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Trapped Fish Chapter 19

When P’s team ran to the beach to find Ai Qing, they saw K&K’s most powerful captain Dt wrapped Ai Qing with a white towel, making him think he was dazzled…

“Didn’t we have a buffet tonight?” Ai Qing heard the little team member call herself, and hurriedly took the towel over, “I want to change clothes first. Your clothes…”

“Don’t worry.” His eyes drooped, seeing that the short sleeves on her were soaked in water.

It’s too cold here, you will catch a cold. he thinks.

“It’s too cold here, you will catch a cold like this,” Ai Qing said softly, “Go back and get dressed.”

After she finished speaking, she ran away wrapped in a bath towel.

In fact, it’s not in a hurry. The buffet will start in half an hour. She has enough time to change clothes and take a hot shower quickly, but for some reason, it’s too embarrassing to stay next to Dt.

You can only leave first for excuses.

When she stepped into the elevator, she found that there were already several people inside.

The two foreigners, Su Cheng in long skirts, and Gun, who lowered his head to play with her mobile phone, were a little surprised to see her in her outfit, while the latter just leaned in the elevator corner without looking up at her.

“Why is it soaking wet?” Behind her, a hand patted her shoulder.


She hummed: “I accidentally fell into the sea.”

He also walked in, pressed the eighth floor, and stood beside Ai Qing.

A few seconds later, the elevator reached the third floor, and the two foreigners left, leaving only the four of them. The moment the elevator door closed again, Gun’s eyes lifted slightly, sweeping the two women and the man in front of him: “Do you need me to avoid it?”


This picture seems to have returned to ten years ago.

In the middle of the night, when Gun brought Su Cheng to her for the first time and looked at her and olo, it was the same sentence. That night, she saw Su Cheng for the first time and heard this name. When she was still immersed in the joy of victory, secretly calculating the time to meet olo, and wanted to celebrate quietly, everything changed.

“Hello,” Su Cheng, who was unfamiliar at the time, said to her the first sentence, “I want to… talk to olo alone.”

She is fifteen and she is twenty-two.

The two are seven years apart. She has experienced a smooth journey from school to e-sports without any setbacks. And she, who was also an e-sports player, is just one of many losers buried in the pyramid.

She admired olo until she stood shoulder to shoulder with him;

And she also admired olo, but she could only be a short-term comfort when he was most frustrated.


Ai Qing’s bath towel wrapped tightly around her body, really freezing to death: “What to avoid? Discuss tactics? You and Su Cheng should avoid it together. The boss of K&K is confused?”

“Tactics? Overwhelming personal strength surpasses all wonderful tactics,” Gun curled his mouth and smiled teasingly. “If I read it right…you are wearing K&K summer uniforms?”

The ridicule to the three people just now did not make her unable to cope, but the small problem now made her suddenly embarrassed: “Well… that’s right.”

Fortunately, the elevator arrived on the sixth floor in time, and Gun only left a meaningful look and took Su Cheng away.

olo’s eyes fell silently on Ai Qing.

He saw her pale with the cold, and he had the urge to hug her.

Embracing this gesture was very ordinary to him and her. At that time, she was fifteen years old and was a little girl. When she was happy, she was happy. She won the game and even rushed to hug her neck. Can helplessly support her two legs, like a big child, hold her to her chest…

The nineteen-year-old herself, the fifteen-year-old herself.

After she went back to the room, she hurriedly took a hot bath and put on her P uniform.

When I was drying my hair in the mirror, I was still looking at the wet clothes thrown in the bathtub, thinking, should I wash it and let him dry before sending it back?

“Leader!” The girl who lives with me rushed in, “I saw the boss interview, on the sports channel!”

“Last month?” she recalled, turning off the hair dryer.

“Yeah~” The girl held the remote control, swayed and smiled, suddenly saw the black short sleeves in the bathtub, and immediately picked it up gossiping, “Isn’t this the K&K uniform?”

“Um…” Ai Qing did not answer.

“Whose?” The girl became more gossip, compared the size, and then looked at the label on the neckline, “XL? 180? K&K over 180–“

Dt and grunt!

“It’s Dt, the captain of K&K,” Ai Qing cleared her throat, “I got my skirt wet by the beach just now. He borrowed it from me.”

Borrow short sleeves?

Isn’t the borrower going to be bare?

She just walked out of the bathroom with a suspicious look.

On TV, the interview is nearing the end.

olo sits in front of the camera in a white casual wear, his eyes are as gentle and calm as always: “E-sports is different from other sports. Its life is very short. Every teenager who struggles for it must understand that the road in front of you is very long. You have to pay far more than you think.”

The host smiled and took the conversation. The main idea is to thank olo for sharing his experience in the industry for so many years. By the way, I lament the increasingly hot e-sports market and the prediction of popular games in the future.

She looked at the people on the TV screen and thought of the embarrassing scene in the elevator just now.

“Leader, do you want to go?” The girl behind found that it was almost time and asked her.

“I’m not going, I’ll order the delivery. It was frozen just now, and the buffet is a poolside barbecue again. It feels cold after thinking about it.”

Ai Qing is not a person who is particularly keen on group activities. She often misses all kinds of gatherings. The girl gets used to it and leaves with her camera and coat. She turned off the TV casually, and the room was quiet again.

So hungry.

She picked up a big pillow and tossed it against her chest. She sat on the bed and looked through the menu. There was nothing to make her appetite. Looked over and over again three times, and finally gave up.

Go quietly to the restaurant downstairs?

Would you think too much if you were seen by a team member?

I’m really hungry.

She hugged the pillow and rolled around on the bed: “Hungry, I want to eat seafood barbecue, I really want to eat… Why do you want you to avoid them, obviously they should avoid you, Ai Qing, you A fool—”

Suddenly, the door was knocked.

She sat up suddenly and froze.

The next second, immediately throw away the pillow, step on the slippers, and run to the door. Call, calm, open the door.

In the quiet corridor, there was a tall and thin person standing.


She was surprised that she was only wearing underwear. From the angle of his height, all the contents of the empty team uniform were at a glance-with a rush, she yanked the zipper to the end.

But obviously, this big boy has long been used to focusing all his attention on her.

He saw it, and soon turned his head to the end of the corridor, looking at the row of green bonsai used for decoration: “I, come to get the clothes.”

“Clothes? Ah, clothes, clothes, your clothes,” Ai Qing replied in a flustered manner, “wash it for you before sending it over. I have an international call here, don’t say anything, goodbye.”

After speaking, he took two steps backwards and slammed the door.

Then, the whole person leaned against the door, and a flame came out from his heart, as if it was about to scorch her whole body, and swept through the whole body without mercy.

It’s okay, it’s okay, calm, calm, he must not, see, see.

Ai Qing kept comforting herself, but she couldn’t help but cover her face. Oh my god, I can still see people. I will just ask for leave tomorrow, and wait until the Hainan qualifier is over and disappear directly…

Outside the door, Dt stood for a long time.

Just now because I didn’t see her at the poolside barbecue, I wanted to come over to see if she got a cold from the sea water, or, at least, was uncomfortable.

And now–

His mind was a little messy, standing there, unable to make sense of direction. Until there was the sound of opening the door next door, accompanied by the laughter of several girls, he was finally awakened, turned around, and passed by the three girls coming oncoming.

“Huh? Isn’t that the captain of K&K?”

“Yeah, the elevator doesn’t go, why do you take the stairs? The eighth floor.”

“I heard that the boss of K&K likes physical punishment. Is this a habit?”

All the discussion was behind him. He pushed open the door of the safe passage and walked into the darkness. At this moment, in the space where he could not see his fingers, he stepped on two steps and staggered two steps…

Hold the wall.

The eyes under the brim of the hat still had a panic, that was a panic that he couldn’t control himself.

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