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Trapped Fish Chapter 26

She continued to put her head on her arm, and for the first time she looked at a man’s gaze and looked at him: “You know… what we were talking about?” His eyes were crystal clear, and he still looked at the night outside the window: “What?”

On the glass, her reflection is so clear.

“It’s saying we will win,” she said.

“Really,” he could hear that she was in a good mood, and naturally her mood improved, “so confident?”

Not necessarily full of confidence, but you might as well try. she thinks.

It’s been a long time since I wanted to challenge a person, something left along the heart and spread in the blood. Enthusiastic, eager to try, want to challenge, or a strong desire to surpass.

He noticed something strange and finally turned his eyes back.

The meeting of eyes at this moment made Dt feel like he was suddenly seen through, but this feeling passed away in a flash.

Inin opened the midnight snack that Dt brought over, and kept exclaiming that I love this, and that I really like it. I couldn’t help turning my head and looking at them pitifully: “I only like one serving… …” Ai Qing waved her hand, angrily disgusted with him: “You eat what you eat, who makes you the youngest.” The child was really not polite, opening his mouth full.

That night, Dt came over for a supper and left.

A whole week, three game days, from the sixteenth finals to the finals, it seems to be very fast, but every game is facing the top players of this project, Ai Qing has already done it. A layer of psychological preparation.

Although, she is just a leader.

On the first final day after the rest day, the sports venues were replaced with larger indoor venues.

Sixteen groups of contestants are divided into four groups. Each group only broadcasts the games of seeded players and last year’s regional champions.

Dt and inin directly enter the live broadcast process.

Because it is the final, each group has to play three games.

The first live broadcast is the Dt group.

By the end of the first scene, gun, grunt, and Ai Qing sitting side by side also discovered the problem with this venue: the scene management was too poor, and the two sneak attacks initiated by Dt were exposed in advance by the cheers of the audience, and they missed the opportunity. .

“Do you think you’re watching a bullfight?” Grunt complained uncomfortably. “The U.S. has been doing this for many offline games. Can you let people play well?” Gun embraced his arms and said nothing.

Ai Qing quietly looked over and found that he was asleep.

Really, trust Dt unconditionally?

But the sixteenth finals were fairly stable.

In the morning, Dt and Inin both qualified as the first in the group.

After a short break, he entered the eighth finals.

If there are players from other countries in the sixteenth finals, the eighth finals have clearly become South Korea’s main battlefield. Except for Dt and Inin who belong to the Chinese club, only one player from the Americas is still on the court.

“I finally realized that foreigners and China are better than table tennis and diving.” Ai Qing twisted a bottle of water and handed it to Inin with a smile, “Is it stressed?”

Inin frowned and grumbled a few mouthfuls: “It’s big.”

“What’s so stressful?” Ai Qing smiled, using the mineral water bottle with ice in her hand, and pasting his forehead, “It’s just competition. There are winners and losers. We are not athletes representing the country. Club attributes, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

Obviously, these words are not very effective.

Before inin came on the court, Ai Qing pulled his little arm, pulled it into her arms, gave him a big hug, and changed his way to cheer him up: “Inin, sister’s bonus for the second half of the year depends on you. what!”

The fifteen-year-old boy was about the same height as her, his face flushed suddenly by her embrace.

When you are busy, you know nodded: “I must win! I must win!”

Gun and grunt who watched this scene couldn’t help but raised their eyebrows. It was terrible. How could the team leader of P club be like a nanny, and also act as a confidant big sister to calm the players’ psychology.

Dt picked up the black club jacket and put it over his long-sleeved T-shirt. As he put on the clothes, the podium gradually dimmed all the lights.

When he walked by Ai Qing’s side, he glanced at Inin, and the little boy immediately emerged from Ai Qing’s arms when he was seen. It was an expression that I was really forced and never robbed you of a woman. The ground blushed.

The eight groups were back in front of each other’s computers, and the seats were empty.

Except for an American who walked in from the rest area opposite, the rest of the people walked in from the rest area in China and South Korea.

The Korean players are very relaxed. People from several clubs walk together separately, as if they are in a normal training state in China. This is… the atmosphere of an interstellar power, this kind of competition is all by one’s own people looking at it, and there is no tension at all.

She sighed and prayed secretly,

I hope “Storm of the Secret Chamber” can become China’s strength like Warcraft and DotA.

When inin lowered his head to plug in his white keyboard, Dt walked to his computer, put the mouse and keyboard on the table, and drew the zipper of his sportswear coat.

With the zipper closed, the K&K logo is exposed on the right arm connected to the chest.

With a black team uniform and a dark silver logo, Ai Qing looked at this picture, a little surprised.

When K&K was in Korea, it was not a team uniform designed in this color.

Since the return of Korea, the team uniform color has been replaced suddenly. This color and letter design are all designed by the olo team. Black is gun, dark silver is olo, this is the suggestion she gave back then.


She used her peripheral vision to see the man sitting next to her.

Is this your obsession?

Once a gun god.

On the live screen, three sets of pictures jumped out at the same time.

Live broadcasts of the three championship zones last year, South Korea, America, and Europe.

“Last year, the eight qualifying players in the Americas were all Koreans,” Gun suddenly said, not seeming to be talking to grunt, because these grunts must know better than him, “the champion is inin.”

“Well,” she said softly, “Korea is indeed very strong.”

“In this regard, I admire olo very much,” his voice was a little low, I don’t know if it was because he mentioned the former captain, his emotions were too complicated, and he paused for a long time before saying, “He always likes to challenge impossible tasks. “

For example, when Northern Europe is the strongest, challenge their classic project, Counter-Strike, and when South Korea is strong, challenge their classic project, StarCraft?

“Yes,” she said softly, remembering olo before retiring, “he likes to open up wasteland.”

This kind of thankless thing is what olo likes to do best.

This is like, not choosing table tennis in China, but choosing baseball, the growth environment is completely different.

So even if he retired at the end, his total points did not reach the highest peak. To a certain extent, he just laid the foundation stone to prevent that project from being completely depressed in China.

So from this point of view, she has always admired grunt and picked the most difficult game from the start.

Suddenly a large-scale fierce exchange of fire appeared on the screen.

Her eyes were quickly attracted,

It was the Dt scene. The firefights were distributed in various areas, and even the live broadcast commentary was a bit unsatisfactory. The eruption was so sudden, Gun’s eyes were also attracted to him, and he suddenly said, “Tell me and see.”

I? Ai Qing happened to be also analyzing the battle situation and glanced at Inin, which was great.

So I don’t worry anymore, lowered my voice, and spoke to him very quickly: “The guy opposite Dt is fourth in the total points of the Korean He is good at Zerg, but because he has missed several competitions, his tactics are still the most used recently. fan.

In the previous qualifiers, the opponents were relatively good, and he couldn’t see his true strength.

In the sixteenth finals in the morning, there was no live broadcast of his game, so…”

“Understood,” Gun answered, “It’s useless for Dt to do his homework before.”

“That’s almost what I meant,” Ai Qing nodded, “So I don’t understand his usual tactics. I can only break it down briefly based on this round. Just now he started the round and chose to speed up. Looking at the layout, obviously, he Facing Dt, I first have a heart to defend.”

Gun couldn’t help but raised his mouth: “Very vivid explanation.”

It seems that since meeting again, this is the first time that Gun has shown such a relaxed smile. Ai Qing froze for a few seconds.

The exchange of fire broke out again.

“Now, Dt has suppressed his third mine, forcibly forced him to divide into multiple lines, and he was encircling and suppressing in a large area…” She spoke faster and faster, and she didn’t notice it. In fact, Gun didn’t listen carefully afterwards. .

He is looking at her.

It seems to be caught in some memories of the past.

“The Zerg now only has one base,” Ai Qing’s eyes were lighted, and she smiled, like a kid who stole a snack but was not found by the adults, “Leave him not much time to resist! Up to six minutes, Dt Definitely win this round! No! Three minutes!”

She believes in Dt.

There was a burst of cheers, and suddenly it exploded.

It was faster than she expected. In just one minute, Dt drove all the way to destroy the opponent’s last base.

game over!

This is the first game to end in the eight groups.

A game without suspense.

This is the first time she has watched the live broadcast of Dt’s interstellar game. She has solid basic skills, from the opening of the two corners of the game to the later mining and suppression, there is no flaw.

Yes, there are no flaws, from basic skills, operations, to tactics, to understanding of the map.

and so……

She looked at the other side and had already secured her victory, biting her lower lip, and enthusiastically facing the computer-operated little inin.

So, how can I beat you?


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