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Trapped Fish Chapter 10

“It’s me,” Ai Qing was funny, raised her right hand, “I am a dog, appledog, hello, inin.”

This is her formal introduction.

Everyone laughed.

Inin is still a little confused, but still smiles shyly: “It’s you, are you a StarCraft 2 player?”

Everyone laughed again.

Ai Qing also laughed and shook her head: “No, I am the game commentator.”

“Ah, game commentary,” Inin’s eyes were full of admiration, “In the afternoon, I thought you were a professional player.”

“The past is.”

“In the past? What a pity,” Inin completely forgot what he was doing, and continued to ask curiously, “Retired? Why do you want to retire?”

This time even olo couldn’t listen anymore. In order to avoid inin asking any questions outside of the situation, he stood up and said, “Everyone, this is the member of the first team of “Storm of the Secret Chamber” that we haven’t seen for a long time. Although there are two of them. This used to be my former teammate, but believe me—”

olo paused slightly, smiling slightly, scanning all the game masters and professional players present:

“Their strength does not need me to escort them. They are all masters of the masters. The last place in the first team will be selected by the four of them.”

The meaning of this sentence is that the four newcomers are the examiners?

This is unexpected.

The faces of the old players were somewhat unhappy.

It was the first team of the key project when he first joined, and he has become an examiner without any ranking. Although everyone respects olo absolutely, it does not mean that the members of the olo team are necessarily the best.

The back wave pushes the front wave, isn’t the front wave shot dead on the beach?

Ai Qing also felt something wrong.

But olo said that, it must have reached an agreement with Bao Na. She has no say in the distribution of the P men’s team. Even for the women’s team, she has already agreed with Po Na. This time she will not be the team leader or coach after returning from Korea, but will concentrate on commentary.

Therefore, although she had doubts, she did not express any during dinner.

But when the women’s team members were whispering, they winked and stopped.

Fortunately, all can see the current atmosphere clearly. It is not as arrogant as it used to be, but obediently in accordance with olo’s arrangement, being placed among the old members for dinner.

The four newcomers were scattered and placed in the four tables.

Although everyone was unhappy, it was still very harmonious on the surface, especially when Inin was arranged to eat among the female players, everyone asked him all kinds of questions, and I really thought this new little brother was too cute.

Moreover, although StarCraft 2 has not developed well in China, it does not mean that everyone does not like this game.

In the final analysis, it is still because the operational requirements of StarCraft 2 are too high to be promoted among the majority of players.

But for professional players, people from Starcraft 2 are still very respectful.

Not everyone can explode APM.

“Inin,” someone thought of his dialogue with Ai Qing, and couldn’t help asking, “How do you see that our boss is a professional player? You said she is from StarCraft 2?”

“Isn’t she a StarCraft 2 player before she retired?” Inin was still struggling with that question.

“Of course not, she played Counter-Strike ten years ago,” the girl didn’t quite understand Inin, and added, “It’s Counter-trike, no one is playing now. Then it’s DotA, what else is there?” She Ask the people around you.

“And racing cars.”

“Oh, yes, racing, there is no StarCraft 2 anyway.”

“Ah…” Inin frowned thoughtfully, and then asked them seriously, “Then how did she and Dt meet?”


Everyone was asked dumb.

Inin thought for a while, felt that he shouldn’t be so gossip, but his curiosity about Dt was about to overflow, and he couldn’t help saying: “Moreover…the cooperation is very tacit, it feels like always being there. Practicing together…Oh, maybe I practiced a lot in private, or maybe the couples have more feelings…”

He started talking to himself, completely forgetting the group of girls around him shocked by the gossip.

what’s going on……

The dinner atmosphere was very strange. The men’s team had a quiet meal at the three tables and the three new players were particularly embarrassed. However, the women’s team had a lively chat here, with surprise and disbelief from time to time.

The management here has absolutely no idea what the women’s team is talking about, and can only speculate that perhaps the fifteen-year-old boy inin is particularly popular. After all, it’s the StarCraft 2 champion in the Americas, with its own halo, right?

This harmony and beauty lasted until the end of dinner.

P’s dinner time is always fixed from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Dinner ends at 6 o’clock, which is a three-hour practice time that cannot be beaten.

The same goes for South Korea.

Since today’s newcomer introduction took ten minutes, olo asked everyone to go to the practice room at 6:10, which is the second floor of the small villa where Bao Na lived, and he left early with the four newcomers.

After everyone arrived in the practice room and put their computers in place, they found that olo happened to be absent, and only the slide and Xiaomi were chatting at the five-person computer desk.

Following walked over and patted the shoulder of the slide: “My friend bought a computer at your house, remember?”

When the slide stopped, he took a close look at the following face: “Oh~ remember, remember. I also discussed Need for Speed with you. You won me, so I gave you a 5% discount.”

Xiaomi saw that the follower was not good, but the slide seemed unconscious.

“Yeah,” the following smiled like an old fox, “how about it, another game?”

“No problem,” the slide is also refreshing, “what’s coming?”

This was the first sentence Ai Qing heard when she entered the practice room.

Following is a veteran player in team battle competition. In the match between P and K&K that came to Korea a few days ago, Ai Qing once named his name, so it goes without saying that his strength is natural.

However, he has always been a joking and not serious person, let alone offending people, how could he openly challenge the slide at such a sensitive time?

She drew a question mark in her heart, did not say a word, and watched the change.

“Minesweeper.” Following pulled the chair beside him and sat directly beside the slide. From the computer where he didn’t know who was in front of him, he directly called up Microsoft’s own minesweeper game, “It’s easy, just come here.”

The slide raised his eyebrows lightly: “No problem.”

He took off his black gloves, and there was a very obvious scar on the back of his left hand. Ai Qing remembers that when she reunited with the slide in the summer of 2010, his hand was already like this. It looked like it was caused by a fight, so she didn’t ask much.

“Boss,” the little girl beside Ai Qing lowered her voice and asked her, “Why better than minesweeper.”

This is P’s temporary training room. If you want to play any game, there will be a corresponding computer provided.

Why choose such a pediatric game?

“Minesweeper is very good,” Ai Qing smiled, showing the essence of this game, “The design is very good. Do you know what game minesweeper belongs to?”

“The computer comes with a small game.”

“Be professional.”

“…Microsoft comes with small games…”

“Minesweeper is a strategic game that requires very precise judgment and fast hand speed,” Ai Qing finally began to explain, “The official platform record of minesweeper, three years ago, the average cracking time of high-level is about 33 seconds; medium level A Danish, 8.5 seconds; the primary mine clearance record is 1 second.”

The little girl was dumbfounded: “So fast? Luck?”

“There is also luck. Someone has calculated that the probability of minesweeping being able to crack in 1 second is between 0.00058% and 0.00119%.” Ai Qing does not deny the element of luck. “But for professional players,’luck’ is talent, which can be met. begging.”

Of course, no matter how mysterious it is, this is still a little game.

As long as you master the logic of the minesweeper game and practice hard, you can clear mines accurately and quickly. It even reaches the level of “mechanization”, which is definitely something people who are bored to a certain level like to play.

It just so happens that many male professional players are so boring.

And more precisely, slides and following are the best in boring. Both of them are obviously masters of minesweeper. On the two screens, the mouse click speed has made the onlookers unable to keep up with watching.

Gray pages, blue minefields, slices of various numbers.

Master minesweeper, no one is out, purely the speed of cracking.

A small game can be played to the level of “beautiful”, who dares to say that it is not a master?

A small game can make a bunch of big men onlookers excited, not even paying attention to the evening practice time that should have started. Who dares to say that it is not exciting?

When olo entered the practice room, he just heard the explosion of a landmine. The following spread their hands: “Mistakes, mistakes, come again, come again.”

Everyone laughs.

“Give you thirty seconds and return to their respective positions.” olo embraced his arms and threw a final warning.

“Boss, don’t,” the following was extremely depressed. Although the language protested, he immediately jumped up from the chair and took his place in the team. “I haven’t enjoyed it yet.”

“Not fun?” olo smiled slightly and replied, “Then join the first team, and some are time to compete.”

“That’s what I meant.” Following peeled off a lollipop, stuffed it in his mouth, and replied vaguely, “When is the exam?”

olo looked at his watch: “It’s still normal practice. Wait until 10 o’clock.”

“Good!” Smoking is not allowed here, but there is an unlimited supply of lollipops. After I finished eating, I didn’t forget to lose a blueberry flavored one to the slide, “That’s it, let me save the seat.”

Soon, the entire practice room returned to practice.

Ai Qing wandered around the two women’s teams for a while, sneaked out of the practice room, and saw olo smoking a cigarette on the terrace alone. The balcony lights were not turned on, and it was winter and cloudy again, highlighting the fireworks.

She turned her back, walked over, and asked him in a low voice: “Following and slides are familiar?”

“See it?”

She nodded: “At a glance, she knew that following was helping them to rescue them.”

One of the great veterans of P, took the initiative to fight with the new members, and took a small game to make gestures. Obviously, it can draw the relationship between the new and old members better than any official introduction or eating around the table.

“Are you happy?” he asked suddenly.

Ai Qing naturally knew what he was referring to. Of course, the team reunited. Old friends met again: “Yeah, special, special, and very happy,” she admitted, “but also a little worried, the average age of this team is too old. “

“It’s not too big,” olo didn’t worry too much about this question. “When you were with me, you were all at the same age as children, and now it’s just right.”

When we were together…

Indeed, only he is about the same age as Gun, and the average age of the remaining three official players, plus substitutes, is only fifteen years old, which is about the same age as inin now.

“There is only one official player left,” she expressed her doubts, “what about the substitute?”

The people who came to South Korea this time were obviously not willing to be a substitute. Could it be that they would recruit new people after returning home?

“Substitute?” olo smiled, “I am a substitute.”


… Are you kidding me?

olo seemed to be smiling but not smiling, and threw another sentence: “You are a sparring.”

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