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Trapped Fish Chapter 13

“He is a very good person.”

This was the only thing she said.

There are historical records in the e-sports forum for the past record and character habits of this person gun. Especially his brief retirement declaration, which has long been memorized by his diehard fans:

“In the past two years and three months, I have won, lost, laughed, cried, been questioned, scandalized, criticized, shamed, never defended, no need to defend. Tonight, the Chinese banquet ended with success. It’s ridiculous.”

Retired for ten years.

He really never showed up.

But this time he returned, he was already twenty-nine years old, and he could no longer become an active player.

Although I didn’t say it, I felt a little uncomfortable thinking about the past. She hurriedly made an excuse and left Bao Na’s house with Dt. After the two separated at the intersection, she walked around the small building where she lived alone three or four times, only to relieve some of the blockage in her heart and linger. Scattered emotions.

The next day, before entering the gymnasium, Po Na handed her a new brand name, and she looked down:

PM (Secret Chamber Storm) Team Leader

Appledog/ Ai Qing

After checking the name tag in her hand for a while, she finally stretched the blue rope and hung it on her body. Originally, she had decided to concentrate on doing a game commentary and no longer participate in the operation of any competitive games in P, but the moment she saw this famous brand, she hesitated. Just like what olo said when he met her a year ago:

“Some people have dreams for a lifetime and are full of enthusiasm. You have never won a real world championship, never tried a grand slam, and did not put a national flag on your favorite event. You will not be reconciled, Ai Qing.”

Not reconciled?


“I thought you wouldn’t wear it.” Bao Na lowered his voice to express his surprise.

After all, Ai Qing is now a gold commentator, with a fixed number of fans and a high click-through rate.

In P, apart from a few big bosses, she is the well-deserved income leader. The team leader has such a small salary, busy training time, various tedious tasks in the team, and his boss is not confident that she can move her.

“I haven’t won the world championship yet,” Ai Qing thought for a while and said, “From this point of view, olo understands me…”

He didn’t ask her at all, just announced it.

“Ha, I can’t compare your friendship.” Po Na held his brand name, shook the VIP channel security, and walked in with her. This entrance leads directly to the Chinese club area on the right front of the podium. They arrived late because they had a conference call with the team leader of the European competition, and everyone from all the clubs had their seats.

Ai Qing walked to the first three rows with a name tag. Yu Guang could see that K&K was already full of people. The first row was gun, grunt, 97, and Dt.

And here, the first team has all the members. Both Slide and All pretended to know that she was the team leader just now, their expressions and words were extremely exaggerated. On the contrary, Xiaomi smiled warmly as always, looking at her with bright eyes, which made her feel embarrassed. “Leader, do you want a pre-war mobilization?” The slide raised his eyebrows and asked.

Mobilization before the war?

Ai Qing stopped looking at K&K, and moved all her eyes back completely:

“Apart from following, this is the first time you have joined P. Pre-war mobilization is not popular in P. I just want to say that our P-DotA2 team is two championships short of, and they will win the Grand Slam. The average age of the team is twenty years old, and the medals won in the past two years have filled the hall of honor of P.

This morning, Bao Nagang and I talked to their team leader on the phone. They are another champion. To this day, they have set a record of 17 unbeaten games in a row. “

Her gaze swept over every former comrade, including the smallest inin:

“And our average age is three years older than them, but P has given us the best resources and the greatest expectations. There will be at most two years before everyone will retire. I hope everyone will not bring any regrets. go away.

So, I give you two years,

Let all players be proud of you;

Let all the game commentary go crazy for you;

Let the national flag occupy every arena;

Here… there are all our dreams since we were fourteen or five years old. Please end our career with a grand slam, please! “

After she finished speaking, she bent over solemnly and bowed deeply.

The old players all smiled, and the following and inin, who had no in-depth knowledge of her past, were simply… shocked.

After three rows of seats,

97 heard it dumbfounded, even a little blood boiled, and bumped Dt with his elbow: “Your goddess, too domineering.”

Dt said nothing.

There is a group of people, they are proud, simple, and live in their own world.

Their careers began at the age of fourteen or five and disappeared when they retired in their twenties. In the niche arena, where only niche people pay attention, all their assets are mouse, keyboard and headset, winning gold medals one after another for China.

This is e-sports.

This is her, who has loved e-sports for eleven years.

“Huh, okay,” Ai Qing turned back to Appledog in a second, blushing a little, and made the closing remark, “That’s it, let’s talk about it…”

Everyone laughed.

She sat down, and Bao Na next to her gently used her right hand and patted the palm of her left hand: “It’s a gold medal commentator.”

“So many people are watching, so I have to be more beautiful for P,” she said to the referee Xi in the distance. “He tried his best to form this team and used a few retired people. The pressure is more than us. Bigger.”

“Olo?” Bao Na also went to see the referee’s bench, “Yes, he faced a lot of questions this time.”

Ai Qing believes that not only she knows, but his former teammates also know how much pressure this team will face in the reorganization. Age, status, and experience all need to be picked up a little bit.

This is not just talking about it.

Moreover, there are not only major domestic and foreign clubs, but also a very strong second team within P, gearing up to surpass this first team.

After half an hour of commercial performance, today’s contest began.

On the big screen, the teams that have participated in the lottery were constantly scrolling through, some of them were less famous, and some were famous. When they came to the local Korean team, the cheers were even more shocking.

After all the draws were completed, three minutes later, the match list appeared on the big screen.

The preliminary round was divided into four groups.

There are twelve teams in each group, distributed in six areas, and six referees supervise the game.

P is drawn to the fourth group.

And K&K is in the first group, starting at ten in the morning.

At 9:45, the announcement sounded in the stadium, announcing that the first group match would start in fifteen minutes, and all participating teams could start entering the stadium to prepare for the game. With the recurring broadcast, people began to leave from the European and American rest areas, the Asian area, and the host Korea area to prepare for admission.

A European and American team even brought its own monitor, carried it in, and connected to the host.

Soon, she heard people rummaging for things, getting up, and whispering conversations not far behind her.

The K&K people are ready to enter.

This is the first team in China to participate in the group stage and naturally attracts attention.

As the leader of P, Ai Qing sits in the first row of seats in the China region, and this is also the place where all Chinese players play. She just looked at them like this, passing in front of her one by one.

The first one is grunt, then 97 and the two boys, and the last one is Dt.

He was holding a mouse and keyboard in one hand, because he was too tall and wearing a hat, and he habitually lowered his head when walking, just inadvertently collided with her sight.

A short half-second passed by.

And he clearly heard the girl behind him said to himself:

“Good luck。”

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