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Trapped Fish Chapter 28

In the evening, when she went to accompany inin training, the little boy ate a lollipop strangely and asked her: “What’s wrong with your eyes?” She ignored this question and patted the little boy’s head: “Come on, let’s discuss it.” Countermeasures for the next finals.”

“Final?” Inin was stunned, “Isn’t there still a quarter-final?”

There are still eight players on the roster, why are they in the finals?

Ai Qing shrugged: “With so many masters, I really can’t handle it. You have to work hard on your own. I can only make tactics against your idol.” But… everyone is very strong, I may not be able to beat them.” Inin bowed his head, counting the keyboards one by one. “Many of my teammates and opponents in Korea are very strong. Regardless of the world rankings are always changing, in fact, there are only a few people who are really competing. They are all of the same strength. , It’s just the on-the-spot state of this game…”

As he was talking, he found that Ai Qing was silent, and quietly raised his head, and immediately ran into her dark eyes.

Ai Qing squinted, bent her red eyes, and leaned over to touch his head: “again. I’m only responsible for how we can win K&K. You can do the rest by yourself, do you hear it?”

Inin burst into tears and continued to count the keyboard silently.

“I have already figured it out,” she said, “the next game will be determined by three rounds. You must win the first round.”

“…I dare not say, I lost to him last year.”

When Ai Qing heard this, she finally realized what Bao Na said, that this child had lost his confidence in competition. The kind of competitive spirit that has to be hardened no matter whether you win or lose, and you will have no regrets if you give all your energy…

“Three rounds. In the first round, you choose the best map, the best terrain, can’t you beat him?”


This is the strange and unheard of rules of this offline game.

Many players dare not try.

In the three rounds of the game, players are given the opportunity to choose a map. Once there are players who choose the best map that is beneficial to their race, it is equivalent to giving up the opportunity to choose the map in the other two rounds…

Although, he, the champion of the Americas, can win the first game based on the best advantage map.

But it is equal to that in the last two games, inin will lose the right to choose the map, and the system will randomly match the dominant map to Dt. Originally, the strength is worse than him, and they are all Dt’s advantage maps. Isn’t that a steady loss! !

“Leader… Are you serious?” Inin burst into tears again.

“Of course it is true,” Ai Qing took out the instant noodles from the drawer, “When I make the noodles, we will talk about the third game.”

“Huh? What about the second game?”

She took apart the plastic film, put the instant noodles on the table with a slap, leaned down, watching Inin’s eyes mysteriously telling him: “The second game…he is destined to win the first game. The last game belongs to me.”

Ai Qing made all preparations, but she did not expect that P and K&K met during the quarter-final draw.

She got the result of the draw and was stunned. In other words, one of Dt and Inin will stop in this game and will not even have a chance to enter the top three.

When she was in the evening meeting, she informed several domestic bosses of this, and everyone expressed regret.

Although this kind of e-sports competition is club nature, after all, in this kind of international competition, everyone hopes to see that China is stronger, and more than one person can enter the double defeat.

“Both are champion seedlings, it’s a pity that no matter who loses.” Bao Na laughed a little helplessly.

Before the conference call ended, olo suddenly told him: “Slide wants to chat with you alone.”

“Huh?” After she was surprised, she found that she was too involved in the interstellar, and forgot that she was just a friendly cameo. The real focus in the next few years should have been on “Secret Chamber Storm”, “Okay, I’ll wait for him.”

The connection is exited one by one, and the new number is dialed in.

“How about, is our Apple Dog having fun in the United States?” The slide laughed, accompanied by greetings, “Now you are really a big name, even if you want to connect with you, you have to wait for several big bosses. Tucao feel happy.”

She laughed out: “Be careful, the phone is routinely recorded.”

“Okay, let’s get to the point. I have encountered a very difficult problem here. Since the opening of the China server of Secret Room Storm, several major clubs have been scoring the ranking points. For the list a month ago, Xiaomi did not perform well.”


“I know, I saw the results a month ago.”

The tone of the slide was very sincere: “I gave him a chance for a month, and he still hasn’t reached the top 100 points.”

“You didn’t tell olo.”

He replied vaguely: “olo is now the leader of the Asian region. He manages several countries, and each country has more than a dozen projects—”

“Are you afraid that he will favor his former teammates?” She just pierced the slide as an excuse, “Really?”

Quiet for a while.

“He won’t.” The slide finally answered.

“No… he will.” Ai Qing denied his statement.

She knows olo too much, even if the two people have never discussed this first team list in depth, and even deliberately avoid this topic every time, she knows very well that olo has selfishness in this selection of personnel.

Even arguing against the crowd, some arbitrarily set this list.

As the boss of K&K and P in China, he is different from gun.

In e-sports, gun has an extraordinary paranoia, so he can reach the pinnacle of a professional player in his personal ability, and olo is a person who likes to talk about emotions. He is good at using his own abilities to mobilize everyone’s maximum potential. , So he was a qualified captain.

But as the boss of…China, you can’t talk about feelings.

Because you are not bringing a team, but an entire club.

“Slide,” she said softly, “I’ll tell you a secret, maybe, your mental burden can be less.”

This is also one of the reasons why she returned to this circle.

It was a private agreement between her and olo.

The matter of Xiaomi is indeed very tricky. Although she can make the slide mentally less burdened and take less care of herself and olo’s ideas, she still has to deal with it as soon as possible.

Otherwise-she thinks, P will really be partial and confused by the bosses.


She bowed her head sharply in the rest area of the contestants, rubbing her hair with both hands as if venting, and then raised her head blankly, trying to make herself awake… Unexpectedly, she saw Gun walking by, bowing her head inexplicably Looking at himself, Dt followed him, her dark eyes reflecting the mess of her hair.

Ai Qing blushed, got up, went straight outside the venue, looking for the bathroom.

The restroom was full of spectators coming to watch the game. All kinds of unrestrained and lively American girls were all talking and laughing. She managed to squeeze in. When she straightened her hair in the mirror, a girl beside her handed out a comb. , Said to her in English: “Are you the leader from China? I saw you with the people from K&K.”

Based on the intuition that she has been in the sports world for many years, she feels…somewhat bad.

Sure enough, after hearing the name of K&K, everyone immediately gathered around in a friendly manner: “Is the K&K who bought Dt?”

“Dt, Dt, I like him, what a beautiful Chinese boy!”


She deeply felt that in the past few years Dt was abroad, she did not know how many fans she had absorbed with her beauty. So she, who was going to fix her hair in the bathroom, was dragged by Dt’s fan group. It was still unofficial…Of course, she felt that with Dt’s character, there shouldn’t be any officially organized fan group.

At the start of the game, she was long overdue.

Four groups of matches.

Two groups were broadcast live. One group was ranked 1st and 3rd in the world’s total points, that is, the tatami who won grunt. Unexpectedly, he was also very unlucky and came into the first in the quarter-finals.

Another group of live broadcasts was unsurprisingly put on Dt and Inin, which were the first and second in the national offline game last year.

In order to show the importance of the champions and runners-up of last year’s competition, the commentary is mainly aimed at the Dt and inin groups.

StarCraft has many big and small competitions every year.

WC, DreamHack, GL (Korea), PL, etc., etc., as large as international events, as small as each country’s own events, not every game has a high gold content.

To put it bluntly, the masters at the top of the pyramid do not go to small competitions in every country.

A lot of… are the little jokes of professional players in their respective countries, or invite some well-known masters to support the scene, the prize is low, the attention is low, and the most important thing is that the gold content of the game is very low.

But this American offline game is different.

This is also the reason why olo insisted on letting her accompany inin to come here. Although the venue was chaotic, the victory was in and could invite real top professional players.

Just like now, none of those sitting on the court are outside the top ten.

Today’s webcast will definitely…crash the live broadcast website.

She sighed, seeing that Inin had bit her lower lip and began to lower her head to count the keyboard, the child became nervous.

He moved his gaze to Dt, who was also touching the keyboard, and his articulated fingers slowly slid from the keyboard and then slid back. Waiting for the map to be announced, the assistant referee informed the two of the results of the map selection. There was such a moment of subtlety on his face.

The dark eyes under the brim of the hat accurately found her seat.

This is a recognized human map.

It is also the absolute advantage map designated in the competition group. Ai Qing, you chose this map for the first match. Although the inin of the human race can win this round, what do you want to do in the next two rounds?

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