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Trapped Fish Chapter 25

Dt got up from his chair and chased out with grunt’s clothes. Inin pulled Ai Qing’s arm and whispered: “Should we go back by ourselves…”

Obviously, inin is terribly scared.

It seems that the latter also noticed Inin’s entanglement, got up slowly from the chair, stretched out his hand, messed up Inin’s hair, and leaned in half-smile: “Fear of me? You are not in my control, what’s the fear? of?”

“No,” Inin became even more depressed, lowered his head, looking at his shoes entangledly, “I want to… go back to training soon.”

Gun wanted to continue teasing him.

Ai Qing picked up Gun’s hand and pulled Inin behind her.

The meaning is obvious, don’t bully me.

Gun’s dark eyes swept from her to Inin, and then swept back: “This kind of non-aggressive player is indeed olo’s favorite…have it not changed for so many years? It is said that he was poached and used by olo. I lost a lot of money, why? Do you regret it?”

Ai Qing raised her eyebrows.

Gun raised his hands: “ok, ok, I won’t say anything, let’s go first.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up his black coat from the back of the chair, turned around, and his face sank. There was no longer the cynicism that teased Inin just now, and he left with an unhappy mood.

Inin touched his chest: “It’s terrible.”

On the way back, they worked with people from several Korean clubs, and inin acted as an interpreter from time to time. Unexpectedly, although grunt lost, they attracted their interest. When they heard Inin said that Ai Qing and K&K’s core players were very familiar, and they became more interested in small talk.

Korean mixed with Chinese, I had a lot of fun talking all the way.

Some people have even expressed that they will switch from “Interstellar” to “Secret Chamber”. From this point of view, e-sports has a greater advantage than traditional sports. You can see interstellar players turn dota, but you can never see divers turn sprints.

When stepping out of the hotel elevator, the person who won grunt and ranked third in Interstellar World shook Ai Qing’s hand specifically and said in jerky Chinese: “I look forward to your performance with Inin.”

“Same, looking forward to your performance.” Ai Qing also held his hand.

Everyone separated from the stairwell, and Ai Qing led Inin into the corridor on the right.

Unexpectedly, grunt was standing at the end of the corridor, in front of her room.

Ai Qing handed the two fast foods to inin, walked over, opened the door, and signaled grunt to enter.

During the whole process, the two people did not have any conversation.

The door closed, and the man behind took off his glasses tiredly: “Tell me where did your sister go.”

“You are so confident, I will tell you the truth?” Ai Qing threw the fast food on the table.

“Ai Qing,” he locked his gaze on her face, “tell me.”

This man…

She remembered that the first time she saw him, it was at Guangzhou Airport. At that time, her evaluation of him was that the male and female faces, especially after taking off the glasses, looked more like a beautiful girl in front and side. Later, in KTV, he inexplicably exposed her identity as an e-sports player. Then, a week later, he and his sister entered a state of entanglement for many years.

“She has returned to China.” Looking back now, what happened was so fast that it was as fast as the one I fell in love with olo when I was young. “If you want to talk to her, go back to China and contact yourself.”

So my sister is right.

No one has the right to intervene in emotional matters.

Because all the grievances and entanglements in it are only clear to the parties and God.

Grunt held his glasses and left without saying a word.

There is really no more nonsense.

Sitting on the hanging window, facing the night view of the entire city, she dialed the conference call number that olo had sent ten minutes ago. Soon, I heard a few boys chatting on the phone. They were the leader of the dota team in Europe, the leader of the Nanjing offline lol game, and the coaches of several other events.

“Here, Ai Qing,” she continued to eat the French fries, “Sorry, I accidentally became a jet lag party.”

Everyone laughed.

Someone asked: “I heard that you were temporarily taken away by Bao Na, and Fei Mei and Starcraft?”

“Yes, poor,” Ai Qing complained. “Two months ago, he applied for visas uniformly. He also said that it was just in case. Who knows, who knows, our boss is really getting dark-bellied.”

The people complained and greeted a few words and began to formally enter the meeting process.

P’s results are far ahead, in every item, because K&K involves not many projects, the focus is on the interstellar and the secret room, and the secret room has not officially entered the China qualifiers, so only Ai can really see the performance of K&K this spring. Love here. And because of her importance, she naturally became the last person to report.

“I am here. I just finished the qualifiers today. Two K&K players, one of them was the European champion last year and directly advanced to the 16th finals, and the other was the Chinese champion last year. The qualifiers were out.”

olo was a little surprised: “Who did grunt run into?”


“Unlucky,” olo said with a regretful smile, “This player has the most stable performance and is in the top three of the standings all the year round.” “Yes… bad luck.” she replied.

If there is no elder sister, ranking with grunt’s points can only lose.

After the two people had finished their regular business talks, everyone withdrew from the conference call. Amidst the ticking exits, she was always online. After a while, she asked: “olo?”

“Yeah.” He didn’t leave as expected, he was the last to leave every conference call.

“Yesterday…” She hesitated, asking if you want to.

“You drank too much yesterday,” he naturally understood what she wanted to ask, “you had no sense of autonomy when I called, so you didn’t continue the meeting.”

She screamed, “That… is the room service you called?”

There was a brief silence on the phone.

Her heart was beating slowly and slowly, wondering what his answer would be.

“I didn’t expect you to be so drunk,” Unexpectedly, olo didn’t answer directly, “Don’t remember?”

“Yes,” she seemed to understand, “Well, don’t say anything, goodbye, I wish you are too busy today to eat.”

“Good.” He laughed.

She thought, she should have guessed the real answer.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, the room service delivered a bag of clean clothes, which belonged to her.

Signer: Room 1213, Wu Bai.

Ai Qing took the bag and put all the clothes on the bed, and found that the whole bag was worn by her on the plane, as if he was picked out specially for the room service to wash…

She knelt on the bed in a daze, and threw herself on her clothes three seconds later.


Because of this bag of clothes, she was late for a full fifteen minutes before entering inin’s room holding the computer. The little boy was full of foam, bit his toothbrush, opened the door for her, and rushed back to rinse his mouth. Then, I wiped it with a towel indiscriminately, ran out and watched Ai Qing put a computer on the desk and pulled it over to the sofa seat.

“Leader… Are you sitting next to me?” He was strange.

Shouldn’t you sit face to face to play practice games?

“Of course, I’m not your opponent.” She smiled and pointed to his computer, “Come on, find out the video of the three strongest enemies in your mind.”

As a professional player, she believes that inin’s computer must have many opponent videos.

Unexpectedly, inin became obviously embarrassed, scratching the back of his head: “I only have Dt in my computer…”


She coughed: “Since you know him so well, come and memorize his Baidu Encyclopedia.”

It was a joke, but I didn’t expect inin to get serious: “I have read Baidu Encyclopedia. It is too little, too little information, much less than I know.”

“Less? What do you know?”

“I swear, absolutely no one knows more than I do!” Inin was like a girl mentioning the expression of a male god, her face turned red with excitement, and she rubbed her hands. Listen to me.”


She felt that tonight’s training had been spoiled, just because she provoked the little boy’s idol complex.

“Dt, Wu Bai, the 2007 DotA champion in China and the Asian Championship champion. He was called the “Left Hand of God” in the industry at that time, but he did not sign any club in the industry. When he won the Asian champion at the age of fifteen, Abandoned this project,” Inin said, adding casually, “Leader, I only recently learned that you had a title in the DotA world, piano player!”

“Well,” Ai Qing couldn’t laugh or cry. “Compared to Dt, my best result in DotA is only the runner-up in China.”

“It’s great!” Inin retorted.

“……Go on.”

She suddenly discovered that the time he left the DotA world was the same as herself…

Is this a coincidence?

“In 2010, Dt switched to World of Warcraft. In the same year, he won the runner-up in China. He lost to olo, who was the number one in the overall standings at the time, which is our boss.” Inin added again, “This is also the reason why I was abducted by the boss. One, it’s amazing! I haven’t gotten the first place in the overall standings…”

“…Continue.” There is no doubt about olo’s status in this line.

“But he did not participate in the subsequent finals. In the same year, he gave up the game of Warcraft and returned to Norway to continue his studies.”

Did you go to school?

She didn’t expect that he left for reading.

In 2010, he was just eighteen years old, and he was the youngest and frivolous age.

At that age, once again achieved such a result, only lost to olo, lost to the person who ranked first in the overall standings, which shows that regardless of whether he signs a professional club or not, he will be one of the brightest people in this circle.

Unlike the interstellar that grunt entered, whether it is DotA or Warcraft, China’s dominance is beyond doubt.


Inin didn’t pay attention to her distraction, and continued: “He won the C degree in four years, and he also won the interstellar championship in Europe.”

“C?” She was taken aback.

“Computer cience, computer science,” explained inin, “professional name.”


What a coincidence?


It turned out to be the same abbreviation as the game that I entered back then.

Computer cience, computer science.

Counter-trike, counter-strike.


“And he also won an ACM championship! Champion!” Inin held his small fist and waved it.

“…What is ACM?” Ai Qing held her chin, strange, what kind of game is this?

“It’s…the world college student competition in the computer world, programming…” Suddenly, inin discovered that this is actually difficult to explain…

“Oh.” I didn’t understand.

“That’s… the top ranked person in the competition will receive offers from major Microsoft research institutes before graduation. I heard that in the past few years, there were also champions who were invited to participate in Gatsby’s family dinner.”

“Oh.” It was like listening to another planet.

It’s a bit like listening to a story…

“Ah, it’s a little messy,” Inin paused, reminiscing about the process he was telling, “Why don’t you start from his elementary school…”

So, she just sat on the sofa with her chin supported, and began to hear Dt’s 22-year life experience.

For some reason, she remembered how she felt when she first met Gun.

For most people who were born and raised in China, from ordinary backgrounds, ordinary academics, or even messed up, their advantages from birth determine that e-sports is just a hobby for them, not a profession.

Just like what gun said back then:

“It’s as simple as that, don’t touch things like games, or get some results in e-sports.”

It’s that simple.

When she frequently ran away from home in order to participate in competitions, and even was threatened to sever the relationship several times by her parents; when olo repeatedly hit the wall and had no talents, she could only toss and turn in one big game, but when she had no money to eat; when all and Xiaomi, who is frequently kicked out by a friend’s team, can only rely on the Internet to do power leveling for those online game players to collect money for dinner…Gun can still proudly say such things, and then use him alone. Efforts to promote the establishment of the entire olo team…

It’s an enviable person.

Really… the kind of person people want to be.

She thought so, changing from a posture of supporting her chin to resting her head on her arm and listening with her eyes closed. Listen and listen, Inin won’t talk about it… Last night’s drunkenness still made her tired, too lazy to open her eyes, guessing that the little boy might answer the phone, or was hungry to find snacks? Until, feeling that someone around her came back, she finally opened her eyes lazily: “Okay, don’t worship Dt anymore, we—”

The voice stopped abruptly.

Standing in front of me, looking away from me with some embarrassment, I went to look at the big boy outside the window…

Isn’t it the center of the topic just now——

Is it strong enough to make people feel like someone who listens to stories?

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