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Trapped Fish Chapter 42

Ai Qing hugged her knees and sat on a white lounger in front of the beach in which she didn’t know.

The phone is at hand, and the text message she gave to Dt half an hour ago: I sit on the beach, and I will go back to my room in a while.

The sea in the middle of the night has big waves.

Dt appeared in the line of sight, with a girl behind him, which women’s team seemed to be from? Are you familiar with the uniforms?

Dt stopped abruptly, seriously stopped the other party from following him, and took two steps back again by the way. What the girl is talking about, Ai Qing can’t see clearly…

Soon, the girl turned and left.

Dt stood on the spot, glanced at the rows of lounge chairs in this hotel, and managed to find his Ai Qing huddled in the corner, hugging his knees. As soon as he finished training, he heard that the people of Gun and P were unhappy. They ran out to look for her, walked over to the hotel beach one by one, and were chased and entangled. The mood was down to the lowest point.

Fortunately, she finally found her place.

Unexpectedly, when I approached her, the first sentence I heard was: “Does she like you?”

Dt was very tired of the person just now, and sat down beside her without answering.

“Is she chasing you?” Ai Qing continued to tease him quietly.

“…I am not interested in her.”

She wanted to laugh.

“Really.” He said firmly.

She continued to hold back her smile and went to see the sea.

Dt didn’t know what she was thinking, she was a little irritable, why didn’t she get rid of that woman all the way, let people follow here and be seen by Ai Qing. He didn’t want her to have any misunderstandings, and continued to explain: “I don’t know what her name is.”

Ai Qing couldn’t help but laughed out loud, only then did he realize that he was too nervous.

“I’m not jealous,” she joked casually, “but…Would you like to continue walking on the field with a hat? Don’t try peach blossoms?” She pressed her face to her knees, her eyes teasing.

Quiet coast, quiet night.

She suddenly showed a cute side, curled up, sitting beside him, joking with him in a low voice, which made him a little…difficult to fight. Dt clearly sees her feet|overlapped together, and the nails are small… His fingers moved slightly, touching the back of her instep…

Skin contact is not the first time.

But the finger touched a soft moment, and he paused… she quickly retracted her foot.

“Okay,” he cleared his throat with some concealment, and turned back to the topic, “I also find it too troublesome.”

“I’m just kidding…” She muttered softly, and fiddled with her phone.

The time in the upper right corner of the phone jumped for a minute.

She saw that time showed that her emotions quickly fell, and she fell back to reality from this brief ambiguity.

Two hours have passed, are they still talking?

Will olo keep him? But what should I do if I keep it?

It seems that the one who always refuses to recognize the reality is not Xiaomi, but her, olo and gun.

“Wu Bai…” She whispered his name, “I don’t dare to see… Can you help me scan the official website of P. Is there any personnel change announcement?” She whispered, a little pleading. Dt lowered his head and swiped the long-saved webpage in his phone. After hesitating for a few seconds, he briefly summarized the content of the announcement: “Xiaomi retires and is replaced by a bug, which will take effect today.”

Ai Qing blinked, trying to suppress tears.

My heart is so cruel, I will never stay if I leave.


“If Xiaomi has 70% of your strength, you won’t retire.” She said softly.

Dt finally understood that it wasn’t that Gun had a big conflict with her, but that… her former friend retired again and made her look like this. He was silent for a while and replied: “I also had the day I retired, it was the same.”

Yes, everyone is the same.

Over the years, generations changed, age, hand speed, brain reaction, batch after batch of champions who reached the top were wiped out, no one really wanted to leave, all choices were forced…the cruelest, but the hero’s end.

Ai Qing wiped away her tears, unzipped the pocket of his K&K uniform, and stuffed her mobile phone in.

Then, leave here barefoot and step on the sea.

Dt pulled back his pockets, bent over, picked up the slippers she had dropped, and followed. He didn’t follow closely, he was always five or six steps away, anyway, with him here, she wouldn’t be in any danger.

Because she cried for a long time against the sea breeze that night, she wore a pair of plain glasses for the first time in the online exhibition that started the next morning, which was a suitable cover.

Xiaomi has already left, the earliest flight, left directly.

Ai Qing embraced her arms and waited for the game to start, but her nose was sour when she thought of Xiaomi’s leaving without saying goodbye. On the left side, sit down on the slide: “Buff is not easy either.”

“what’s happenin?”

“It’s not very nice on the Internet,” the slide itself has entered and exited the e-sports circle a little bit with emotion. “It is useless to say that you have won the first place. It has no investment value. It can last at most one game, and the final glory is nothing. .”

Ai Qing glanced at the slide.

The slide noticed it and laughed: “Look at what I am doing? I am younger than you, not an old thing.”

She laughed too, and went to the stand a serious buff player who was measuring the screen with a ruler.

This competition will only receive a prize if you get a national ranking, and it is not much. The most prize money is in the prize pool of the world competition. Without sponsors, a purely private team, people in their thirties who want to compete so frequently must resign, right? Even the normal income has to be given up… Such a sacrifice is really great.

This old opponent is not easy.

K&K never entered.

There are about ten minutes to start the live broadcast, and their team is late to come.

Ai Qing looked silly the moment she passed.

“Huh? Why is that kid wearing a hat again?” All sat down in the other empty seat beside him, “But it’s still pleasing to the eye, man, not a star.”

The K&K team uniform was originally black. He put on the black baseball cap again, completely concealing the details of the face, and his eyes were hidden under the brim of the hat. It was his usual image, and it was obviously very seductive…

But why do you want to laugh so…

She stretched for a long time, couldn’t hold back, still laughed out loud.

All and the slide looked at her inexplicably, what are they laughing at?

Ai Qing was a little guilty, took off her glasses, rubbed her eyes to avoid the eyes of the two of them. Before they could put them on again, all slapped the back of her head: “The eyes are so red? What’s the point of crying?”

Ai Qing covered her head: “A violent man, who is so heartless like you.”

All laughed and patted his chest: “Here is my heart, just remember him, the champion, let’s help him get it!”

Slider laughed: “Give up explaining, you will never understand women, and they will never understand us.”

“I’ll go, as if you know more about it. It’s not like me, a bachelor.” All chewed gum and glanced at his captain. “But it’s a shame to say that, we can still marry when we retire. Wife? Older leftover man will be a gamer for life…”

“So,” the slide went on to see the group of K&K who were obviously sharper and younger, “we must win the championship, otherwise it’s nothing.”

“Yeah, otherwise, this life will be really for nothing,” All said in a low voice, “Xiaomi will quit for nothing.”

A world champion is everyone’s dream.

Of course… also from Xiaomi.

There are more than a dozen teams here, only professional players. Outside the arena, on the Internet, there are many hidden, eager non-professional teams…Together, so many, all for a championship.

The champion of the Chinese division, the champion of the Asian Championship…Finally, it is the World Championship.


“Come on, two,” Ai Qing whispered, “get out of China first.”

For everyone.

Today’s game is an exhibition game in Asia and Europe.

Be regarded as part of the marketing promotion.

As of yesterday, “Storm of the Chamber” this year’s European Finals has ended, and the first and second points are still the old clubs RAP and FI. In the Asian division, only the Guangzhou station in China has just ended, so of course, the top two teams in the standings are K&K and Buff.

Ai Qing, they are still bystanders.

The first group, Buff v RAP.

The task is very coincidental. It was Buff who just won the “Night Fight Against Terrorism” of K&K.

RAP is P’s old enemy, well known.

This time the European roster came out, and their players also changed their blood. Ai Qing has watched a few videos, which is much better than in the Korean exhibition. But… Buff just won K&K on the task, she didn’t worry much. It should be said that there is confidence in the audience from the audience to the players…

Unexpectedly, the game ended at 14 minutes and 19 seconds after the first start.

Buff lost thoroughly.

Very thorough…

“Damn,” All exploded, “Trash, this is their classic European style of play, and it’s not a weird style of play? Doesn’t the buff decide the strategy in advance?”

Ai Qing understands them: “Buff has just been reorganized and has little training. There is too little actual combat experience to understand Europeans.”

From the beginning of the game, the rhythm has been constrained by the opponent, always passive, and it is difficult not to lose.

“It can be regarded as the first in points, and it is a bit ugly to burst the extra game within 15 points.” Slide evaluation.

“European strong teams are good at psychological warfare and like to attack.” Ai Qing briefly summarized, “We know these. Buff is not necessarily clear. If we know it, we have no chance to deal with this kind of attack as proficiently as we are.”

After all, a professional team has a leader, coach, and a complete range, not just five people fighting alone.

This is the hidden advantage.

The entire stadium was a bit quiet because of the defeat in this round.

From the auditorium to the election of the chief, everyone was whispering.


“It’s a bit unexpected. I lost just now.” The female commentator looked at the K&K people who had just entered the venue and was installing their keyboards, and looked worried. “Let me introduce the two most famous clubs in Europe. You must be familiar with RAP. In the original DotA competition, it was this club that hacked P China on the grounds that the server was inappropriate.”

The male commentator echoed: “Speaking of RAP, their biggest feature is that they dig whichever is strong. Throughout the entire European region, only FI people can’t dig. Why? The owner of FI is Prince William~ Hahahaha , Joking, don’t take it seriously.”


This joke…is really cold.

Ai Qing is embarrassed.

In the arena, K&K is ready.

The connection begins.

The screen jumps.

System: Anti-terrorist night battle

There was an uproar in the field.

What a coincidence, it’s all a night war against terrorism. K&K lost to Buff on this mission, and Buff lost to the European runner-up RAP ten minutes ago.

Now K&K is facing the European champion FI-again this task.

The whole stadium was buzzing, all kinds of discussions, all kinds of anxiety, all kinds of fear of losing. There are only two games in total. If both are lost, it will hit Chinese players too much…

The system counts down according to the procedure.


The screen turned on instantly.

“Desert?! I rely on…” The male host couldn’t help but swear, “This is too difficult.”

This game map was encountered in the Guangzhou qualifiers, but it was during the day. It has a clear view, except for the ruins of the broken wall, it is the barracks, which means that if they want to kill 100 soldiers, they have to go directly to the barracks, which is more difficult than street sniping; if they want to destroy the opponent in a group, there are fewer obstacles to hide, and it is more difficult.

Ai Qing hasn’t thought of any suitable tactics in her mind.

The explosion sounded through the audience suddenly.

The sound effects were so realistic that everyone was shocked.

Crossfire? !

So fast?

Both parties were born in the same position? Fight immediately? Is it time to buy weapons?

Ai Qing cast aside countless questions and quickly found Dt in the screen. He was crawling on the ground, obviously holding a sniper gun in his hand. At this glance, Ai Qing had expected it. She didn’t expect Dt to give up the main kill?

For a mature team, snipers are a must. Although snipers are not the main killers, they are unmatched in long-range firepower and cover. They are members who ensure the overall safety and strategic kills of the team.

The problem is…their snipers are grunts all year round.

She immediately went to grunt again.

Sniper? !

The two strongest people don’t do the main kill, what are they going to do?

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