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Trapped Fish Chapter 17

Ai Qing went back to the door of the room where she lived, took the key card, and repeated it several times before opening it.

She walked in and heard a loud sound of water in the bathroom, because the bathroom door was open, and the whole room was filled with the smell of water vapor. Feeling something wrong, she threw the backpack on the floor, walked in barefoot, and saw Ai Jing wearing clothes standing under the shower head, her whole body was wet from head to toe, her back turned to herself, her shoulders twitched. With.

is crying?

The picture of this scene seems familiar.

She stood there, not knowing whether it was because she had a heart-to-heart relationship with her sister, or because she remembered the past, she could not move her feet, she could only look at it, and she did not dare to make a sound, for fear of breaking the last remaining sister. So self-esteem.

When Ai Jing’s hand touched the switch of the rain shower head, she was shocked and took two steps back.

“Grunt and first love are reconciled,” Ai Qing didn’t have to look back, knowing she was there, “That’s the girl who asked him to learn “you’re beautiful” to make others happy.”

“You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt.

More than four years ago, in Chengdu, Ai Jing met grunt up close for the first time. She was moved by the song he sang in a KTV private room. At that time, Ai Qing asked him if he liked James Blunt very much? Grunt’s answer was: “My girlfriend used to like Blunt very much. She liked to listen to me singing, so I just learned it by the way.”

If it hadn’t been mentioned by her sister, she would have forgotten it.

This kind of meeting details can only be remembered by those who really care.

To others? At best, it is a nutritious conversation.

Ai Jing seemed to be crying enough. While taking off the soaked clothes one by one, she turned on the shower head again and filled her body with white foam: “Yesterday he called her in front of me and told her, He will marry her when he has earned four million in total prize money.”

She screamed and didn’t know what to say.

“Do you know Ai Qing? I am too heroic, absolutely. Every time I want to pay attention to some other man, I think of him, think of his face in the game, answer the questions sharply after the game, think of… Called me again, talking about the feeling of olo, the kind of man who has been passionate and rampant all his life…”

Ai Jing’s voice gradually sank.

She took out the big blue bath towel she had brought from the box and passed it in, still not thinking about comforting words.

The two sisters are not like others imagined. They seem to talk about everything and are connected with each other. In fact, their true feelings are hidden and they have never communicated in depth.

But she understands what the sister said.

A girl, when she stumbles in the world of the game, suddenly a hero-like character appears, who has the leeway to mow all the opponents, does not show any mercy, does not pity and cherish jade, and only protects you alone…or rather, only Cooperate with you alone, hit the sharp knife when you want to kill, and make decisive when you want to retreat.

This kind of heroism in another world is a strange attraction.

And this hero has won the world championship in the national flag countless times. This attraction is even more difficult to resist.

Ai Jing quickly rinsed off, wrapped herself in a bath towel, walked out a few steps, looking at Ai Qing with red eyes, a few seconds later, she suddenly pounced on her, burying her face fiercely on her shoulder: ” Hurry up, talk, just say anything, just don’t comfort me, as soon as you comfort me, I will cry again.”



“Do you remember I told you that in 2008, olo had a grievance with the South Korean beast king Nani?”

“Remember…” my sister said in a dull voice, “your olo kola, you beat Nani with the membrane keyboard.”

“The two of them bet that the loser has to sing a song in yy voice, and at the same time give the opponent the first id of, and the winner has to answer a question in public.”

“You didn’t say that?” My sister immediately wentssiping, with red eyes looking up, “What is the question? What was olo being asked?”

what is the problem?

That day, it seemed that all the spectators had made an appointment, and they asked the same question without any dispute: Apart from the daughter and the mother, who was the woman he loved the most?

At that time, hundreds of thousands of people were online, constantly swiping their screens.

The person in charge of the interim host couldn’t hold it anymore, and followed the people on the Internet gossipingly and started teasing, is it a certain animal name, or the one that blushes with a smile?


“Except for my daughter and mother, who is the woman I love most,” Ai Qing sighed, “Isn’t it special? It’s gossip.”

“…What did he say?” Ai Jing was suddenly nervous as if she was on the scene.

Very nervous.

“Su Cheng.”

Yes, Su Cheng.

He spoke this name in the yy voice in front of hundreds of thousands of people online.

At that time, all the netizens who were browsing Appledog and Appledog stopped refreshing their screens. The temporary host who had been teasing him was also taken aback. The name Su Cheng was so strange that no one knew who it was.

“Damn! I’ll kill him!” Ai Jing didn’t care about herself and wrapped her in a bath towel, and immediately pushed her away, “No! You are too unbelievable, so you come to P?”

“For the sake of dreams, who is as superficial as you, just thinking about love…” Ai Qing covered her forehead, pretending to be helpless, “Did you forget, are you losing love? Obviously I am comforting with my sad past You! Kiss!”


“Bah, dream of a fart! Don’t give me an idiot, style, and style,” my sister gritted her teeth with anger, “Quickly, go on, why does olo the bastard say that woman’s name!”

In order not to disappoint my daughter.

Su Cheng is his daughter’s mother and can only be the only answer.

“Huh? Forgot,” she changed her mind, pretending to be innocent, “Oh, why don’t you remember?”

“… Ai! Love!” My sister rushed over.

Ai Qing had already acted first, tore off the towel from her body, and then ran away at the moment of her death.

Later, that incident was weakened by fans, and even the name Su Cheng was ignored by everyone. After all, Appledog is too famous. The photos of her game have been made desktop by many people, and she is the only girl in many people’s dreams who can be worthy of olo. . So in 2010, when she and olo met again in Chengdu, they were seen by the host and the audience in C’s arena, and they were still teased as a pair.

This is still the case today.


Ai Qing felt that her own story would definitely distract her sister. She believes that Ai Jing can sort out the relationship problem by herself, after all… she is her sister.


She clenched her gloved fist and smashed it twice against the snow-covered tree trunk.

Damn grunt, can’t be together, you’re an ambiguous ghost!

“I really want to slap your face on the keyboard!” She grumbled to the trunk.

“Oh,” 97’s voice suddenly appeared, and soon he walked around from behind the tree, “What’s wrong with the leader of P? It’s not a professional player’s way to vent his anger with his fists.”

As he spoke, he turned his hands on his back and scanned the people around him with his eyes: “If you want, this person is always available to vent his anger, absolutely no charge.”

Dt glanced at 97 silently.

So it was the ridiculous joke of 97. Ai Qing really went to an Internet cafe with them. After all, as the leader of P, she blatantly missed the evening meeting and discussed with the main players of K&K. It was too shaken. .

It’s different in Internet cafes, even the people sitting next to them can’t understand them.

Ai Qing opened the keyboard and put on the headphones: “I want to start a live broadcast tonight.”

97 heart understands: “No problem, I will open the vest, let Dt’s goddess cut it.” Ai Qing was dumbfounded, taking advantage of the gap time when Dt was absent, she finally made her protest for the first time: “My sister just got caught by you. Good brother dumped it, please, don’t joke at this time.”

“Huh?” 97 took off the earphones in surprise, “Impossible, grunt likes your sister so much.”

“…Do you like it so much that you can’t be together?”

“It’s really possible, how can I put it, grunt is a weird guy anyway,” 97 pointed to his head, “It’s not the same as us here, the way of thinking is different,” he finished, frowning again, and filled with scorn. Sentence, “However, when it comes to brain structure, it seems that Dt is even stranger…”

He spoke too deeply, not even noticing that Dt had come in for supper with two bags.

When the bag was placed in front of him, 97 stopped, immediately put on the earphones and silenced.

Dt took out the food from the bag in the same way. Ai Qing was surprised at first, but then more and more surprised. This is all the things he ate with her that day… The most terrifying thing is that he took out three cups in the end. Starbucks.

“Soy milk latte?” Ai Qing asked, looking up, feeling lingering.

Dt looked down at the tip of her nose that was frozen red, and suddenly felt impulsive, wanting to touch it with his fingers. During this thought, the eyes under the baseball cap were a little distracted.

Until, a white hand swayed in front of his eyes: “It doesn’t matter, I drink soy milk latte too… Never waste any penny of the K&K team captain.”

“Toffee Nut Latte,” he said.

Sweet, your favorite. he thinks.

“This,” Ai Qing laughed, “My favorite, I have to wait until Christmas every year to drink.”

“Really? Recommended by the clerk, still wondering if you like it or not.” He said.

I know, you mentioned it in the interview. he thinks.

Ai Qing suddenly became happy.

From the evening to now, from Su Cheng to Ai Jing, she was a little absent, and now, here, in this Internet cafe in a foreign country, she can have a sip of her favorite, as if everything has been resolved.

I will leave Korea tomorrow.

Then…the finals in Shanghai, China.

That was the end of the exhibition game of “Storm of the Chamber”, and it was also a starting point.

The olo team that once wrote an entire e-sports era appeared together, top competitive players joined one after another, and two top clubs entered the battlefield. Just as olo wrote on Weibo when he announced the P lineup: “Our dream has been dead for a long time. All past experiences and honors will be refreshed again from this moment.”


This is why she came back.

Ai Qing held the cup in both hands and took a sip, feeling that her mental realm was really getting higher…

She glanced at Dt, who was sitting next to him, and saw the snow on the brim of his hat: “There is snow on the hat? It’s all wet.” As she said, she took out the napkin from the bag and went to help him wipe the snow. And snow water.

She is short, he is tall, and there is a big difference in sitting.

Ai Qing wanted to wipe the back, so she wanted to stand up, but he didn’t expect to be stopped by one of his hands. Dt turned to her, put his elbows on his knees, lowered his head, and wiped with her.

Because of his head down, his entire face was hidden in the shadow of the brim of his hat.

“Why do you like wearing hats so much?” Ai Qing felt funny. She would rather bow her head than take off his hat. She inexplicably remembered how he fell asleep in the Singapore auditorium in 2007. “For convenience?”

After a few seconds of silence, he answered softly: “Get used to it.”

Only in this way can we always look at you unscrupulously.

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