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Stonehenge, England Information

Stonehenge is a surprisingly large group of giant stones. One of the seven wonders of the medieval world And World Heritage (UNESCO), which at present is still unable to solve the answer to the purpose of building How to create or even the age and age of this, of course, some 2,000 years BC. Some say that it is as old as 3,000 BC.

For that visit generally choose to take a train to Salisbury’s train station, which is about 13 kilometers away, then take a bus to get off at Visitor center which is far from The actual Stonehenge is about 2.5 kilometers away, with a shuttle bus waiting to be served. Or choose to walk Because on the way there will be a view of vast grassland With a beautiful view of the English countryside As for the visitor center, there is also a Stonehenge museum for those who are interested to study before seeing the real thing.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in the southern part of the British Isles, in the middle of the vast plain of Salisbury Plain in the town of Amesbury. It is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world. Created in many stages The first monument in the memorial is a henge that began to be built about 5,000 years ago and a unique stone circle believed to be built during the Neilithic era, about 2,500 BC. During the Bronze Age, many were buried nearby. With many surprises It was at this heart that Stonehenge and the surrounding area were chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the Middle Ages in 1986.

The memorial consists of 112 giant stone blocks lined up in a three-circle, stacked form. Some stone bars lie on the same plane as the ground. Some stone rods were erected. And some are also stacked on top There is the oldest known structure nearby. Are four or five holes, all three of which seem to have large pine trees of artificial rods expected to be built since the Stone Age between 8,500 and 7, 000 BC However, it is unclear whether these pillars relate to the later Stonehenge memorial. It can be observed that the surrounding landscape of this monument is the rest of Stonehenge. The rest of the southern part of the British Isles are covered with chalk forests. It is possible this may be the reason why it became the first stone age memorial. Like the complex buildings surrounded by the Robin Hood’s Ball River, two Sussus monuments or rectangular walls and many more than 3,500 years BC, where the appearance of these monuments Influencing the location of Stonehenge

The study of archaeologists by the age of carbon dioxide in order to calculate the age of the rocks, they believe that these rock piles were built somewhere about 2,000-3,000 years BC. Found that the first stone was laid around 2,200-2,400 years BC And there are other theories Stating that these rock groups may have been laid from about 3,000 BC before that time In addition to questions about the purpose of creation that are curious. Another question that is still puzzling to scientists and archaeologists is how people in the past were able to put up huge stones that weighed tens of tons in order. Because it is quite certain that in the olden days there was no such an enticing device as today Including the flat plains without any large stones lacking here. Therefore, it can be assumed that the stones must be dragged from somewhere else, which is several tens of kilometers further.

Opening hours: Open daily The service will be open from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm, but the last session that can only be viewed is at 3:00 pm. Closed on December 24 and December 25. In addition, some festivals also It may change the opening time.

How to get there:

Take the train from Waterloo Station to Salisbury Station. The journey takes around 90 minutes. There is a ticket price of around 38 pounds. After that, the train station will have Stonehenge Tours. The journey takes about 30 minutes to get to the tourist service from There is a shuttle bus to Stonehenge about 2.5 kilometers away.

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