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Trapped Fish Chapter 36

The slide squinted his eyes, and the voice was a little low: “The game disk is not good, because we are tired of playing it. Next time you want to play, let me get it for you.”

“Ah, I forgot,” Ai Qing tried to conceal her emotions, but the red face had nowhere to hide, “You did this before, and you had you bought it for me if you knew it.”

“Boss asked you to go back to the headquarters at night.” The slide had turned around, poured himself a small cup of tea, and drank it in one sip. “Go and go back quickly. You can have dinner together after the talk.”

Since the slide said so, she did not delay, threw her spare key to them, put on her clothes and left.

Unexpectedly, the slide also came out, saying that he was going back to the club to get something.

The slide car, parked downstairs.

It is an old car that has been driving for seven or eight years.

These people in the P team are different from K&K.

This team has just recruited P. Except for inin, no one else has any bonus income, so they rely on a basic salary of a few thousand yuan a month, as well as savings from past jobs.

Ai Qing sat in the passenger seat, found an Audi A4 brochure, flipped through it: “Are you ready to change the car?”

“Just think about it,” Slider smiled, “I don’t have to think about buying a house like you, a gold medal anchor, a rich man.”

Ai Qing laughed angrily and threw the booklet back on his lap: “You have been talking about this for almost a year, can you get better?”

When buying this house, the slide accompanied her to pay.

Mainly she grew up and bought such a huge amount of things for the first time. She was a little flustered, even afraid that she would put the money in the wrong account when she paid.

However, as the slide said.

After buying this house, my parents and sister knew about it, and they were shocked.

I couldn’t believe it at all, she made the decision with a single shot of her head.

But Ai Qing knows very well that she is so familiar with this community that she does not need to know more about it. When she passed by the agency and saw a house sold, she moved her mind and bought it immediately. She knew exactly what the buildings were at the front and back gates of the community and what the roads were like, almost like her own home.

This is…gun’s favorite real estate at the beginning.

Before it was built, Gun said that the team would move to this community if they had money. So every time after a game, or after dinner, when I’m bored and strolling around for a break, Gun always coerces her and olo to get familiar with the real estate.

Three people, must see real estate.

It was the only pastime at that time.

Ai Qingjia is only a ten-minute drive from P’s new headquarters.

The slide went to the dormitory to fetch things. She went upstairs alone and went to olo’s office.

Many people are here today.

After all, she is only the leader of the mainland secret room project. Compared with olo’s position, she is much different. She was sitting outside the office, and olo’s secretary poured her a cup of tea: “The boss hasn’t slept since he came back from Inin last night,” the secretary said softly, “It’s really an iron man, did he like that when he was a professional player? ?”

“Almost,” Ai Qing looked at his watch, “he went…very desperately.”

There was a document prepared for olo on the secretary desk. She glanced at it. The first page was related to the Secret Chamber Qualifiers, which was a list of participating teams in the Guangzhou Division. The new game is not entirely monopolized by professional clubs, 90% of them are civilian skirmishers.


Her eyes stopped somewhere, it was a familiar team name.


Twenty minutes later, the team leaders and captains of various projects in the Asia-Pacific region in the office filed out, communicating with each other. Someone who knew Ai Qing nodded and greeted her. Some who hadn’t seen it passed by.

She walked in and closed the door with her backhand: “I’m here.”

“Sit down,” olo quickly tapped on the computer keyboard and told her gently, “Doggo, wait for me for three minutes.”

The feeling at this moment is very subtle.

But only she knows.

“What’s the matter?” The person who was still filling out the form didn’t lift his head, and he noticed a subtle aura. “Is the jet lag still not reversed? Not comfortable?”

“No,” she looked away, leaning back on the huge and sunken sofa, “I was thinking about K&K’s opponent in the Guangzhou Division.”

“See the list of matches?” He smiled slightly, and looked at her face. It wasn’t too ugly, it should be fine.

“I saw it.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel…” Some sighed, “I didn’t expect that there would be a team with an average age of 30.”

“Avoid the most important answer,” olo laughed, “don’t forget, this team was our worst enemy back then.”


This word refers to team olo.

“Yeah, yeah, I was singled out with their team’s snipers.”

Ji Shengyu, He Shengliang, the captain of this team once gave the olo team an evaluation, within two years of existence of the olo team, this Buff team has never been able to meet the championship, every time the league lost to them. After the olo team disbanded, Buff only won the championship for two years, and because the main player was seriously ill, he gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

Like C, Chamber of Secrets is a shootout game, maybe this is the reason why Team Buff is back.

After all, it is a familiar field.

Moreover, their rivals back then… have long been impossible.

However, the team with an average age of 30–

When she saw the name just now, she felt a moment of excitement. She even thought that this old opponent could reach the national finals, but what is the reality? neither knows. Especially they also have K&K…

Needless to say, the strength of K&K’s first team, the second team is not weak, and they are all big boys at the peak of their professional age.

“I asked the secretary to adjust the list of business trips, because K&K is in Guangzhou, and Buff appeared. I hope the captain of the first team and second team of the secret room can fly to Guangzhou with you to watch the game.”

“Will you fly to Shanghai to compete?” She hesitated, “Although the time is staggered, are you afraid of affecting their training?”

“I believe not,” olo believed in his two team captains. “Slides and Bugs are both old players. Just absent from training for a week will not have any real impact. Besides—”

olo didn’t say anything.

She knew what he was going to say: “The replacement of Bug and Xiaomi, are you still hesitating?”

The dazzling sunlight came from his direction, and Ai Qing squinted her eyes to barely see his face. After a full half a minute, the person with his back facing the sun slowly picked up the cigarette case at hand and pulled out one: “I’m sorry, Ai Qing, I have always been an emotional person.”

“It’s okay,” she smiled, “Give it to me.”

The conversation between the two came to an end.

She left his office and went downstairs to wait for the slide. She didn’t quite understand why she had to come back by herself? Actually, I didn’t say anything serious. She took out the green arrow gum from her pocket. Before she could peel it off, she was snatched away by a hand extended by a diagonal thorn. The student, Dabao, the boss of the mainland region and the Americas, was cheeky. Di Er ate into his mouth: “I knew that you will be back today.”

“I was going to have a big meal, but I have to be called back by you. There is nothing serious about it. I’m ashamed to say…”

“Business?” Bao Na laughed, “Business is that olo wants to take a look at you.”


Since I met Baona in 2010, as long as he meets himself, no matter how many times a day he meets him, he must use olo to tease him. To be honest, she was a little numb to hearing it, but…: “Don’t make this kind of joke in the future.”

“Huh? What a joke?”


“Is this a joke?” Bao Na was stunned, really stunned, “Damn, my worldview is going to be overturned, and the whole e-sports circle knows things, so I just entertained.”

The people in front of me continued to chew the gum, don’t tease me, it’s not the first day I met you both.

Ai Qing didn’t say a word, saying that she didn’t want to say any more.

The phone rang.

She thought it was a slide, and took it out to see… Soon she gestured to Bao Na, which meant a private call. Bao Na waved his hand, adjusted his shirt, and immediately regained his dignity as the district boss and walked into the elevator.

After the connection, there was silence over there, and the background was a bit noisy. Should it be outdoors?

Ai Qing was a little strange, and asked softly, “Wu Bai?”

“It’s okay,” he also seemed to feel that he suddenly called… I don’t know what to say, “I just want to hear your voice.”

She walked slowly outwards: “Isn’t home yet?”

“Not yet, at the gas station.”

She has some, don’t know what to say.

Someone was reversing in the parking lot outside the building and couldn’t get in several times. The security couldn’t help but ran over to act as a driver for that person. This scene seemed to be an embarrassing encounter in the community in the afternoon. Wu Bai in life, she doesn’t understand at all, all she knows is him on the field, Dt with various champions and many fans…

“Ai Qing.” He was calling her name.


“It’s the first time I have a girlfriend. I don’t have much…experience,” he said. “If you don’t do well enough, you tell me.”


Girlfriend, boyfriend.

She bit her lip gently, and she seemed to have done this action too many times today.

But I just can’t help it, use this way to let myself not be in a trance.

For so many years, with so many friends around her, he is the person she is least familiar with. Even his good friend-she is because of her sister’s relationship with grunt, her past experience with grunt, her living habits, and her temperament.

Only Dt…

She originally wanted to start with friends and develop slowly.

There is a process of understanding, there will be no embarrassment, it will happen naturally, or if each other finds something intolerable to each other, and without affecting the friendship, each other can step back and be in peace.

But he suddenly confessed, she can only give a clear answer: maybe or impossible.

She didn’t like the practice of dragging others… As a result, two people started suddenly without knowing each other’s age, name and occupation.

“Don’t… be too nervous,” she slowly walked down the steps, “take your time, maybe you have more contact, you will find that I am not good enough.”

“You have been fine.”


Quiet for a while.

“I will fly to Guangzhou tomorrow night,” she decided to pick a light topic, and she returned to the e-sports competition. “Our hotel is the same. I will tell you when I arrive.”

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