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Chapter 5 My boss is married

Ronald waited by the door of the ladies room. Earlier he saw Ann getting up and making her way to the ladies room. That’s when a plan came to his mind. ‘If his plan work’s this time, the couple will be celebrating this happy occasion together!’

‘For the past four years’s his always on his toes. One minute they will be in a meeting, and as soon as it’s over, his boss will tell him to book a flight because he misses his wife.’- ‘If everything works out with his plan, big boss and he might stay longer this time.’

‘He can finally have a real vacation. The last time was four years ago. Ronald was daydreaming while waiting for Ann to come out of the Ladies room.

Ronald had been Jeff assistant since he took over the position of CEO right after college. Beside being assistant, they had been a friend all through college years.

In all the years he knows Jeff, never saw or mentioned a girlfriend.

‘ Where did this girl come from? Four years ago, his cold face boss, who had never even give a second glance to all those women that were trying so hard to get his attention. Called him and told him in the middle of the night that he got married!’ That was hilarious he thought.

Ronald’s was rooted in his thought about the past when suddenly he heard a sweet voice saying:

“Hi! I’m wondering had we meet before, It seems that I know you from somewhere?” Ann asked curiously.

He was knee deep in his thought that he was unprepared. He started stammering as he replies; ‘H-hello to you as well! Yes-Yes! We had met some year’s back, you helped us with translations. Don’t you remember? You did such a great job that we got the contract.” Ronald replied bug-eyed.

” I see! That’s why you look very familiar. That’s great! So.’ What brings you to town?” she asked him curiously.

“We are here to attend a graduation ceremony, of my CEO wife who’s the Summa cum laude. He wanted to celebrate with her together. Ronald replied while looking at her confused reaction.

‘Graduation, Suma cum Laude, and CEO wife? As far as I know, there was only one graduation ceremony held today. And the Suma cum laude was me. But I’m not married to a CEO? Who could it be?’ Ann is now totally confused.

‘Something fishy here, wait a minute, could it be? No! No! That can’t be.’ Ann has an inkling who this person was talking about.’ [ It was a fake marriage] Another thing, he was not a CEO.

Why would he accept my proposal if not for the money? Don’t tell me that he fell in love with me at first sight. No way!’ Ann didn’t realize that she was mumbling to herself.

“So, which college did your CEO wife graduated from?” Ronald was stunned for a moment, didn’t expect the question. Therefore he didn’t know how to answer Ann question: “Actually… Actually…” Then they suddenly heard someone saying: ” Harvard University” which is her school and she’s the Summa cum laude.

Ann turned around to look at the direction where the voice came from; ‘She’s wishing and hoping in her mind that It’s not him. Unfortunately, it’s him, and it’s is him… In person, right in front of her.’ She doesn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

‘The last four years she had spent so much sleepless night thinking about him. How many time she wished that their marriage was for real.’ [But in the end, one day he disappeared just like that.’

She had woken up that morning realizing he was gone, and only a note and an envelope full of cash were left.

Never heard from him since then. Until now…’ Ann looked at the man standing right in front of her blankly.

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