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Trapped Fish Chapter 24

I’m impressed.

I only know that someone has cleaned up her room. All the clothes from the inside to the outside are folded and neatly placed next to the pillow. There is also a note left by Ai Jing: Puppies, my sister is wrong, promise me not to have any conflicts with grunt in the United States, and not to affect his game. I’ll see you at home.

She picked up the note, held the quilt and froze for a full minute, then dialed her sister’s phone.

Shut down.

I don’t know if she doesn’t want to answer the phone or is on the plane.

Ai Qing buried her head in her arms and let out a long breath.

She is Ai Jing, the one who blocked her parents’ scolding countless times, and the best doctoral student in the family.

There will be absolutely nothing wrong.

She quickly jumped out of the bed, put on the P team uniform and ran to the next door to drag Inin, who was still awake, stuffed his mouse and keyboard into the schoolbag, and walked out carrying the schoolbag and the still confused little boy.

There are already seven or eight Koreans waiting for the elevator in the elevator, and they laughed when they saw Inin.

After all, inin is the top player in the Korean interstellar project. No one who can come here to participate in the competition will not know him.

Everyone was joking in a language that Ai Qing could not understand. Inin rubbed her hair embarrassedly, and softly explained to her: “They are joking with me, so I won’t translate it for you.” Originally because of a hurry, no He rubbed the groomed hair even more mess.

Ai Qing looked at his face and knew that it might not be a good topic.

After all, inin was a Korean who was dug over with the championship halo, but when he came to China, he was unaccustomed to several competitions, and his results plummeted. These are the current status quo in the circle. “My old friend tells me about the old,” Ai Qing pretended not to understand, stretched out her hand, and straightened out the messy bangs on his forehead, “Hey, I really want to eavesdrop. I still watch too few Korean dramas.”

“Leader, are you still watching Korean dramas?”

“Of course,” Ai Qing successfully diverted his attention and whispered, “I like Qian Songyi very much.”

“I like it too!” Inin’s big eyes sparkled with strange brilliance.

Uh, is it in the bullseye?

Ai Qing felt more and more that the little boy olo dug over was too interesting.

Good-tempered, shy, crying, and watching Korean dramas…

Two people and the seven or eight Koreans took an elevator. When the elevator door opened, Inin was pulled out by a person with his shoulders on his shoulders. The man walking at the end deliberately slowed down a few steps. After everyone filed out, he said to Ai Qing: “I hope olo can take care of him as he said when he took him away. Great potential.”

He speaks Chinese, although his intonation is a bit strange and jerky.

Ai Qing was touched by the seriousness in his eyes, and she narrowed her smile: “Don’t worry, not only olo, P will take care of him. “

Although she can’t know all the interstellar players, she also knows that this is Inin’s coach in Korea in the past.

She and the people from K&K met downstairs.

Perhaps because of the brief quarrel last night, everyone looked awake. Dt put his hands in the pockets of his sportswear jacket, watching the flow of people coming and going outside the hotel in some silence.

Hearing the movement, he turned his head and looked at them for three full seconds before nodding to her and Inin.

Apart from the driver, there are only five of them in the commercial vehicle.

Grunt kept his arms by the window, watching people coming and going outside the car. Chicago still needs to wear thick clothes this month. He just opened the window of his car and let the wind in. After a while, Ai Qing was so cold that he wrapped the scarf around his neck, which was considered a little bit of cold wind. .

When she arrived at the closed gymnasium, she kept rubbing her hands and wanted to warm herself up as soon as possible. Inin whispered in her ear strangely, “Why is everyone weird today?” “Ah? Are there any?” Ai Qing Pretending to be stupid, “Why don’t I think?” “Really, grunt feels particularly wrong,” Inin finished, and said again emphatically, “Really.”

When the two communicated in a low voice, grunt took off the K&K uniform and went on the court wearing a summer short sleeve. As he walked, he lowered his head and fiddled with the phone, placing the phone beside his ear from time to time, not in the least concentrating on the game. Ai Qing didn’t know what he wanted to do, Yu Guang looked at Gun and Dt, who were separated from him.

There was no unnecessary reaction from those two people.

It was clear that the two of them were grunt’s teammates, but they made her and Inin more nervous.

Because Dt and Inin were the champions of the two districts last year and will directly advance to the one-sixteenth competition, so among the Chinese players, only grunt will participate in today’s budget competition.

Fortunately, the game started smoothly.

In the first round of qualifiers, all the winners and losers in one hour.

grunt wins.

After half an hour, the second round is over.

grunt wins.

In the final round, grunt ran into a top Korean player who was ranked third in the world.

In the interstellar project, South Korea is the eternal overlord. Regardless of whether it is online or offline, it can even directly take the top ten in the game when it is smooth. When it is not smooth, it can give up one or two places to outsiders.

Therefore, except for those directly promoted, as long as they encounter South Korea in the qualifiers, they basically fail.

And because of last year’s results, of the three people who were directly promoted, only Dt had a Norwegian nationality, and the remaining two were Koreans, including Inin, who won the championship in the Americas.

Inin also slipped to No. 6 due to repeated losses.

Before olo retired, grunt’s best performance on StarCraft 2 was runner-up in China and ranked 6th in the world.

After olo retired, he was the champion of China, but the world ranking fell to 11.

Such results,

Faced with such a powerful enemy…

It’s halftime now, and after five minutes, the game will begin.

Grunt was still fiddling with her cell phone, listening to her ears, and Ai Qing suddenly felt like he was… also calling Ai Jing? In her sight, Grunt took off his glasses, finally gave up and threw the phone on the table, and then he put his head on the back of his hand, and just pestered there quietly.

like a statue.

The noise in the arena and the excitement of the commentator were completely like another world.

Time counts down.

His opponent has already put on headphones.

He still didn’t move.

Thirty-two groups of opponents were all ready, and he was the only one, still keeping that posture quietly. Finally, even the assistant referee thought he was ill, walked over, bent over and asked him a few words. He didn’t move, and the other party patted him on the shoulder. He didn’t know what he said, and he sat up straight and put on his glasses.

Suddenly inin exhaled: “I was scared to death, I thought he was going to abstain.”

“He…should not abstain.”

StarCraft 2 is the first game he entered the e-sports circle, and it is also the only game he has ever competed with olo. With his dedication to olo for so many years, he should not and cannot give up.

There is no live broadcast of the qualifiers.

No one knows the specific content of the game.

Ai Qing could only wait nervously with Inin. After about half an hour, suddenly, the phone vibrated in her pocket.

It turned out to be a message from Ai Jing: la la la la, I’m on the plane, continue to shut down, don’t worry.

Is this… a strong smile?

Ai Qing couldn’t guess what happened again last night, but seeing grunt’s performance, the two should have fallen out…just holding the phone, she froze for a while, and she sent a text message.

To Dt: My sister suddenly left, will it have a big impact on grunt?

Although something unpleasant happened in the corridor last night, today is game day.

They represent the Chinese Army.

It didn’t take long for the big boy sitting across the gun to notice and took out the phone and glanced at it. He seemed to see an advertisement text message, without any extra look back, just tapped the phone with his thumb for a few seconds.

She received a reply that he had put away the phone.

Dt: No, I believe him.


He is a professional player.

Ai Qing took a deep breath and saw that under Dt’s hat, those eyes fell on grunt without any deviation.

More than him, the four people sitting here are looking at grunt now.

The only person participating in the game here today.

Time was lost every minute, and a group of matches ended. Seeing those people who lost or won, or were excited or lost to leave the field, grunt’s game was still not over.

The two people in the game wore headphones and thought nothing more.

Soon, the two assistant referees ended the game because of the players they were staring at and walked over to watch. Not long after, the referee also stood behind grunt.

Compared to the Korean player who has the ability to compete for the world championship, everyone seems to be more interested in grunt who can persist until now.

One hour and thirty-nine minutes, the game continued.

At one hour and forty-seven minutes, more and more referees were watching.

One hour fifty-nine minutes, suddenly, the referees burst into applause.

This is the last game today.

After nearly two hours of fighting, the last person to enter the qualifiers was finally confirmed.

The Korean Army also laughed in celebration.

The Korean player first took off his headphones, stood up, smiled, and reached out to grunt. He did not expect that he would encounter such a dangerous match in the final qualifiers, and he did not expect that grunt today is so explosive that it is far better than his performance on the

Grunt just sat there, dulled for a few seconds, stood up, and symbolically held the opponent’s hand. Then let go and turned around and walked out directly from the safety exit, without even looking at the auditorium and VIP lounge area.

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