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Trapped Fish Chapter 20

She never left the hotel room that night.

The grilled salmon was unpalatable and made people cry. When she and Bona complained about the food delivery at this hotel, Bona threw her a temporary task: “I need you to fly to America once.”

“America?” She wondered, why is she going to America suddenly?

Now there is no offline game in the Chamber of Secrets, even if you are watching, you need to have a game.

“I’ll give you a little vacation, you help me bring a team,” Bao Na grinned and poked the cup in front of him with his pen. “Inin is not in good shape recently, I hope you can accompany him to StarCraft 2 in the US Offline matches.”

Ai Qing recalled that, indeed, the little boy was somewhat psychologically “unaccustomed” recently.

This is a good seedling, and it may die at a young age if you are careless.

“In the Chamber of Secrets, he missed the championship in the exhibition game. After two consecutive StarCraft 2 online games, he stopped outside the top ten. If he doesn’t adjust his state as soon as possible…” Bao Na explained in depth.

Ai Qing understood, and smiled: “Adjusting is so troublesome, it’s better to get back a champion to save trouble.”

Bao Na raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Have fun! I want a champion, I must get it back!”

Therefore, the itinerary was finalized on the spot.

Air tickets, hotels, and reception cars are all settled within half an hour.

It’s the plane tonight.

Ai Qing packed up her folders. When she got up from her chair, she suddenly thought of something. It was strange to see olo who was always writing training reports: “What if I lose?”

olo looked away from the computer screen, was silent for a moment, and smiled slightly: “You won’t lose.”

He was once the absolute king of StarCraft.

Since returning from South Korea, Ai Qing has unexpectedly developed an interest in StarCraft 2, taking up almost all of their personal time, discussing tactics with him. Perhaps, he was leading in the early stage, but after all, he has retired for many years. In the second half, Ai Qing was groping by herself, and his growth rate exceeded his imagination.

Although she has retired, it is clear that both technology and thinking have remained at their peak.

Therefore, he believed her.

Before leaving the hotel, she knew very well that this time she had to not only help Inin overcome her previous frustration and enter the final semi-finals and finals. If she wanted to win the championship, the last enemy she faced was Dt.

She and Inin stood outside the gate of the hotel, waiting for the special car to the airport. Soon, several people in K&K uniforms also came out with their suitcases, Dt and grunt.

Obviously, waiting for the same car.

This is the case in China, because of funding problems, not many people go abroad to participate in offline games.

So they are usually teams. Anyway, they are all top masters. See you when you look up and you can’t get familiar anymore.

In other words, she was ordered to become a team with these two players from K&K.

This is the first time she and Dt go on the same team after 2007.

When inin saw Dt, he immediately punished his lips and said softly: “Leader, Dt.”

“…Inin,” Ai Qing stopped in a low voice, “Dare to talk nonsense again, and be careful that I punish you not to eat.”

Inin has always set off a wave of scandals in P on a small scale, not to mention that she and Dt are lovers. Those two months are really, even Bao Na has a demon look on this matter. It was finally calmed down, and it was a joke when I did it again.

Inin stuck out his tongue, pressed the sun visor down, and muttered silently: “Hey, the champion is going away from me again.”

Before he finished speaking, Ai Qing used the magazine to knock the back of his head: “Morale!”

The two of them murmured, the car has come, Dt and grunt both took a step back, grunt: “beauty first.”

Ai Qing thought about her sister’s affairs, but she was still blocked. She didn’t want to talk to him. She picked up her suitcase and wanted to go up. Dt had already picked it up behind her: “I will help you put the luggage rack.”

“Thank you.” She whizzed back her hand and jumped up in two steps.

Grunt was strange, and looked at Dt: “Why is this girl so wrong today?”

Don’t you usually pretend to be calm in front of people? Why are you impatient today?

Dt picked up the words between himself and Ai Qing, dropped the sentence “I don’t know”, and then got into the car.

Grunt raised his eyebrows, looked at Inin, and teased him with a prolonged tone: “Brother~Come on.” After speaking, he patted the straw hat on Inin’s head. Inin was taken aback and jumped up a few steps.

Ai Qing sat in the seat by the window, and Inin jumped up. She was planning to sit next to him, but she didn’t expect a tall and thin figure to dangle behind her, and slowly patted Inin on the shoulder.

He turned his head, his face turned pale

Great Satan……

Gun, wearing a black headset, lowered his eyes and smiled oppressively at the little boy: “Little player, come on, let’s make one’s position.” His eyes slanted and gestured to the empty seat beside Ai Qing.

The white-faced boy completely lost his resistance, so he gave way…

She didn’t expect that Gun would want to sit next to her.

Gun sat down, took off the earphones on one side, muttered, and greeted slowly: “Twenty days in the future, please take care of me, leader P.”

This is the only thing Gun said to her during the forty-minute drive.

The car drove across the seashore, across the mountains, and drove along the road all the way to the airport. Except for the sound of the driver chatting with inin, there was no redundant conversation.

Ai Qing and Gun sat next to each other, always silent.

Behind the two, grunt wanted to chat with Dt, but couldn’t respond at all.

When we arrived at the airport and checked in, the two people followed Dt. Unexpectedly, when she handed her and Inin passports to the counter staff, she was told that they had been upgraded by K&K people.

“We have a lot of money,” Inin stuck out his tongue, “Although there are not many K&K people, everything is the most expensive. Even if you go out, you have to be first-class.” The most important thing is to have people who are traveling with Fuze.

Ai Qing poked his forehead and said in a low voice, “That’s because we have few people.”

After boarding the plane, she faced three men sitting in the aisle separately, and found that each of them stood in a row, leaving no two seats side by side for herself and inin.

After hesitating for three seconds, she put the boarding pass in her pocket: “Can you let me?”

She asked in a low voice.

Dt stiffened visibly, then slowly got up from the seat and let her in. Inin, who followed Ai Qing, was stunned, and found that Ai Qing was sitting in her seat. Then… He looked at the other two people hesitantly, and fell into deep anxiety. One is the big demon, the other is the mean king, do you leave me alone as the leader? !

Ai Qing bowed her head, fastened her seat belt, silently guilty, and avoided Inin’s gaze for help.

Children should also be with the poisonous tongue to exercise anti-stress.

But when Dt sat down next to her, she found that she was not very relaxed either.

I don’t know why, I am always afraid of what he will say to myself, but I am also afraid that he will not say anything, making the two of them even more awkward. So entangled, three hours after taking off, she finally cleared her throat and broke the deadlock: “Why didn’t you speak?”

The sound was suppressed very low, because the front and back, left and right, had entered a deep sleep mode.

Dt heard it and turned his head slowly, “I thought you were angry.”

“pissed off?”

“There’s none?”

“…I’m not that stingy.” She explained in a low voice.

However, this weird conversation is obviously a reminder of the episode that happened last night.

“I’m sorry,” he said suddenly.

What is there to apologize for?

“No need to apologize.” She blushed and shook her head slightly.

“I didn’t mean to—”

“What do you want to drink?” Ai Qing quickly changed the subject.

Before Dt could answer, she hurriedly pressed the call light and ordered a glass of apple juice.

The stewardess was sober looking at Dt. By the way, he asked if he needed anything. Dt didn’t even think about it, so she asked for the same drink. When the stewardess left, Dt looked back again and looked at her hesitantly.


Never apologize anymore.

Ai Qing prayed silently. Fortunately, he really didn’t continue the embarrassing topic.

The stewardess brought two glasses of apple juice, handed them to them, and brought some snacks intimately. Maybe she was really hungry. Ai Qing looked at the four different dim sums on the plate and wanted to taste it, but she felt that her idea was too domineering: “Which one do you want to eat?” After all, she is three years older. Be like a sister.

“I’m not hungry.” Dt said.

It’s all yours, don’t care about me. he thinks.

Ai Qing picked up the fork happily, and reconfirmed in a moral way: “Are you really hungry?”

“Well, really.”

Ai Qing got her wish. She poke the chocolate cake with a fork for a while, then poke the strawberry again, and she was very happy.

Dt watched her eat, hesitated for a long time, and finally spoke:

“Should we make a bet? A bet on who of us can win this offline game.”

“Bet?” Ai Qing looked up and saw the big boy who had just won two international championships, and immediately understood: “Okay.”

Although K&K and P played together on behalf of China, all they got back were national honors.

But this does not prevent healthy competition between the two clubs.

“What are you betting on?” Ai Qing quickly went through various punishment methods in her mind.

“The easiest bet.”


Behind him, a passenger stood up, walked past the two in silence, and glanced at the two “little lovers” who were not sleeping late at night and chatting in a low voice. And she didn’t notice the gaze outside, she was still waiting for his answer.

“one question.”

He thought to use his 300th victory to bet on a problem with her.

On the streets of Guangzhou that year, when she told herself about the grievances in 2008, he still didn’t know the truth because he never paid attention to anyone except her game.

Later, he learned the answer olo said from the Internet.


As of today, the honor and world ranking attached to his id came from her. He wants everyone to know the origin of the name Dt. He wants to make up for her regret in 2008.

But first, he needs to know whether he has–

The right to say these words.

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