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Trapped Fish Chapter 11

“Me?” She laughed and shook her head.

“You have this strength,” olo laughed, “If it weren’t for the current environment that doesn’t allow mixed men’s and women’s teams, the fifth place should have been yours,” he finished, throwing the cigarette into the ashtray, and gently patted her with his palm. “Let’s go, don’t forget, you have live broadcast tonight.”

Today is Saturday.

After the practice match, it was P’s live broadcast day.

The concept of this “live day” was proposed by olo, allowing fans to watch the live broadcast of the game from the first point of view. Fortunately, they can also play games with idols. It is a festival for the majority of e-sports fans.

The live broadcast tonight starts at 10:30.

Project “Storm in the Chamber”, broadcaster: appledog&following.

Ai Qing and following randomly cleaned a table full of snacks, sat down face to face, turned on the computer, and entered the game room. On the screen, someone has desperately scanned the advertisement:

“Secret room storm leveling, Superman Studio is fighting for you. The secret, snake hunting god is ready to go, the new season, a new rank, plug in wings, and set sail! Mom no longer has to worry about me being cheated and insulted by low-end players It’s…”

“What a superman studio, wherever I go to do ads, where do you go.”

“Because I love you~”


Ai Qing laughed out loud.

When I saw the number of people in the room in the lower right corner, I was surprised.

“Emma,” the following was shocked by the number of people with headphones on his neck, “how come there are so many people.”

She made a silent gesture with her right index finger, put on the headset, and started the live broadcast:

“Good evening, everyone. I am P’s appledog, and my partner tonight is following. This partner should be familiar to everyone. He is a famous mid laner of the P-NaNa team, a famous tactician and a famous tactician in the DotA world. . And half an hour ago, he had just passed the assessment and became a member of the first team of P Chamber Storm.”

“Exaggerated, exaggerated, not so powerful.” Following said with a smile.

The two chatted casually.

Soon from the content of the player’s text chat, I learned the reason for so many viewers tonight. Half an hour before the live broadcast, olo just announced on Weibo the list of P’s first team in the game of Secret Chamber.

The last place is really following.

At the end of the list, it reads: team leader appledog, coach olo.

The number of online people has soared.

Close to the peak.

Ai Qing acted decisively and closed the game room as the owner.

So I saw on the public screen, people kept swiping: “Why is it turned off? My buddy is still outside.” “I’m going… lucky, I’ve come in.” “Hawk, who’s here tonight? .”…

More and more fans have noticed the online id.

The four major servers of “Storm of the Chamber”, the US server, the national server, the Korean server, and the European server, all players who enter the top 100 in their respective servers will display the red id name.

Obviously, almost 60% came tonight.

After all, this live broadcast was a coincidence. All the professional players of “Storm of the Secret Chamber” gathered in Seoul to prepare for this week’s exhibition game. Therefore, the news that China’s largest club P will open a live broadcast tonight easily spread. The professional players who live in the nearby resorts are all bored and all landed to join in the fun.

The professional players are here, and of course their respective fans will not be absent.


This is the live broadcast with the highest peak number of people since “Storm of the Secret Chamber” was launched.

“I know, 90% are here, but I don’t know… I guess there are a lot of them,” the following was speechless, watching Ai Qing, “what to do?” She lowered her head and checked the mouse and keyboard one last time: “Play the game well. , I choose a random lottery, be careful.”

“Random?! You are so mighty and domineering!”

Random means that in addition to the two of them, the remaining eight players will be selected by the system with the highest online points.

Usually it’s okay, after all, it’s interacting with fans, so just hit it casually.

But today is completely different,

Random means that among these red names, eight people with the highest points are drawn…to play the game.

Ai Qing made an ok gesture to the following to keep him in his best condition: “P’s diehard fans are staring at us, we can’t lose.” After all, tonight is P’s first time to use “Storm of the Chamber”. The game is broadcast live and cannot be messed up.

After she finished speaking, she opened the system lottery. Will there be Dt in these hundreds of professional games? Will he come to join in the fun? Soon, she denied her idea.

That genius… shouldn’t participate in such online live events.

Starting tomorrow, several Chinese clubs will officially play. Will he be in the K&K lineup? Or continue to hide in the exhibition matches until the official league?

There are a lot of thoughts, and her thoughts are a little wandering, and the following thought she was thinking about tactics.

With the selection of the system, the black live broadcast bar began to roll out one name after another, and each name appeared, pushing the atmosphere to a higher level. It’s a pity that none of the people selected are from the national service. Until the last one, the name 97, does it really appear as a national service gold name.

Ai Qing glanced at the match list, divided 97 into her own camp, and picked two people from the US server.

At the same time, five people connected to the call.

“Eh? Eh? Is it me?” 97’s voice came from the earphones in disbelief, “Ai Qing, Ai Qing, did you really choose me? It really is your own family.”

Ai Qing cleared her throat: “Do you speak English?”

In their team, in addition to three Chinese, there are also two Americans.

“Ah? No…Ah, it doesn’t matter, Dt is by my side, he can translate with the same pronunciation.”


“Dt?” Following on the same channel is full of interest, “Is that the person who lost me countless times yesterday?” He still remembers the scene of the grievances yesterday, how it was resurrected, killed, resurrected, and killed. …

“Ah, yes, hello, I am 97, and I was lucky enough to slaughter you that day…” 97 answered with a grin.

“…To each other,” following is not a loss either, “you are also caught by me a lot of times.”

Therefore, in the friendly channel, the two Americans listened to following and 97 “flattering” and “talking” to each other in Chinese. But this is all a joke. Although they are competing clubs, they are all professional players, and they still sympathize with each other a lot.

The game loads.

The page appears soon, enter the character selection.

Ai Qing’s finger slid back and forth on the keyboard a few times: “Thank you, Dt.”

“You’re welcome.”

He speaks with the pronunciation habits of the Nordic people, even if there is no emotion, the ending will be upturned subconsciously, a little cute. The last time I heard him speak English was in Singapore in 2007.

After a short wait, the game started counting down, Ai Qing stared at the screen.

The screen goes black for a second.

“Good Luck, appledog.” Dt said suddenly.

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