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Chapter 6 We meet again

Time seems to had stopped at that moment for Ann and Jeff. It had been four years since the last time they were together. “A very brief time…”


Flashback: 2014 The first meeting.

Ann realized that a man sat next to her on her left side and order B-52 and long island ice tea. As soon as the B-52 was handed to him by the bartender, he took a gulp and followed it with the long island ice tea for a chaser…

Jeff is not much of a drinker, but he needed it badly. One thing he did not realize is chasing a B-52 with long island ice tea is not a very good combination, one shot and it will hit you very hard. Without realizing it, he turned and asked the girl next to him and asked” Excuse me! are you available?”

Ann turned around and look at him with a smile on her face and said ” what if I am? How about you are you available?”….

Jeff was stunned for a moment, what he saw in front of him is breathtaking. ‘ Her smile so beautiful, her eyes… A pair of shining green, he feels like he’s drowning from a deep ocean.’

His heart was beating so fast thump thump thump he had to look away for a moment to take a breather.

When he felt that his heartbeat becomes steady, he looks at her beautiful face again and looks at her straight face then said; “Yes!, I’m very much available.” With the sweetest smile on his face.

Ann was speechless for a moment, she didn’t know what to say after hearing Jeff reply. Her mind went blank all she could think was; ‘ Here is a very handsome, God looking male species in front of me, how do I put it into word to ask that question?’

She decided to go for it and take a chance.; ” I need a husband, will you marry me? No! I said that in a wrong way, that’s not what I meant.” She took a breather first then continued; “What I mean is…”

Ann did not get the chance to finish her sentence; she was interrupted by Jeff; “Sure! When do we get married?”

Ann was shocked to the core of her being. ‘That’s it? That was easy; here I am going banana, worrying about how I will approach the subject and he just answered sure! when do we get married?’ Now it’s her turn to stutter and unable to find words.

“You don’t want to know why?” Ann asked Jeff.

“Alright, why don’t you tell me! No matter what my answer is still yes!.” Jeff still staring at Ann’s beautiful angelic face salivating.

Ann doesn’t think it’s right not telling him the reason why she needed a husband. She did not have a choice but to say to him the whole story from the beginning.

As soon as Ann finished telling the tale, Jeff knew right away that the CEO that she mentioned is him.

After carefully, thinking about the consequences Jeff made a decision; ”I still wanted this girl in front of me, I never had in my whole life felt this way. Is this what they call love at first sight? If it is, I don’t mind at all.’ Smiling on his thought.

Jeff did not realize that Ann was watching him the whole time he was thinking.

Ann is now hesitant; ‘ What if this guy is a lunatic and fervent. How can someone agree so quick without motive?’ She stared at him for a moment contemplating. She was about to tell him to forget it.

” What! Did you change your mind? Too late, we made a verbal agreement. It’s as good as any signed contract. I can sue you if you change your mind. Jeff said it straight face without blinking.

Ann was stunned of what he said. She thought for a moment then said; ” No! No! That’s not it; I came with a friend. An I needed first to find that friend then we can leave alright!” She started looking around for Lea who’s currently busy flirting with boys.

‘There’s no way I will change my mind. I may never find the courage to this again in this lifetime. You’re my savior and on top of that your a fine specimen.’ Ann laughs at her thought.

Jeff saw that smile she did; his heart keeps skipping a beat. He touches where his heart located, trying to feel how fast is beating. Thump Thump Thump ‘Stop, or I will have a heart attack!’ He mumbles to his heart.

Ann looked around everywhere on the dancing floor, but there no Lea anywhere. ‘ Girlfriend where are you?’

She tried calling first, but the music is too loud. ‘ Lea probably did not hear me, let me text her then.’ Unfortunately, after a couple of minutes of waiting. Lea never called or texted back.

Lea was too busy flirting with the guy she was dancing together. She’s so immersed with her dancing partner that she forget about Ann. And the reason why they were there.

Time was getting late; Ann was still unable to find Lea who’s busy somewhere in the nightclub. She is now starting to get nervous. Her mouth is getting perch; she needs a drink.

Ann was about to ask the Bartender for a drink when Jeff hand her the glass right in front of him. Jeff thought she could use some spirit to calm the worried look on her face.

Ann gladly accepted the glass Jeff hand to her and drunk it in one shot. Suddenly she started feeling tipsy for no apparent reason. The drink that Jeff handed to her was the long island ice tea.

Long Island Ice Tea is a potent mixed drink. It has various types of alcohol mixed. One glass for a non-drinker of alcohol can get a person drunk in a heartbeat.

Ann found the courage she never had before with the help of the effect of the alcohol she just consumed.

She looked Jeff straight in his blue eyes, smiled then grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the direction of the door. “Let go! before I change my mind.”

Jeff is like being hypnotized with Ann’s soothing voice. He followed her out of the club like a little puppy.

As they were heading to a late-night Chapel to get married something came into both of them quickly. ” By the way, my name is Ann-Jeff,” Both said it in unison and started laughing together.

“Nice to meet you!” Both of them said in unison once again. They looked at each for a moment then started laughing so loud. The sound of their happy first meeting was heard in the strip of Las Vegas Nevada in the middle of the night.

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