of watermelon, the color that looked heavy has disappeared. As I was fiddling with my pants, I raised my head.

A color similar to my hand was seen on the walls and curtains of the infirmary. And the unique road that sits across from me.

Goo Han, wearing a mask, looked straight at me when his eyes met. The big eyelids were still weird, but this time it was burdensome, so I turned my head.

When I turned my head, the pillow, which seemed to have grown down, seemed to emit soft energy. “It’s pink.”

This article is the original translation please do not reprint without permission!

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