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Trapped Fish Chapter 30

She didn’t show up for the next game.

Inin has been successfully rescued, and the rest has nothing to do with her.

K&K successfully entered the double defeat and finals, and the final list of matches is DtVtatami.

Ai Qing saw the live broadcast of the match in the hotel room. Because the hotel hosted the accommodation for the players of this match, the live broadcast of the match was also arranged, especially for the finals. It could be heard that the scene was popular to a certain extent.

Perhaps because of the wonderful performances of inin and Dt that day, only 50% of the tickets were sold before the final. After the eighth-finals, they were all sold out within an hour.

“The United States has opened a gambling game, and there are already millions of dollars in the gambling pool,” Bao Na joked casually, “What is the odds do you guess?”

Ai Qing glanced at the live broadcast and was about to decide the winner: “How much?”

“1.44, 7.00,” Po Na, “Dt win odds are 1.44, Dt lose odds are 7.”


“Then if you lose, you can win a lot of money.”

Bao Na is embarrassed: “The premise is that he is going to lose, and you happen to buy and lose.”

Ai Qing conceived it silently, assuming that he would buy all his wealth and he would lose, and if he could cooperate… “No wonder there are various fake matches in various circles.”

The two chatted a few more casually.

Suddenly, Ai Qing jumped up from the bed: “Win!”

Won, win! Won such a high level of competition! Won the star game surrounded by Koreans! Won! She jumped excitedly from the bed to the ground, then from the ground to the platform of the hanging window.

There is a thick wool carpet.

The direct consequence is that I fell.

As a result, there was still feeling that Po Na of the American Peripheral Gambling Bureau heard a loud noise, and then Ai Qing’s painful groan: “Bao Na will not tell you… I’m going to the hospital and bleeding… “

She was unfamiliar with her, clutching her bleeding forehead, and turned her head out.

I ran into a few players from other countries on the same floor who were checking out with their suitcases. Everyone had some exchanges during the competition. Seeing her like this, they immediately volunteered to send her to the hospital. After simply treating the wound and putting on gauze, she thanked several friends from other countries and took a taxi back to the hotel alone.

When she passed the cafe on the first floor, she saw through the glass that Dt, who had just won the championship, was talking to a few foreigners. It seemed that she was being interviewed.

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass, she saw him and the piece of white gauze on her forehead.

The big boy sitting on the sofa was expressionless and said something to the camera. She could see that the girls around the round tables near him were all fans who followed to the hotel. That kind of state where I don’t dare to take a step too close, yet I am eager to make the idol impress me, even if I can only get a glimpse of attention, I am so excited… it’s too obvious.

The interview seemed to be coming to an end. He picked up the clear glass, took a sip of ice water, and looked around aimlessly. Suddenly, his gaze stopped in her direction, he held the round table abruptly, got up, forgetting to put down the cup.

The water spilled out, splashing himself all over.

At the same time, Ai Qing outside the glass wall pressed her index finger to her lips, and made a silent gesture.

He watched her lower his head and typed on the phone, and soon heard his phone ring.

So when the female reporter handed over the napkin, she didn’t have time to take it and say thank you, just looking for her mobile phone everywhere.

Ai Qing: Take a good interview, I am waiting for you on the second floor to cash your bet. Also, be sure to get rid of your fans. Two tables at one point, four tables at six, and one table at eleven.

Ten minutes later, Ai Qing was still looking through the price list of the massage project, and the person who had just won the championship had a pale face and stood in front of her. Looks a bit panting, came here?

“your head……”

“Fall,” she touched sadly, “It’s cruel, hey, do you think you can fly on a plane with a wound?”

“…Yes.” He couldn’t laugh.

Seeing his serious face, she had to continue to act as the calming person: “Shall I ask you to massage?”

Dt took ten minutes to find an excuse to send the reporter away and get rid of 30 fans. It took a lot of effort. He moved almost all floors of the hotel. Seeing that she didn’t care about her forehead injury, he asked him to massage. Unconsciously, there was some anger in my heart: “You can’t do PA just after injury.”

“If you don’t do PA, we will massage.” She beckoned and asked the waiter for the simplest massage package in English. There is no way, only the simplest and cheapest one without undressing… The waiter quickly brought two very docile Asian girls and introduced them to two people. Ai Qing looked at Dt’s petite and cute one, and opened it. He made a joke: “Your masseuse has dimples when he laughs.”

Dt was silent, not even looking at the masseur who was introducing himself.

The two were taken into a massage room. She lay down comfortably on the chair and closed her eyes: “Do you understand Chinese?”

The two masseurs thought she was chatting with the handsome guy with a sullen face and in a bad mood. Anyway, because of the language they couldn’t understand, they didn’t say a word. Instead, they asked her in English: “Is this strength okay?”

Ai Qing was satisfied that neither of them understood Chinese, so she just dealt with it.

“Wu Bai.” She said.


“Go ahead, our bet.”

be quiet.

She closed her eyes and waited patiently for his question.

Unexpectedly, he told the masseur in English: “This girl’s forehead has just been injured. Don’t massage her head.” Ai Qing’s masseur agreed, but she smiled: “The gauze is so obvious, she sees See you.”

The surroundings fell into a new round of silence again.

She opened her eyes strangely, and wanted to see what he was doing, she saw that on a recliner not far from her, Dt didn’t care how embarrassed the masseur behind her with two cute dimples on his face was. , Accommodating his sitting posture, massaging his shoulders, a pair of eyes just staring at Ai Qing nervously…

The masseur followed his shoulders and pinched his arms down.

Dt froze, and quickly refused in English: “I’m not used to being touched by others, so please go out directly, and the cost will be paid later when you check out.” His masseur died in embarrassment, wondering if he was disliked by the technique. not good.

Ai Qing had no choice but to add: “He has some rigid thinking, forget it, you all go out.”

The two bowed and exited the room.

She also turned from lying on her back, with her hands on her side and her feet hanging in the air, sitting on the recliner looking at him.

Dt was slowly starting to be unnatural by him, from his expression to his eyes. In order to massage, he took off his baseball cap long ago and hung it on the hanger at the door. Now, all his emotions can’t hide.

As long as a century has passed,

The two people finally changed from being watched and watched to looking at each other: “Why sign P?”


This is the second time he asked this question, and the way he asked it was verbatim.

Ai Qing sighed gently, blowing the bangs on her forehead into the air: “Well, I will answer you seriously.”

This question is complicated to answer: “There are two main reasons. The first, you know very well, P has the best platform, resources, coaching system, and sponsors. Its status in the e-sports circle is like a country. Team. I’m also an athlete, and it’s my dream to serve the’national team’ in the e-sports circle.”

This is beyond doubt.

Dt understands the meaning of her words. As a person of competitive origin, being able to enter the team with the most outstanding players and the strongest strength is what everyone wants to achieve. Including K&K, it can’t be compared with the entire P club. At least in China, K&K is only involved in the field of interstellar and chamber storms, and the rest of the projects have not been taken into account.

“The second reason… Has your brother told you how the olo team was formed?”

In the summer of 2003, olo returned from the Guangzhou game and she waited outside the train station.

People are everywhere.

Because the phone call quota for this month has been used up, she was reluctant to call. To save money, the two of them contacted by text message until he brought a big black boy to her, smiling, and reaching out to herself. Arms. She jumped up, hugged his waist, and glanced at the beautiful, not very close boy.

Later, the two used 20 rounds of C to cultivate a revolutionary friendship.

olo told her that Gun is a non-professional player he met during the Guangzhou game. He is great and has a bright future. Because I wanted e-sports, but I couldn’t get the support of my stepmother, I returned to China alone.

The word “return to China” was very new to her at the time.

A boy who grew up in a foreign country, English is like his mother tongue, and she and olo are not like a planet at all.

At that time, olo lived in a small house shared with others, and Gun was laying on the floor in that room, so that for a long time, she and olo had no time to get along at all.

I bring guns when I eat, and I also carry guns when I play. Even Valentine’s Day is a threesome.

Sometimes she couldn’t help it, so she asked Gun: “Would you like me to introduce your girlfriend to you, please let us go…” Gun rolled his eyes at the time, showing no interest.

Later, olo won the championship in a competition, but did not get the bonus he deserved. Because of the organizer’s arrears, he has begun to be unable to pay the rent. At that time, a website reporter interviewed him. It was a curious concern about the emerging industry of e-sports. olo prepared for a long time and considered every question. In the end, the reporter only used a few short sentences, and one sentence was his interview. Later, when chatting with reporters, I sighed with emotion: “Isn’t there a popular sentence on the Internet? At the most incapable age, I fell in love with a girl who wanted to take care of my life. I feel this kind of powerlessness now. I don’t know how to give her the future, even tomorrow. I dare not say anything, she is still so young.”

This passage was successfully written in the web interview.

At that time, she was young, and she couldn’t appreciate the sadness too much, but was more moved.

This is the first and only time olo has spoken love to her. Although it was through a strange channel, she heard it by talking to others.

At that time, she, olo and gun, no one knew what the end of the road was.

olo began to want to form a team, but was fooled by the local bosses again and again, always with enthusiasm, personally ran to the local place for a few days, and then went home. Later, Gun left and left for a long time. When he came back, he brought back the first sum of money and his Chinese nationality. He broke down and exhausted all means to bring a sum of money from home.

At this point in the story, she thought, Dt should know everything about it.

The money that gun got from home, how to make the team have the first funds, can support the team to practice in a fixed place, start to make the future of all people have a chance, and then a penny of tournament bonus My income has improved my life. The prize money of that era was not what it is now. There is a prize pool of tens of millions of dollars, which is distributed to the champions and runners-up. However, because of the large number of competitions, the number of champions can be used to maintain the basic operation of the team.

“After the team disbanded, olo and I were both responsible. You know how hot the e-sports market is now. If the olo team didn’t disband, everyone would have won high prizes and lived the best life. So, I After thinking about it for a long time, I agreed to olo. Only by entering this circle and entering the strongest P, can I use what I do best to get paid much higher than the average job, and do what I want to do,” she said with emotion, no matter what In the past few years, the place of the team has hosted the most passionate two years of nine people. “At that time, I reached an verbal agreement with him to make some compensation for the rest.”

Although she knew very well, when olo made this proposal, he wanted to persuade her to return to this circle. And the final result must be that he will bear all.

But this is not her plan.

Dt is silent.

She was a little embarrassed: “You may not know that, except for your brother, all of us are children from ordinary families. All and Xiaomi, as well as a few substitute players at the beginning, are all ordinary at home, and you can even say they are. It’s not very good, it’s not good, and learning is also very poor. It’s hard to have the opportunity to make great progress in other fields—”

She was speechless for a while and didn’t know how to explain it.

“Understood,” Dt appropriately told her to end the topic. “Personally, Korean business dialect does not require any compensation. Although K&K China has been losing money for the past two years, it still makes a steady profit globally. The family has not supported him in doing so The e-sports industry is still thinking this way, so the money is his own. You see, things are not that bad. He was forced to embark on the road of investing in the club and he had a good time.”

She chuckled.

I could hear that Dt was comforting himself.

But Wu Bai, you were only twelve or thirteen years old at that time, how could you have the opportunity to realize what the name gun represents in the gaming world at that time.

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