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Trapped Fish Chapter 35

“I’m sorry…” He looked at the fragments in his hand and stood up hurriedly, wanting to go to the kitchen to find the trash can.

Ai Qing couldn’t laugh or cry, and pulled his hand to the wooden table: “Throw it on the table and let me see your hand.” She hurriedly wiped off the ceramic shards on his hand, and she was a little faint when she saw the blood.

What happened?

She pushed him back on the sofa, rummaged through the cabinets looking for something like alcohol gauze, and found that she only had band-aids, but the wound had to be disinfected. So I picked up the phone and dialed out quickly: “Well, yes, it’s me, not urging you. You will go to the drugstore near my community for a while and buy alcohol and gauze. It’s Wu Bai, he…I broke the teacup. Picking up pieces and scratching his hand.”

After the phone was hung up, she wandered around the living room somewhat at a loss, trying to find something that could be used.

It turned out that Dt said: “I’m fine.”

“But you want a game.” This is not a joke.

Dt lowered his head and looked at his left hand. Such a small injury should have nothing to do with the game.

Ai Qing squatted down in front of him, and looked at his hand again.

Fortunately, it’s just a small mouth.

Today, she invited them to the slide to play at home. Originally, she thought that Dt knew them well… But if she knew there would be such an accident, she wouldn’t be able to think about it. She should say goodbye in Computer City.

Bleeding, not much, and the wound was not deep.

She heard her violent heartbeat, piercing her chest, deafening. It’s like two people in the swimming pool that afternoon in the Chicago hotel. At that time… he finished saying that, under the water, holding down the back of her hand on the steps. It was… a very intimate posture. She was a little confused at the time, pushing him away, trying to run up the steps.

As a result, he fell back into the water after half-running, half-climbing and embarrassed.

People who didn’t know in the distance thought it was a young couple playing around. Only two people knew how embarrassing this scene was. Later, when he held her back and legs regretfully, he directly hugged her, returned from the water to the massage room, and put her on the massage table with this same sentence: “I’m sorry.”

Sorry what?

What’s so sorry to like someone?

At that time, she said something.

Yes, she told him that she would give an answer, and she would give him an answer when she returned home.

So, she was delaying time.

Even just now, she was still hesitating, but now…she is scared.

Fear of facing the true self.

“It’s nothing,” Dt lowered his head and looked at the long hair that slipped from her forehead. He couldn’t see her eyes. He was a little flustered, the kind of panic spreading from the bottom of his heart, “I’m not careful, you don’t need to—”

“Wu Bai,” she grabbed the back of his hand and opened her mouth nervously, “…I’m sorry, no matter it’s me, your brother, or…olo, there are many others, they are a bit…can’t get around that circle.”

It’s not just love, but friendship…and the whole youthful years.

This group of them is different from others. Others’ youth is spent in school, under the eyes of the teacher, in the test paper, in the classroom, and in the exam. That is the youth who has a planned trajectory, and they, regarded as the most unbehaved group of children in the eyes of teachers and parents, are frivolous all the way to the road that has been questioned by many people…

Once you choose to let go, you are really saying goodbye.

In such a short life, the most wanton years of burning, it is not easy to say goodbye.


She was tempted.

Her emotional experience is very simple, the first time it was love at first sight, and the instant enthusiasm confirmed everything. Just like my sister saw grunt when she saw it, she knew that I like him and I want to be with him.

But this time is different.

When did it start? at the seaside? Or in Chicago? Or earlier, in Korea? I can’t tell when it will start, but I will focus on this big boy, pay attention to his every game, and even feel very happy every time I meet him.


Many things, many pictures, and many things that have been spoken to others are pouring out at this moment.

She knew that once she spoke, she was responsible for everything she said.


Dt was a little stupid, not knowing what she was going to say next, what she would say, and was a little confused.

It’s really messy.

He began to pray that none of this was true. If he went backwards until he didn’t say anything, at least he could still look at her, listen to her talk and laugh at every opportunity.

I had prepared a long talk.

Ai Qing felt all hypocritical when it came to her lips. She exhaled sullenly, let go of his hand, and decided to just count it. Unexpectedly, he was the first to strike: “It’s okay.”


She raised her eyes and saw the turbulent waves under his eyes. She immediately woke up, and when it was over, he thought more. I was entangled for a long time and was preparing to speak, just because he was afraid he would think more and do more things like crushing a teacup. just now……

He wanted to speak but stopped, simply replaced words with actions, got up directly from the sofa and walked towards the door.

“Wu Bai.”

A tall man was stopped by her.

Dt was quiet for a long time, turned around, and looked at the girl standing in the living room for an instant: “I don’t have to know the answer today. Give me more time.”

Again… Misunderstood?

“I don’t want to… I was stared at by a lot of people at the beginning, they are all too familiar, whether it is your brother or the slides. Take your time, can you?” She said this is definitely the meaning of inquiry, “It is not Keep it from anyone, that is, don’t suddenly tell the world like this, post on Weibo to show affection, this kind of…”

At the end, it was completely incoherent.

While wanting to express that this situation is too embarrassing, there is also the relationship between the two clubs, as well as all kinds of old friends, even fans, etc., while also clearly telling him that it is not hiding something…It is just letting it go, after all The beginning of feelings.

The heartbeat is getting faster and faster.

Obviously in the living room of his own home, it seems to be in a completely unfamiliar place.

The heart was flustered, at a loss, and unable to find a direction, but made a choice based on intuition.

Abandon the past and worry about the future.

Yu Guangli, a person who was that tall approached, and then approached, it was only a step away, so close that she had to look back, and turned to look at his chest. Inside the sportswear jacket, the K&K logo was looming. .

What a tangled relationship, P and K&K…

Before she could conceive of the awkward situation in the future, Dt grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into his arms. The emotion of turning over the river and the sea made him lose his strength, feeling that his chest was hit hard, he pulled her away a little nervously.

Ai Qing hit the bridge of her nose sore, tears fell.

“We,” he realized with hindsight and cautiously confirmed, “Is it the beginning?”


Ai Qing feels that she needs to look in the mirror.

Lest the slide comes for a while, thinking that there is a world war, one broken nose, one broken hand or something. With a hot face, she held him with her elbow, covered her nose, and walked quickly into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, a few people arrived as scheduled.

The slide came into the house with all kinds of things that could bandage the wounds, and found that Ai Qing was making a fuss. Dt’s hands were not serious at all, OK? At best, he broke some skin, causing him to drive all the way, full of blood on the spot…

“I thought it was a serious injury,” he threw a bag of things on the sofa and gave Ai Qing a thumbs up, “I really convinced you.”

Behind him, Xiaomi, all, and Bug, the captain of the second team of P’s Secret Chamber, all spontaneously looked for slippers, completely familiar with the road.

The leader’s home is the second stronghold for everyone, so you’re welcome.

Here, only the slide received a call and knew that Dt was at Ai Qing’s house.

When the rest of the people saw Dt, they all had different behaviors. Xiaomi was full of thoughts and had no reaction. Bug smiled and greeted Dt. All saw Dt sitting on the sofa drinking tea, and he was a little surprised and quickly looked at Ai Qing.

Ai Qing played haha and let everyone try out the new toys she bought.

She wanted to relax, but Dt’s silence, as well as the shadowy gaze, made her feel like sitting on pins and needles.

Fortunately, he soon got up and said goodbye, saying that he would go back to dine with the elderly in the evening.

Suddenly, she realized that there was no chance to sterilize his wound, picked up the plastic bag, and followed him out.

In the mixed eyes of everyone, he took the key and closed the door with his backhand.

Empty corridor, no one.

“Remember to disinfect before driving,” Ai Qing handed it to him and said softly, “I just forgot…”

She finished speaking and bit her lip.

Some…not used to it.

The relationship that started suddenly made both people in chaos, how to talk, how to face, how…

He found that he kept his sight locked on her face and couldn’t move away at all. Ai Qing confessed in a few words, bit his lip again, and touched his fingertips on the door behind him, gently scratching to distract himself.

“You… will also go to Guangzhou?”

“Well, I will go with Xiaomi.”

He was silent for a while.

What should I do if I don’t want to leave? But you must go again.

He suddenly lowered her head and wanted to get closer, she was startled, her eyes widened to meet him.

No, never, there are many people across the door… This is the corridor again…

Dt looked at her tangled little expression and couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t be nervous, I just want to confirm… if it really started.”

…Her ears are hot.

“I’m in.” She turned around, quickly inserted the key, unscrewed it, and entered the door.

Soon, the backhand hit.

Then he was at the small entrance, leaning back against the door, and panting slightly.


From then on, the person outside is your boyfriend Ai Qing, why are you panicking, what are you panicking? She lowered her head depressedly, rubbed her face, and then looked up, a slide with a teacup appeared in her eyes, and he was looking at herself.

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