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Trapped Fish Chapter 45

olo’s vacation message was sent to all high-level mailboxes in the Asia-Pacific region in the afternoon of the next day.

When Ai Qing received the mail, she had just arrived at Shanghai Airport.

She returned to Shanghai a few hours later than the big team to prepare for the next qualifiers. At the Hongqiao Airport, pushing the suitcase out of the passage, I quickly saw Dt outside the two or three floors of people…the hat was too eye-catching.

She bypassed the crowd and walked over.

Dt reached out and naturally took her trolley case: “The car was driven away by grunt, and he will be there soon.”

“Grunt?” Ai Qing was stunned. “It’s over, I have an appointment with my sister for dinner.”

There was no surprise in the eyes under the brim of the hat: “I know.”

“You know?” Ai Qing was more surprised than him, “How did you know?”

“Grunt said.”


She almost immediately predicted the atmosphere of dinner tonight.

It must be very weird.

It turned out to be the case. After the four people were seated in the private room, Dt was still calm, and nothing had anything to do with me. Ai Qing was unhappy and watched grunt from time to time. Grunt was flipping through the menu without asking the remaining three. No one will answer him seriously anyway.

For complicated western food, there is a waiter by his side who has been smiling and serving several people from the cold and hot milk.

Finally, grunt couldn’t stand it anymore: “Anyway, we have already eaten the main course. Help me get the rest. Trouble, you can go out and talk about private matters here.”

The other party asked him to leave and closed the door.

The conversation started in the room… entered the battle mode.

Ai Jing put the napkin on the table: “Let’s talk, I’ll leave after speaking.”

Grunt took off his glasses. “Nothing to say.”

“Nothing to say, why are you looking for me?” Although Ai Jing and Ai Qing are twins, their personalities are completely different. For example, in terms of emotions, after she fell in love with grunt at first sight, she quickly expressed her heart, using “Tian Lei Di Huo” “This word can be summed up completely. Therefore, at this level, the level of tit-for-tat… is almost the same as the enemy.

“Miss you.” Grunt gave the answer.


Ai Qing took a sip of milk and glanced at the tableware in her sister’s hand.

Well, spoon, it’s not very harmful.

She thought about it, and moved her chair toward Dt actively and consciously. Dt’s gaze became a little clear. He changed from sitting facing the dining table with his hands on the back of Ai Qing’s chair, half-shielding her in front of him.

“Is this interesting?” Ai Jing put the spoon down.

“It’s boring,” grunt was not joking at all, “I miss you so much.”

There was a long and awkward silence.

Ai Qing was depressed, and put down the fork.

Just when she wanted to find an excuse to retreat, her sister stood up suddenly, picked up her bag first, and left without saying a word. Without thinking about it, grunt dragged her back…


Ai Qing saw the real way of getting along with her own eyes.

One was all kinds of scuffles, desperately trying to leave, the other pressed her down no matter what, and finally pressed her hard on the chair…

Ai Qing’s first reaction was to avoid and not look.

The second reaction is to see Dt.

The man behind him didn’t know if he saw the avoidance, or if he foresaw the scene from the beginning and avoided it early. In short, at this moment, he is calmly looking at the painting on the wall.

The two people quickly left the room.

Probably in the conversation between grunt and her sister, she learned that after grunt returned to Shanghai, she really had a showdown with her ex-girlfriend, and things seemed to be getting better. “What did grunt do?” She stood beside Dt, watching him swipe her card.

“He came back, as if he bought a lot of medicine, and locked himself and the girl in the room…” Dt whispered to this point, and got stuck again. Ai Qing pulled his sleeves with her hands, and whispered: “Gossiping with my girlfriend is not too much, I won’t tell others…” Stopping here will suffocate people.

Dt glanced at her and briefly summarized: “It’s—”

Ai Qing stared at him.

He… still can’t tell.

“Isn’t it, how much does the girl eat? How much does he eat? You force me again, everyone…well,” Ai Qing abandoned herself and began to guess based on grunt’s character, “Grunt looks like this kind of person.”

If Dt hummed, it was a confirmation.

Dt paid the bill and drove her home. When the car drove into her community, she discovered that it seemed that Dt already knew a lot about the parking spaces in her community, and could soon find an empty parking space.

“You didn’t come here secretly, did you?” She asked softly.

“Hmm.” He answered simply.


She turned her head out of the car and couldn’t help laughing.

It’s so cute, and I specially stepped on it to practice parking.

The car parked farther.

Dt dragged her suitcase and put one hand in the pocket of her pants. His eyes fell on the hand beside her. For a long time, he looked at the flow of people coming and going around, but after all, he did not act…

At the entrance of the building, a tall figure jumped off the steps and walked straight over.

Ai Qing stopped when she saw the person’s face, “Why did you come here suddenly?”

All has been watching them in the dark for a long time. At this moment, without showing any surprise on his face, he nodded slightly to Dt as a greeting. Turn to Ai Qing: “I’m not in a good mood, I want to talk to you.”

Ai Qing hasn’t answered yet.

Dt put the suitcase beside her: “I’m leaving now.”

Ai looked at him emotionally and whispered, “I will call you tonight.”

Dt nodded silently.

After the brief exchange was over, he turned around and left without lagging behind. Ai Qing brought all back home, threw the suitcase into the living room, and went to the kitchen to find juice for all: “What do you want to drink?” All stood at the door of the kitchen: “Are you with the brother Gun?”

Ai Qing’s hand holding the drink paused for a moment: “Yes.”

“When did this happen?”

“Before going to Guangzhou,” she took out orange juice, poured two glasses, and pushed one of the glasses towards him, “just at the beginning.”

Among these old friends, all is a person who prefers olo, and has never stopped wanting to reconcile the two for so many years. She probably could guess what all would say, but all unexpectedly did not make any comments. After a full minute of silence, she said: “There is something that was picked up on the Internet. It is estimated that you will know sooner or later. Let me talk to you first. Chat.”

Ai Qing looked at him doubtfully.

All is an outspoken person, but tonight is completely different. He is always hesitating. In the end, he habitually touched his bald head with his hand, sighed and said, “Forget it, just say it. Someone on the Internet revealed that Su Cheng is olo. The daughter’s mother later found out about the 2008 grievances.”

Ai Qing was stunned, and after calming down, he hummed.

She walked out of the kitchen with a glass, and all followed her: “This is the origin. Later, because of this incident, I went back to Shanghai today and chatted with olo. He was under a lot of pressure… Su Cheng came back this time just to take away his daughter. .”

Ai Qing stopped: “What did olo say?”

She knows the weight of her daughter in olo’s heart better than anyone else.

During that period in 2008, the picture of how olo patiently typed sign language and communicated with her little daughter has been deeply in her heart. That was olo she had never seen before. As a father, that was when she really understood that two people could never be together again…

“It has been taken away,” All said, “Su Cheng is also resigning as K&K China’s Secret Chamber Storm Leader today.”

All briefly talked about it, and left after a short while, without a sip of orange juice.

Ai Qing felt a waste, and drank the glass. Two glasses of frozen orange juice in the big evening made her stomach feel uncomfortable, so she simply turned on the computer. She has not paid much attention to Weibo these days because of Xiaomi’s affairs.

It’s a mess.

Turn it off and go to your own live broadcast room.

Because there is no notice, the online fans are the ones who are often there. They were shocked when they saw her coming, and kept leaving a message asking her if she was going to start a live broadcast.

Do you have a live broadcast? She is now the leader of the secret room, and it seems strange to play other games.

But the secret room is a team battle. She is here alone. What can I do to broadcast it? There was only Dt’s name in my mind for a moment. I thought about it, but I didn’t think it was right. After all, they belonged to the two clubs and couldn’t interact too frequently. My team members are the same as all. They just arrived in Shanghai and need to rest.

But without the live broadcast, so many enthusiastic fans are waiting and feel sorry.

When Ai Qing was struggling, someone took the initiative to send out an invitation to fight.

She moved the mouse to the right and saw the name——


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