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Trapped Fish Chapter 43

“Sniper?” The slide whispered to himself.

There are five types of assault weapons in the secret room, hand (gun), assault rifle (gun), light machine (gun), sniper (gun) and mortar (cannon).

Except for the first one is the system gift, the remaining weapons, once selected, it is equal to choosing whether to use the main kill, strategic kill, main blasting, defense, or buy various props like Koreans to fully assist.

So use sniper to deal with the storm?

In the picture, the two teams that had hurriedly exchanged fire have quickly separated and concealed.

Dt and Grunt guarded one side each, the night vision goggles were on, and the sniper sights were also on, and the field of vision was extremely far.

“Okay, Dt successfully suppressed the opponent’s offensive rhythm, and the sniper effect is very obvious,” the male commentator looked at the screen and did not dare to slack off. “A small range of firefight, nice, completely contained.”

“It’s too fast, it’s too fast to change the gun in the lens!” The female commentator clutched her heart, “I have never seen Dt ever used a sniper. I didn’t expect it to change the gun so quickly, so I won’t lose the FI professional sniper at all!”


Neither the slide nor all can listen anymore.

Turn to Ai Qing.

Once the first sniper.

“Quick, accurate, and ruthless,” Ai Qing looked at the big screen, fully satisfying their requirements for listening to the explanation. “The basic requirements of the sniper are nothing to praise.”

Hurry up, you can see the enemy instantly.

Accurate, open the lens and aim at the same time.

Ruthless, shoot, never hesitate.

“Change the gun speed, determine the survival rate of a sniper,” Ai Qing’s two sides, who are also masters in gunfights for many years, don’t need too much nonsense. “You know that the running speed with a sniper (gun) is very low, and the other side has a hand|mine Direct blood loss, or even death. After shooting, you need to change hands (guns) immediately. The speed directly determines the survival time.”

“Moreover,” Ai Qing added, “Sniper|Gun shooting requires the body to be still, which is different from other firearms. How to evacuate, advance, shoot, and change guns is not experienced in normal play, and ordinary practice matches are not very demanding. Only in the competition, facing top players, you know how important this tenth of a second is.”

In the picture,

Dt and grunt fired almost at the same time, withdrawing speed one after another, obviously grunt slowed him by half a step.

But grunt is not the weak.

Ai Qing is very clear.

You can’t see the action of changing guns and opening the mirror at all, it is all concealment, shooting, concealment, shooting…

Sniper|The gun has the farthest range,

Under the tacit cooperation of the two, the opponent’s attack was completely suppressed.

Except for a brief exchange of fire, you can only see the distant enemy through the night vision goggles with the perspective of the two.

“He is really a qualified captain. He can fill any position and adapt to any tactics.” She sighed softly.

Sniper, anyone can do it.

Professional snipers, not everyone is competent.

Defending all the time, all hand in hand, never entangled.

The most ruthless thing is that it does not give the other party a chance to withdraw.

Three minutes and twenty seconds, Dt and grunt once again joined forces to repel the opponent’s attack.

The opponent evacuated and wanted to switch to the barracks.

Almost at the same time, the two staggered one after another, closely following each other’s footsteps.

For four minutes and thirty seconds, block the opponent’s retreat.

Advance, too slow, retreat, too slow.

Cry on.

Chasing guns, throwing guns, fixed points, perfect coordination.

The two are almost synchronized.

This picture is so beautiful, sniper is too rare, let alone such a master partner.

“I’ll go!” All suddenly cheered, “Cow!”

More than all, everyone was exclaiming, and applause immediately rang. In another screen that quickly separated, 97 was carrying a mortar and two other team members, and light machine (gun) fired.

Ai Qing suddenly realized.

This is entirely a new tactic for this task.

The two masters entangled each other, and the remaining low combat power attacked the barracks.

So there is no extra weapon, full offensive, high firepower attack.

Fire, blast, and fire.

Dt ahead is technical warfare, and individual soldier technology trumps everything.

The rear barracks are purely violent attacks on system soldiers, without any technology at all, time is better than everything!

At the top of the screen, the number of soldiers killed rapidly rose.

It’s almost linear speed.

Digital sudden stop.

Fourteen minutes and ten seconds!

“Broken! I’m bursting!”

Ai Qing’s heart was pounding when all yelled.

He plugged his ears, couldn’t help but smile, and scolded him: “Hey, keep your voice down.”

The huge applause seemed like layer after layer of drums. It was literally, K&K fans were too conscious of being fans. It was all three high-fives, one K&K, at first it was a small group of girls, and soon it spread to the whole. field. After all, it was China’s first victory over Europe, and blood was inevitable.

Three high fives, K&K.

Three high fives, K&K.

Three high fives, K&K…


Ai Qing watched the man on the big screen in the rhythm of deafening applause.

He took off the earphones, and there was a rare moment of relief.

Is it stressful?

Ai Qing can’t help but curl her mouth, is your kid also stressed?

Did you finally feel the pressure? Behind them are not only fans, but also the efforts of a whole team, the expectations of gamers, and…the desire to win.

“Strike” is also Dt’s habit.

When he was in DotA, he liked the whole map oppressive play.

It’s a pity that although Dt’s previous tactics against the buff were all-team offensive, it was because the two small players were too weak and not worthy of the name… In a short time, it changed from a strong attack to this tactic…

This is truly the captain of the top team.

Give up preferences, adapt to all circumstances, and choose the best tactics.

Ai Qing put her hands in her jacket pockets, followed the slide and all got up and evacuated.

Finally, I glanced at Dt, who was surrounded by the host and asked to speak. The cheers and applause at this moment belong to your K&K, enjoy it. Her gaze slowly looked for Gun’s figure in the front row, but couldn’t find it.

Have you left?

“Sniper, this tactic is estimated to be popular on the Internet soon.” Slide said with a smile.

The three people walked out of the arena one after another. Ai Qing swayed her listing, thinking about how to find an excuse to slip away: “This kind of high-level double sniper is too difficult to see, and the tactics are used once and they are invalidated. It is difficult to reproduce the international competition. .”

“So sometimes the lottery luck is very important,” the slide pondered, “If it’s unlucky, all the top teams will be encountered during the lottery. After a few days of the game, the basic tactics are exposed, and the final game is also difficult to win.”

Yeah, luck.

The importance of luck to a team is beyond doubt.

Especially in the wheel fight…

As they were talking, they saw a team of K&K walking out of the side door one after another. There was a channel for the competition team. Fans could not interfere, but several commentators, referees, and other teams could join them. Ai Qing glanced and found the girl at the beach last night, smiling and chatting with grunt, watching Dt from time to time by the way.

Hmm… I am very active.

However, the person being chased was very cautious and refused to leave it to the other party for one more look. He went straight out and got on the bus rented by K&K.

Do you want to go back to the hotel?

Ai Qing guesses.

Fortunately, it is more convenient to go back to the hotel, so there is no need to make excuses.

Half an hour later, she browsed the evaluation of the European Forum in her hotel room. The man who had won an absolute victory just now was in front of her, slowly peeling the apple…

She leaned against the table and looked at the webpage with her chin on.

Yu Guang can see him.

The moment he raised her eyes, she closed her eyes and continued to read the web page.

“The apple is peeled,” his voice told her, “do you want to cut it into pieces, or eat it straight?”

“Directly…” she replied, “cutting and eating is too troublesome.”

“No trouble.” He thought she meant she wanted to cut into pieces, but she was afraid that she would be troublesome, so she didn’t ask any more. He cut the pieces directly on the porcelain plate and got up to get the toothpicks.

He inserted a toothpick into the apple and handed it to her.

Ai Qing took it, and before he could eat, he held her hand.

She was startled, and she withdrew all the questions she wanted to ask him about tactics. Both of them remained motionless for a while, but it was him who moved in the end, bending over and approaching… it was his breath that was suppressed. He was observing her face and could not see any conflicting reaction…

So, can it?

As soon as Ai Qing had the consciousness of avoiding it, his other hand was stretched behind her head. Don’t hide, Ai Qing. Suddenly, she felt her breath pass over her lips, and his reason collapsed. He didn’t say a word and kissed it.


Ai Qing is stupid.

He did not dare to move, his eyes were blocked by his hand, his vision sank into darkness, and his touch was enlarged. His movements on his lips are slow, tentative, trying…

The heartbeat stopped.


“Don’t stick out your tongue…” she said suddenly.

He stopped immediately.

Then she was pulled down. Ai Qing blushed and avoided, and chuckled softly: “It’s funny–“

Before he really escaped, he was put on his side with both hands, and he was completely locked up, and he kissed directly without hesitation. She muttered, and everything he wanted to say was rejected by his actions. The tip of his tongue swept over, went deep into it, and entangled him slightly for a while, making his heart beat uncontrollably, leaving, and exhaling deeply. Some chest tightness.

It is too exaggerated to say that the sky is spinning, but I really feel that the scenery in front of me is shaking.

Looking at her lips again, I still want…

So, continue.

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