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Chapter 4 Then end of the tunnel

2018 Cambridge Massachusetts

” Ladies and gentlemen’s, it’s a pleasure to introduce to all of you, our Summa cum laude ‘Joanna Wen’ ” She heard the Dean of the University announcing her name.

She hurriedly went up on stage. Before she started her prepared speech, she looks around to see for any familiar face in the audience. Ann looks around for someone for the last time with no luck.

When she was about to begin her speech, she suddenly glances toward the front row and saw a familiar face.

Ann blinks a couple of times to make sure she was not hallucinating when she looked again; the same person is in the audience.

‘She made it!. Her heart was bursting with happiness after seeing her best friend.

Lea traveled seventeen long hours nonstop, to make it to her graduation. She’s not alone; she’s not alone anymore.’ Ann put on her sweetest smile showing teeth, then begun her speech.

She smiled so sweet that Jeff who had been watching her all this time, felt his heart is going to leap out from the heavy pounding: thump! thump! thump!

Then he saw Ann looked into his direction with a beautiful sweet smile and he felt like it was meant for him: ‘He feels like he died and went to heaven.’

Lea informs her that she will be going out of the Country for a business trip on the day of her graduation. Ann was devastated, but nothing she can do.

Ann mentally prepared herself to be alone and planned to go straight home after the graduation. ‘Who would have thought that Lea will rush back to make the time when I’m about to make her speech?’ Ann thought to herself.

“Last but not least, I would like to say that without this person in my life, who knows what I would have become.” – “The support that I had received from behind the scene and loved me for who I am; Encouraged me whenever I think I can’t do it anymore.”

Jeff was seating a couple of seats away from Lea, wondering if Ann is talking about him.

For four years he has been secretly helping her in every way he knows how. He would fly in for a day to get a glimpse of her. But never once approach her; Jeff made sure that Ann was never short of anything. He gave her all the comfort a life could offer.

‘ That she knows all the thing I had done for her, Is she talking about me?’ Jeff is now very curious.

Jeff was still in deep thought when Ann finished her speech with; ” Lea, my best friend forever, thank you! and I love you from the bottom of my heart!”

Ann made a gesture with a heart shape then pointed towards Lea.

” Thank you!” Smiles to the audience then walked off the stage.

Lea rushed to Ann and gave her a huge hug as soon as she walks down the stage; ” Congratulations! I’m so proud of you!.

” Let ‘s get out of here and celebrate!” Lea told Ann excitement showing on her face. Ann nods grabbed Lea’s hand and left before Jeff had a chance to congratulate her.

All Jeff could do is ‘sigh’ and take out his phone to call his assistant. “Ronald, make the preparation, I want you to do something.”

“Yes! Boss, I will make sure to arrange everything as per you’re instruction”. His assistant replied.


“Finally, I saw the end of the tunnel! now is a new day, a new beginning cheer!” Ann said to Leah while holding her cocktail up and drinking it in one shot.

CEO Jeff Go, seating quietly at the other VIP room next to where Ann and Lea were celebrating, he has a sad and cold aura emitting on his face.

Ronald doesn’t know what to do; he can feel the pain that emitting from his boss face. All he could do is sit quietly on the other side of the room and waits for his order.

He’s wondering what is going on with his boss mind, what could he be thinking right now? Suddenly a thought occurred:’ Ding! He got up excused himself: ” Boss! If you’ll excuse me, I will be right back!” Turn and took off in a hurry.

‘If this cold-hearted boss of mine is satisfied to sit there and admire his beautiful wife from afar, that will not do! I need to take action this is also for my sanity ‘ Ronald was thinking on the way to execute his plan for the couple happiness.

Jeff: ‘ā€¦?’ ‘Wonder where’s that guy rushing through now like the devil is chasing him.’ He thought with a blank look on his face.

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