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Trapped Fish Chapter 23

Go into the room, take a shower, pack things, blow your hair, change clothes, all in one go.

In other words, make yourself unable to stop.

But after all, there was time to finish things…When there was really nothing to do, but there was not time to talk to Po Na and Olo on the phone, she was a little restless, and ran to the freezer and took out four bottles of more than 300 ml of beer. Open them one by one with the bottle opener and pour them into the cup.

Drink it, it’s cold.

It’s so fun, and four bottles will soon be scrapped.

She continued to search, took out all the alcohol content, and tried one by one.


She squinted her eyes and smiled, a little fluttering, very comfortable.

Half an hour later, olo’s phone dialed in, she pressed the speakerphone, and heard the man over there asking her: “Everything goes well?”

“Hmm,” she said cheerfully, “it went well.”

“… Ai Qing?”

“Huh? You say?” She put the beer bottle on the window sill and sat there curled up with the phone at her feet. After maintaining this position for three seconds, feeling uncomfortable in this position, he jumped off the windowsill and ran to the bed to get a pillow.

“Forget it,” olo’s voice softly melts people, comforting her softly, “I won’t talk about official business tonight, I’ll hang up.” “Ah? Don’t talk about it? The game is about to be played tomorrow,” she said. Came over with a pillow and stared at his mobile phone, “Do you really want to talk?”

“Well, don’t talk about it, good night.”

Soon, only the blind tone after hanging up was left in the room.

She continued to hug the pillow, unable to think of why olo suddenly became so unprofessional. In the chaos, by the way, think about what else you can do without working? Take a bath?

Oh yes, take a bath.

So her hair was still not dry, she went all the way to take off herself, walked into the bathroom to wash it again, and when she came out, she clearly heard a knock on the door. In a daze, she took a suspender dress and put it on, while wiping her hair, she went, and without asking who it was, she opened the door directly.


She looked at him doubtfully, and asked slurredly: “Where’s your hat?”

“…” Dt was convinced that she had really entered deep drunk mode as olo said on the phone.

This kind of drunkenness, he had learned a few years ago.

It’s like releasing all emotions without knowing it.

What should be said, what should not be said, what should be done, what should not be done, suddenly dare…

At the food stalls on the street, there were many open-air places for men and women. She just smiled and pointed at herself and told Ai Jing: “I’m telling you, it’s the first time I went to the Asian Championships’ village and saw He was taken off his pants.”

At that time, drunk, non-drunk, gossiping, bragging strangers were shocked.

Later, when he drove her and Ai Jing back to the hotel, she jumped on her back and said she had to carry her on the stairs by herself…

Now, it is estimated to be almost as drunk as then.

Ai Qing watched him still and did not speak, stretched out her hand and poked his arm with her finger: “Ah, I thought it was an illusion, ha ha, ha ha.”

“…” He was afraid, what if he came late, or if she refused to open the door.

Fortunately, none of these problems exist.

Now she opened the door, still smiling silly at herself, fortunately.

Dt walked into the room, and while she was still smiling and running around the room, he pulled out a P team uniform from her suitcase and put it on her outside the suspender skirt.

When the zipper was closed, she was still pulling his hand awkwardly…

The temperature of those hands, because of drunkenness, was particularly hot, and when he stroked the back of his hands, he stiffened almost instantly and did not dare to move.

“Oh, I think of something, Wu Bai,” she said to him seriously without realizing it, still looking at the ceiling, “I just looked at the preliminaries list and estimated that you are one-eighth Who will I meet in the finals, am I good? Ha ha, ha ha…”

“Well, great.” He took a deep breath and reached out again, trying to buckle the zipper.

“This man, it’s despicable. If you run into him, don’t use the Zerg. Last year, he especially liked to use a tactic specifically to deal with the Zerg, that is, to use the protoss defensive tower, specially built in the middle of the arena. Platoon, keep robbing Zerg soldiers… Uh, right, do you understand?” She stared at Dt with big eyes flashing.

As expected of Appledog, unconsciously, still analyzing tactics——

“Understand,” he finally buckled the zipper and pulled it up gently and cautiously. “Rogue tactics can neither win nor let the opponent win. It is purely time consuming.”

“Really~smart~” She snapped her fingers.

“It’s okay. When I meet him, I will use Zerg. It will definitely make him lose.”

Finally, the zipper was pulled to the position of the collarbone.

Safe now.

He let go.

Then, with a splash,

Ai Qing pulled away in a second, took off her clothes, and threw them on the windowsill…

Dt couldn’t help it finally and smiled.

In this smile, there is a kind of helplessness and a kind of release.

Maybe only at this time, he really dared to show his intention to care for her in front of her.

“How can you be so awkward, you,” Ai Qing was very dissatisfied that he knew that there was a rogue in front of him, but he still didn’t avoid such a rogue. She had to fight hard. She walked around irritably and in the end. My hair fainted, and he fell on the carpet with a puff, “It can’t be like this, what I expected is that we will win the championship and runner-up…”

Regardless of who is the champion, let China take the lead and repeat.

She tugged at the carpet in distress.

Dt smiled and knelt down in front of her: “I will fulfill your expectations.”

The first three must be Chinese.

She raised her head, looked at the handsome boy in front of him, frowned slightly, and reached out to touch his hair: “If you don’t wear a hat, you should wash your hair again before coming out, here,” she touched some short hair Where it is too depressed, “It’s all overwhelmed and ugly.”

“…” To be honest, he has never felt that he has something to do with Ugly.

She tut, and shook her head: “A hundred points of Yan, because of the hair, only 90 points.”

This sentence is the truth. he thinks.

“Wu Bai…” She became more and more unclear, calling his name.

“Huh?” He suddenly felt that it was good for her to drink like this occasionally.

“Do you like me?”

be quiet.

be quiet.

so quiet.

She looked at him solemnly, giving him an illusion. Does she still have a clear consciousness?

will not. He judged quickly.

With Ai Qing’s character, if she was sober, she would not ask such questions directly.

Although… he wanted to tell her that yes, he had liked it for a long, long time, but still kept his eyes down and kept this quiet, without answering anything. He didn’t say “No” because he never lied, nor did he say “Yes” because he wanted to tell her at the most appropriate time, when she could hear her most clearly.

The two people at this time were already very close.

She is sitting, and he is squatting, as long as he wants to get closer.

Especially when she was so serious and looked up at herself, it was the easiest thing to do. He heard a heavy, chaotic heartbeat in his chest, and constantly wanted to break free from the shackles of reason and break the deadlock in the quiet and deadlocked posture…

She wondered: “Is it right?”


“Am I wrong?”


“Oh,” she sighed lightly, lowered her head and hugged her knees, “no one will like me anymore.”

Sitting curled up in front of him, he was completely silent.

She couldn’t see how the person in front of him released the clenched hand and clenched it into a fist again. If he weren’t Wu Bai, he wouldn’t be able to control his urge to hold her completely in his arms under such a sigh of loss.

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